First Time with Older man

I was walking around the locker room cleaning up the towels off the floor. Mr. Y had me stay after when everyone else had gone home to help with the clean up. It was just me and him. I was naked as I picked up the towels ready to shower when I was done and was growing in excitement as Mr.Y s gaze followed me as I bent over to pick up each one. That excitement became obvious to him as my cock began to rise. I was young in good shape with no body hair other then lower calves and pubic with a nice smooth bubble butt and 7.5 inch cut cock.

Mr. Y was a P.E. teacher and coach an older man with graying hair and a mustache. He had talked openly with me about sexual experimentation, masturbation, women and bi-sexuality. Now he was about to demonstrate. I bent over to pick up one of the last towels I hadnt noticed him coming up behind me. When I bent over to pick it up and felt his hand on my naked ass - I froze allowing him to grope me... my ass and reach around to stroke my now erect cock. He told me it was now time to teach me a few things and I was more then ready to learn.

He had now taken his gym clothes off reaveling his 7 inch thick cut cock... greyish pubic hair and erect... I grabbed his cock and began to suck on it nice and slow grabbing his balls as I did....after sucking his cock for a few minutes he led me into his office where there was a desk and a sofa. He bent me over the desk and began to finger my tight ass-pussy with one hand while he stroked my erect cock with the other. Then bending me over the now cleared desk he spread my fuck-whole gaping it as far as he could. Lubed with his spit I could feel the tip of his cock at my hole as he pressed on me it slipped halfway in. The initial slight tinge of pain gave way to the pleasure of having him inside me-he grunted and pulled me back and up as he lunged forward his hard cock penetrating me fully balls slapping my ass. He spanked my ass cheeks as he started fucking me calling me his boy bitch-first slow and deep then hard and deep.

He pulled out and turned me over spreading me nice and wide with my legs back over my head his cock slipping all the way in. He played with my senistive tits and nipples fucking me and ordered me to stroke my cock. While he was fucking me I could tell he was getting close I shot my first load hitting my face and tits. Following his orders I used my hand to scoop as much as I could into my mouth. Then he pulled out and grabbed my head pulling me to his cock and all the way down he held my head in place while he shot his load down my throat-hot sticky spurts of sweet-salty cum tasting so good-I had become happily his cum whore...his cum now mixed with mine.

He pulled off my face and told me I wasnt done. He put me on the couch now draped over the end-spread my fuck-hole... and re-entered me nice and slow, then hard and deep.... now he fucked spanking my ass and telling me what a nice slut I will make. He would pull competely out, then drive it back in again, or push all the way in and hold it there... this went on for about half an hour. The pleasure of his cock in me and taking the time to so thoroughly fuck me felt so good that I came again...he ordered me to lick it up while fucking me. Then his pace increased - turned on by my cumming again and licking it up he tensed and shot his second load deep into my well-fucked ass-pussy. He pulled out and I licked his cock clean.

He gave me a another spank on the ass and told me to hit the showers... I walked to the showers... a little wobbly... with a grin on my face looking forward to the next time.

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written by bunsforyou65

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