How I got started

My friend Ronnie had been sucking me for the last year every chance he got. It was always him on his knees and me fucking his mouth or we were in a 69 with him sucking me, while I stroked his hard cock and I was getting more and more curious. Well one day we were hanging out at Ronnie's house and he'd been sucking my cock off and on all day.

Ronnie and I are laying on his bed watching TV and he pulls his hard cock out and ask me to suck it. At first I started stroking it with my hand then slid down in the bed and started sucking it and loved it.

I was licking and sucking his 7" cock as he fucked my mouth. I suck him for a bit then we got naked and into a 69. He sucked on my 8" hard on like a pro while I enjoyed his rock hard cock. It felt so good in my mouth could believe what I'd been missing.

After that day we sucked each other as much as we could every chance we could. We did this for four years and enjoyed it. I have lots of stories about this relationship that I 'll add later.

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written by Bob 35

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