My first anal play experience

I remember when I was teenager I stuck my finger in my ass. But let me tell you how it all began. It was late at night I was home alone and I was usually into straight porn but I watched gay porn and this guy with a bubble ass gets pounded by a black cock. Then I started to get hard and I sucked my fingers and played with my asshole and wait it gets better I played a little bit too much and my finger slipped in and I moaned. I surprised my self when I moaned then I read some stuff about anal play and it said I needed lube then I remember having a box full of packets if lube. So I went to the bathroom with the box and began to lube myself and my fingers sacred and excited I put my middle and index finger in my ass. The article said make your fingers in a come here motion and omg I cant even explain the feelin it sent sicks throughout my body. Then I got in doggy style position and continued to fuck myself then cumed and I had a rock solid cock and cum shot straight into my mouth cause i was moaning. And that was one if the best experiences I ever had.

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written by issac143

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