My First Hard One

My first time giving into my sexual urges was when I lived down the street from a committed gay couple. I agreed to watch their cat, water their plants, and mow the lawn while they went on vacation. My friend and I were excited to to have a place to watch porn away from our houses.

The first day fed the cat and made sure the plants were good. My friend disappeared, wandering through their house. I walked past the bedroom door to see him stretched out on their bed, stroking his cock to some porn he had found. He convinced me to lay down and stroke to it as well. We had stroked to porn together before.

Two days later, we go in to feed the cat and water the plants. I walk past the bedroom and he is totally naked, stroking his cock. 'You should come suck on me', he says. I nervously took his very large cock in my hand and put it in my mouth. I slid down his shaft as far as I could, choking as I went down. He stroked as I sucked until he shot his load in my mouth. I went to the bathroom and threw up. I was 'ashamed', but secretly went home and jerked off to how good his cock felt in my mouth.

The next day I sucked him off in my garage, letting his cum spray on my chest. That night I slid the handle of the plunger in the bathroom in my ass while I jerked off to the thought of his cock being inside me.

The next afternoon, we had no concerns about how much cat food was in the bowl or water in the plants. I threw a handful of cat food into the bowl as we both headed straight for the bedroom. I took all of his cock into my mouth as he moaned, until he held my head down and came in my mouth; my throat eagerly swallowing every drop. He took me into his mouth until I had to pull away; filling my sock with my jizz.

He was getting hard again and he suggested that I try taking just the head of his cock inside my ass. I was already getting excited when I saw him stacking pillows for me to bend over; feeling him fill my ass with lube from the night stand. He slipped a condom on and slowly started to open my hole with his cock. It hurt so much! I slowed his advance several times until I squeezed my hole down on his shaft. This seemed to relax my body until soon his balls were hilted fully against mine. He slowly started to slide in and out of me until he asked to fuck me harder. My moans must have told him 'yes' because he grabbed my hips and pounding his full cock deep inside me with every stroke; I thought he was going to split my body into two!

We spent plenty of days during that summer sucking each other off (once in the back of a truck as my parents satin the front). It was an amazing Summer!

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written by jaywantstoplay2

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