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For fourth five years I would reflect back on a past bet I lost and had to pay, however it stuck in my mind and at times I would reflect back and jerk myself off, to the heated passion it built inside me. Then one day out of nowhere he contacted me, saying remember back as teens we made a bet and you lost. I've never forgot that day and I know this will sound crazy but I need you to enact it again. Nothing has ever been so burned in my mind as the secret sex act you provided for me. That was a no no subject back then and I would never want anyone thinking I was gay, and I still don't. As I'm sure that you wouldn't also. And now that we are wiser and older we have a better knowledge of what sex is and how it works. I need you to enact that time again but this time the ending will not end with a handjob. What do you think can we have a do over, with a better ending?

Let me try and understand this, after all these years you have had a secret crush on me and it's been your secret ? You've always relived that day in your mind and now you want to relive that day again ? You want me to provide the sex act that is forever burned in both our minds ! I also have never forgot that time, I must be honest I have jacked off thinking about it for years. I'm flattered and would need a little time to think it over. I'm not saying yes or saying no. He looks at my crotch and says I'm thinking by your erection it's looking like a strong yes ! You smile and walk away, saying I'll call you in a couple days and we can work out the details. I respond your suck a wise ass !

That night when I got home after having my supper, I showered and went to bed. The thought of the day made my nipples tinkle and my cock stand at attention, as I reflected on that past day and jerked off, but this time I can't explain it but I caught my cum in my hand and licked it all from my hand, sucking on each finger making sure I got every drop. Then dosed off to sleep, tossing and turning all night. The next couple days fly by as I tossed the thoughts in my mind and try to decide, do I pass and wonder what if or do I say yes and be his man slut for the rest of my life ?

The next day comes and he calls, so what do you think bud? I tell him I have to ask, does this end it or are you just going to call me every now and then for more sexual needs? Your response, would that be such a big deal if it is? Meet me tomorrow night after work at the local pub and we can have a drink clinching the deal and then head back to your house for the night. I also need to confess, I'm packing a full load for you. I answer ok tomorrow than! After work I stop at the local drug store and get a laxative to ensure I'm cleaned out for him.

I get to the pub and see his truck outside, now my stomach is tied in knot's, as I enter the bar, I see him sitting at a table. Talking to the bartender he orders two shots and two beers. After the drinks and some small talk we leave and head for my house. Following me into the house he says shall we get started, yes follow me to the bedroom. Closing the door he asks why did you shut the door, oh just an old habit I say. Turning the lights off we strip and lay on the bed. Just a reminder he says I do not reciprocate . I know I reply, I service and you receive .

Relax I tell him, I got this. Leaning over his chest I let my tongue slide over his nipples, I hear a small moan, nice I like that, lick them good he says. Kissing and working his nipples he sighs in pleasure, his nipples become hard as rocks and my hand slips now his belly then over his hard cock. Hum escapes his lips and I slide my hand down his cock then over his balls, from this point forward his pleasure fills the room, at times loader than others. At his balls I lift at the head shaft and straighten it up in the air, cup the shaft and then slide my hand back up to the cock head. Holding it straight up in the air I lower my head to his soft cock head and lick the fluid seeping out and taste the salty flavor, then open my mouth and take the head in my mouth and lick and suck it making sure I get all his sweet nectar. He's moaning loudly as I say roll over I'm going to eat your ass now. He quickly rolled over and spread his legs, as I eased into place I kiss his ass cheeks a few times then he spreads his ass cheek's, eat it eat it, buring my face in I lick his asshole he arches his ass off the bed and moans yes over and over. Eating him for several minutes he says ok now suck my cock and he rolls over, spreading his legs giving me a place to work from and as I lift his cock to my mouth the precum is flowing on my tongue, as I clean it off I bob my head up and down taking more and more of his cock into my throat. Cupping my fist around the bottom half as I bob I stroke and that's the magic it needed as he moans saying I'm cumming. He holds my head with just the cock head in my mouth and I jerk him quickly and he explodes in my mouth. OMG yes suck it, eat me, suck me dry and the cum is squirting out of my mouth as I swallow as fast as I can. I'm stroking his cock and he's fucking my face until there is no more nectar to swallow. I kiss his balls then lick the shaft up and over the had and return to his stiff nipples kissing them, then collapse on the bed, face down. Trying to catch my breath I feel him slap my ass and then start rubbing it and playing in my ass crack.

Giving me a minute to relax he sits up and climbs between my legs, lowering his hips so he could slide his semi hard cock over my ass cheeks. He then starts to dry hump my ass crack and every now and then he points it directly in my dry asshole. Then he surprised me bend my cock back towards my ass and he strokes me until I cum into his hand. All that slippery goosey mess is rubbed into my ass crack, leaning forward he smears the rest on his cock head and spreading my ass cheeks with one hand he directs his cock head to my ass crack and rubs his cock all over the cum between my ass cheeks and guides it directly to my asshole. Wait Wait I say what are you doing, I'm going to fuck you, oh no, I've never been fucked that's virgin territory I say. Not any more he replies and forcefully shoves his cock into my asshole, I scream and he presses in harder. Then you hear a pop and his cock head is now passed through my asshole, so he presses hard again and then pumping back and forth he buries his cock deeper into my ass. He's moaning in pleasure I'm moaning in pain and after awhile he is fully into my ass and his balls are now slapping my ass cheeks. My god your tight re responds, in pain I reply no shit, he pulls me to the kneeling position and starts sawing away. The pain starts to subside and to my wonder it starts feeling good, now I seem to fuck back at him and he's is loving it. Yes bud fuck me he says then pushes me back face down on the bed. Fucking me slow and steady he praises my sweet ass. Then he withdraws and rolls me over spreads my legs again and presses his cock back into my ass. He now fucking me spread eagle and increasing the thrusts, fast deeper, faster deeper and then his body starts to shiver and shutter as he makes one last thrust and now balls deep he explodes filling my ass with his cum, pumping out every drop then pulls out and heads for the bathroom to clean up.

Returning oh my god you are the best piece of ass I have ever hard, between sucking me and fucking me you are now number one on my list and I intend to have sex with you on a more regular basis. Now go in and clean up so we can nap and start again.

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