Part two of her husband

After that hot sex fueled night Scott or I never mentioned it like it never happened. To me though I masturbated to the hottest bi or gay sex I had the pleasure of experiencing. Needless to say things changed a lot for me after that. Shelly's and mine passionate roller coaster slowed down way to much. I was in love with her and I had feelings for him also hell I almost yelled his name when I was as fucking her and as boutta cum. Eventually I could see that him and her daughters were suspecting that we were seeing each other and the he started looking at me like he hated my guts and he does now. I got tired of the deception and being a secret . Hearing her tell me every year that we were going to be together when truthfully she never had any intention of leaving him. I was supposed to be part of the family so I couldn't do it no more and told Scott the truth about having a affair with her. I knew then I would never have a chance to have his cock in my mouth and fucking me and guess what I didn't get to fuck her anymore either. I was The one that was honest and was automatically hated by them all.

Around three weeks later I went to take my trash out and walk to my neighbors to get a ball of stuff as I was coming back in my apartment I was hit hard by something or someone leaving me briefly unconscious.

I was shocked and a little worried when I came back and saw Scott and Shelly both glaring at me like I was public enemy number one. I could never understand why he stayed with her well he had a gun 380 to be exact pointed at my head and was saying that I am going to pay for screwing his wife for years and that he tasted my dick cause she was sleeping with him and me. I looked at him but said nothing about getting a taste of it on his own before.

He was very angry and told her to go get the rope from his truck. As she was out the door he said very low to me that he has to show her that she won't do anything like that again. Said did I have some meth that him and her can take cause he can't suck dick without it. I understand that I told him and made three nice booty bumps for the revenge of sex that was upon me . Fuck I was getting horny just thinking about being forcefully fucked by two of the best and sexiest lover's I been with.


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Side note he didn't know be that when Shelly went to Florida for vacation that I took a separate flight to join her about a year after I had his big cock buried deep in my ass. When she returned with the rope he went back to being violent and roughing me up to the point I thought he cracked a few ribs. Somehow he casually brought up wish he had a drug to make him fuck my ass and make me bleed hurting my insides. I said acting scarder than I was won't lie I was concerned but not afraid like she was convinced. I have just the thing that will loosen you up sexually and Shelly knew also what I was talking about since in Florida we got twacked and talked a young man 21 of age black guy to join us for a night or hot fucking. That was a very good night as well but back to the story.

I offered each one a booty bump but he said that nothing is going in his ass so being the smart ass I am I handed him a way to big shard for him to swallow and grinning cause I know he is gonna be really fucked up in about ten minutes. I told her to bend over and he didn't like it that I had access to her very sexy and shaply ass once more. I pushed it in her and said she needs to stay bent over for a bit and I proceeded to give myself mine. For between 5 to ten minutes not a word was said as I begin to feel it hit like a train I also noticed her pussy started getting wetter by the second and very juicy as she couldn't help to reach her hand touching herself and moaning lightly not wanting to piss him off he yelled Shelly hold on till he gets tied up.

They led me to my bed as he back handed me very hard stunned me again and I willingly let them tie me up and constrain me like I was going to be a cock slave for their use I was smiling again cause I know we three were any second away from being cum sluts giving in to the most perverted acts of sex that wasn't apart of everyday life.

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I seen Scott start touching his growing cock and took off his wife's clothes ripping them off as she undressed him. Her nice big tittie's and his dick seemed to pop out at the precise moment and they're making out touching rubbing and groaning as I laid there not being able to touch my cock which was so fucking hard it hurt and leaking dick juice in large constant stream running down on my balls and in the crack of my ass turning me on like that night fishing for each other's cocks.

Shelly jumped up and strandeld her wet pussy on my waiting mouth and I was licking her clit and fucking her hole with my talented tongue. While he was was so spun that he was gripping his ass sexy man meat over and over with a look of pure lust and anger both. She pulled him to her breast and he went to town on them beating his dick as she was pulling his balls and talking dirty saying she is a filthy whore to be used by two cocks and she will never be a whore again after they leave to go back to their lives which is a lie that they live. I was sucking and licking her to the point of orgasm savoring the taste and smell of her cunt I love so much as it was going to be the last time coming out of his mouth. she started bucking and grinding the best pussy in the world on my face fucking her vagina against it and calling me a no good person but one who is very good at oral sex. They were calling me a cum slut and I am being punished by them and was going to be left in bondage when they left here soon. Here soon I gave them to much for people who don't use and I knew he was thinking about being inside me I spoke up between lapping like a dog that I should be fucked in my asshole and having to taste my shit by him doing me ass to mouth. Shit this is one of my fantasies and they were making it happen. I finished up as the waves of organisms she was having stopped.

My legs were pulled back exposing my wet asshole that is getting wetter by my dick juice running down. They were licking my asshole together and kissing when he jammed three fingers in me without working it open I was loving it and pumping back to him and then she got some lotion lubing my ass up very well as Scott then pushed his whole fist up to the wrist in my ass. The sensation was something I can't put in to words that she looked worried for me but soon passed to her engulfing his hard dick in her mouth slurping loudly and wildly on the best cock I had and longed for it between my lips too. She must have seen I wanted it cause she remembers that I sucked off Angelo two more times after we had wore her pussy and asshole out to the maximum.

Shelly and I were sucking his dick taking turns letting him choke us with it making sure I don't get more than her. Shit baby l had the pleasure of all night enjoying your husband and both of us knowing we could get feeling's for one another. I was amazed how a fist from a big man as he is felt like I was in my own heaven. I begged for more as he is calling me a faggot I all the sudden had the prostate orgasm of this century and was cumming in heavy long ropes that were shooting a good three feat and falling down on her boobs she was having another orgasm by this so he pulled my legs back farther than I should have them as my face was now getting cum covered and she and I were both eating my lumpy jizz that had our body had been rained on the ropes actually looks like cum that I never knew. Before long as it went from him fucking into a state of a true cum slut as Shelly was fucking her cunt with big red pumping it like I didn't she could then she told me to lick her asshole and get it really wet so she could fuck her ass to like I was getting fucked by her husband. She was getting jealous so he let his load loose pumping three ropes of hot cum in my asshole and moving quickly to get my mouth full of his cock with his cum shooting seven more long pumps down my throat choking me and I fell out for close to three minutes.

She and Scott were laping and sucking my very open and wet hole loving all the cum and swapping it back and forth. Shelly then without warning wanted to fist me too and pushed to her elbow deep in me. I saw my stomach moving as she was fucking it hard and fast I begin to cum again as she took my cock in her mouth and swallowed every drop. We looked at her shocked cause she can suck a mean dick but refuses to have a nut blown in her mouth.

He was fucking her pussy and choking her calling the biggest slut and cheating whore he knows usually this would have brought a rage from her but she was starting to moan loudly covering his magnificent cock with her delicious pussy juice and me still cumming landing in my mouth as I swallowed my entire load except for what she did she kept cumming and was kissing my cum covered face and deep inside my mouth. Scott let out a yelp and filled her full cumming again which he did just ten minutes before. We all collapsed breathing heavily and were kissing on each other. I wasn't sure at times who's mouth was on mine cause I was fucked up from the violent opening of my holes. Slow and with a huge smile on her face she ordered me to clean her slut cunt up and make it where all his load was eaten by me as though she was thinking I was going to be sickened by it. I cleaned her so good she was cumming again wildly grinding my face again as he had his tongue and two fingers in her asshole. He then sat me free from being bound and I asked if they would like to take more meth and recharge cause it looks like me and Scott were going to double penetrate Shelly she was loving this idea I could see. This time I packed a huge bowl and showed them how to smoke she said she wanted another shot up her ass and this time he said he did also. She looked at him with a kind of non trusting way and he said don't go there she hasn't earned the right that she is to get fucked and punished when we start back which I can see bothered her briefly then turned to lust as she was slowly fingering herself and said aloud she would like to get punished by a group of really hung black guys.

He went to a rage for a moment cussing her and I said that this kind of talking is part of her turn he calmed down as I took advantage of this and degraded her in a way they were both getting wound up for more I ordered them to drink two bottles of water each as I am also cause it can dehydration fucking like we did. I stood up and my asshole hurt bad cut out a big hot rail and gave me my bump first and then his as I did I sucked on the head of his dick and hers licking her clit I stayed down between them and watching the couple kissing and telling each other how much they love each other and I had dirt on both but I am not like that and sweared to never mess with a married woman and man again to thinking to myself I said it out loud it's been the best years of sex and danger I have had and need. Seeing them both getting horny as fuck I was sucking him and licking her as Iaid flat on my back coaching them into a position I love before we stuffed cocks in her I wanted to taste both him and her so he entered her from behind I was clit sucking and cock sucking Shelly remembered how I enjoyed it during my first threesome with her with a cock that was bigger than Scott's by a good five inches and black. I love black guys with their awe inspiring cocks which she almost let slip but I saved her ass and she looked at me whispering that she loves me too. I said I will always love you and he heard us as I took him in my mouth sucking him and getting his cock really wet I had three more shots made up and we each gave to each other making my cock cum in her eager and waiting mouth her juices running like a stream on his cock and my face and him cumming in her and pulling out to let me have some we know this is never gonna happen again I said as we went to sucking and fucking like it's the end of the world. This lasted a hour and then she sat on him and I ran my dick in her ass . She immediately was convulsing with waves of orgasms as me and Scott looking at each other decided to tear her up and give a woman we both love and care for the fuck of her lifetime. More cumming more groaning and moaning and as it wound down which was 5 hours more we just laid there touching each other with a final request from her to see Scott and I in the 69 position sucking each other's cocks and cumming in each other mouths. Of course we well him more than I acted like it's nasty but she knew that when we were getting into it and fucking each other's mouths like a pussy we were cum sluts her cum sluts and she was fucking her wet and willing cunt harder than before she was riding Big Red and as we both looked how hot that was our cocks exploded at the same time and this time we shot off on each other's chest and face. Tongue kissing as she was pumping up and down hard to a final orgasm.

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