When Friends With Benefits Gets Friendlier Part 2

My relationship with Jackie was never was exclusive. Many times I would go to Jackie's and there were several men there. There were often women too, but sometimes just guys. And if she wanted sex with someone, as she was bisexual, it would often happen where ever love bloomed. So we would continue on with evening festivities as they had sex. Some would watch, or pair with others making couples scatter throughout Jackie's house.

Often I got the feeling, from conversations on the subject matter, Jackie loved three way sex. Whether two men or women, sex with tree came up in conversation with her often. She had suggested several times I should try taking her vaginally while a male friend, Ron took her anally. I resisted but the subject came up often. I also noticed that more often I would find myself at Jackie's with only her and Ron. On one occasion Ron and Jackie got on the floor as we were watching a movie. I could see them teasing each other. Soon clothing was scattered around them. I was trying to ignore them and focus on the movie. I heard Jackie call out in a whisper to come and lick her clitoris for her as she sat astride Ron. She appeared odd as Ron laid on his back she sat on him back to him and rubbed down between her legs and on Ron's balls. She called again to get undressed and lay so I could lick her clitoris and she could suck me. So I gave in undressed, and began licking her just above the clitoris. I could smell her sweet pussy as i began licking slowly. I heard her say, "Oh yes, just like that."

As I licked, I looked down at her pussy and could see Ron's cock like a piston driving in and out. I felt a tongue wrap around the head of my cock and then engulf it, taking it as deep as she could. As I gently licked around her pussy, she would move to Ron's movements and occasionally I would lick Ron's cock too. At some point I sucked on her clitoris and she placed both hands on the back of my head from over the top pulled me down firmly against her clitoris. As I heard her call out "ooh, ooh, just like that." I felt Ron's hard cock pop out of her pussy and he pushed it into my mouth. The way Jackie held me. I couldn't move or stop him. It was thick about seven inches, i could taste Jackie's pussy. His cock had a very strong taste, musky and oddly with a hint of black pepper. As I sucked him, I used my left hand to stroke her clitoris with my finger. This wasn't my first taste of cock, though I usually I was just sucking cock. After a few thrusts, I used my right hand to tuck him back into Jackie's pussy. And this became the rhythm as we continued. I took turns licking and sucking her until his cock was pulled out of Jackie and into my mouth.

Then I'd suck Ron's cock a little, then put him back. Until Jackie's movements became more exaggerated. She tensed as she climaxed. As soon as she settled Ron's cock popped into my mouth again and I sucked him for a few thrusts before returning him to Jackie's pussy. Jackie came a few more times and after a particularly strong climax, I felt Jackie roll off of Ron. Ron pushed his cock into my mouth, I accepted it and sucked him deep into my mouth and he rolled into me sucking me deeply into his mouth. Then I realized it had been him sucking me the whole time. As i took the full length of his cock, the thickness made me take a deep breath before it reached the back of my mouth. It fit snugly stretching my throat. I looked at Jackie as she lay beside us, two fingers buried in her pussy as she watched Ron and I suck each other. Before long Ron stiffened and filled my mouth with a thick salty treat. And I savored every drop. I came right behind him. I didn't have any feelings for Ron, but I enjoyed sucking cock. Ron had a nice cock, Maybe seven or eight thick inches. But it tasted good.

One night later Jackie asked how I liked Ron. And I told her he was fine. Once again she asked if I would be interested in doing a double penetration. She had asked me several times before but I said I wasn't sure. She assured me Ron would do anal as he preferred anal and I had an aversion to it. I told her I'd consider it and she arranged more three ways with Ron, sometimes he'd be the pussy-licker as my cock was in her pussy. I knew that Jackie really wanted a double penetration so I agreed. She selected a night and we planned for it. On that evening we were going to stay overnight. We came had a meal, showered and went to the bedroom. There we were in bed and we began by fondling Jackie's breast, each had one. I was licking and sucking as well as squeezing Jackie's breast as Ron did similar. Jackie was squirming everywhere. She turned to me and I slid my hand down to her pelvic area. She was drenched and it was overflowing. I could feel her juices run down her hip and a wet spot where she lay. I touched her softly and she trust her pelvis toward me . I gently ran my hand over her mound and my finger slipped in. She was so wet the palm of hand was quickly soaked. I moved my finger in and out as she pushed against it. I curled my finger up to gently stroke the ceiling and she clamped her legs together tightly and climaxed. I couldn't believe it happened so easy. I slipped another finger in and she moaned softly pushing against my hand again. I thought to my self I could bring her to climax with a stern look. I moved closer to her her hand already had a death grip on my cock.

As I got close enough to her she inserted it and pulled me up against her and wrapped a leg around me as she did pulling me that much tighter. Ron Then began rubbing the area between her butt cheeks applying a lubricant to her and himself. As he moved up behind her she seemed jumpy and I would swear I felt her vaginal walls tighten. As Ron inserted his cock I felt everything seem to tighten. I felt Ron's cock as if he were rubbing it right up against mine only it felt different somehow. I don't mean from the sensation of being wrapped in a slick shrink wrap. It just felt right up against me.As we began to move to thrust in and out of Jackie, she pulled me tight and kissed me extra hard and passionately. Of course as I went to pull her close I felt... RON!. It wasn't sexy but I should have been ready for it. I cooled down and accepted Ron like I would accept any malformity of a loved one. And In a short while I was into it again. I think Ron was trying to move with me for optimum effect. And it was working, I had to concentrate to stop from having a premature climax. But after doing all I could I blew and Ron right behind me. We didn't all cum together but Jackie didn't seem to mind so neither did I. We just sort of laid the together for some time afterwards. I had thought Jackie had experienced this once from the way she talked. But from the way she behaved I not so sure now. Ron disappeared for a while and the everyone went pee. Ron and I drank a beer as we talked about how we felt about our experience.

Jackie asked if anyone was ready for seconds. I proceeded slowly as I didn't want switch with Ron. I was not keen about driving up a mud road. But Ron sad he was ready. We walked over to a day bed Jackie had and she suggested we try me on bottom at the edge so Ron could enter her standing between our legs. I laid on my back as she had asked, she sat on me cowgirl, then lay down as Ron lubed her and and entered her. I could feel Ron's hard cock rub right up against mine. It felt strange and good at the same time. Ron asked me to move up some. So getting up on my elbows I pulled myself farther up the day bed. Ron reached up under my legs, picking my ass up to help. Jackie caught both my legs just behind the knee pulling up on them. As I settled I could feel Ron rubbing me around my anus with something cool. Then I felt him add more of what I took to be lubricant and begin to finger my ass. I asked what was going on. Ron said, " Ever since the first time you sucked my cock, I've wanted to fuck you."

Jackie said she thought it would be hot. So I told Ron to press on. He continued fingering and adding lubricant until he had two fingers in my ass. Then Ron replaced his fingers with his cock. It seemed to slip right in until there was some resistance after he had the head in. He pushed a little more forcefully and it popped in no pain. I got a rush as his cock slipped deeply into me that I had to take a deep breath. It was a snug fit and the feeling was overwhelming. Ron asked if I was OK. And I said yes, but it sounded more excited than I'd intended. Ron and Jackie laughed. To have Ron's cock sliding inside me at the same time my cock was sliding inside Jackie was a lot of sensation at once. I almost felt double teamed, but I didn't want any of it to stop. As the two of them started moving. Jackie riding up and down on my cock, Ron driving his cock in and out, I felt pleasantly pulled in two different directions. It didn't take as long as I'd have wanted. But I felt it build up until I exploded filling Jackie's pussy with what had to be the biggest climax I'd ever had. It kept cumming and cumming. Longer and stronger, it made me light headed and I could feel my heart pounding in my head. A short time later I felt Jackie grab onto me tightly as she came. Then she got up, turned around and sat on my face placing her wet pussy on my mouth. I sucked her clean and swallowed my own load as she bent down and cleaned my cock of her pussy juices. Ron kept driving firmly getting slowly firmer. Trying to drive deeper. Then he filled me with his seed slowing his strokes as he finished.


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So That became our relationship. Mostly Jackie and I had our usual activities. She still enjoyed picking which man or woman she had sex with. sometimes We would get together as a trio or as a couple. Ron and I would have sex as a couple without Jackie occasionally. I enjoyed watching Jackie lick pussy as I lay over an ottoman and Ron would enter me from behind as I wore a condom so as not to make a mess.

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