Fishing with Her Husband

Scott was a avid fisherman and a all around good guy. Ex green beret straight to the point a good friend however I been having a affair with his wife for 3 years already and I was hesitant to go on his boat on the lake at night made me nervous. Earlier that day I had a hour fuck fest with Shelly. A very beautiful woman who radiates a glow and oozes sex. With a tasty pussy that she used to get her way. I'll never regret being with her but that's another story.

I knew it was going to be a long night so along with kratom I packed some capsules with really good dope to stay alert. We hit the lake at eight that night and while I was distracted Scott was looking for something for a headache and accidentally took a capsule that had a good amount of meth in it. I kept my mouth shut since he is against drugs of any kind. I went ahead and took another one for the hell of it and waited for him and me to get spun big time lol. He was getting talkitive and energetic.

He finally looked at me and said he was drugged somehow and I had to come clean with him and he was furious at first but started getting very high and enjoying it. We stopped trying to fish and was talking about everything we could and went to talking about sex and pussy. He was telling me that Shelly was a good fuck and wild sexually as I sat there acting like I was lost while actually was getting turned on and cumming in my boxers. He seen I was adjusting my crotch and grabbed his as cock as it was swelling rapidly. All of a sudden he yelled he was felt like he was cumming just by talking about sex he was grabbing his crotch and looking at me in a way I never seen. He said that I should give him a head a few times and I smiled like I wasn't bi curious. Till he undid his coverhauls and released one of the biggest meatiest dicks I saw.

I had sucked a total of three cocks by then which I was very discreet about. When I saw it I got hornier and turned on like I don't think I have been before and was staring at him playing with himself and looking me in the eyes I have blue eyes but Scott had the most beautiful blue eyes on a man. I asked him if I could touch it in a split second he pulled me to close and kissed me very deeply we parted lips and I wasted no time proceeding to suck his thick beautiful tool. I licked the precum and started taking him in my mouth working him like a pro the meth was causing his dick to cum the stuff I call dick juice he was moaning with pleasure and saying my name and grabbed my head using my mouth as a pussy but not to hard as I sucked on his soft musky balls looked at him and said he should fuck my face harder.

He pulled me up and ripped my clothes off pulling my dick and sucking my nipples grabbing my ass. He suggested we should anchor at a small island out in the lake we rushed to get on it and resume our man on man meth fueled suck fest. We tore each other's bibs and pants completely off and naked in 30 degree temperatures. He asked if I had anymore meth and I gave him and me another cap a piece. Mind you each one had about 20 dollars in them. We then started 69 each other and sucking each other like we were hungry. Hungry for cock cause the dope is gay juice for most guys. He was giving me the best blow I had and w wasn't long before we were bucking wildly he yelled he was about to cum and I had ropes of cum filling my mouth full as I gulped it down finally pulling back and the rest of his clumpy tasty load on my face and chest.

Feeling the hot jizz on my face made me erupt my cum as he was beating the cum out it was falling on his chest and mine as well. We both laid there bascing in the pleasure of such powerful orgasms and licking our cum off one another's cocks when I had a nasty idea my mouth full of his clumpy seed I touched each side of his face and spit cum in his mouth as I leaned in for a deep kiss. Much to my surprise he didn't object cause he let our cum that was now mingled together drip back into my waiting lips returning the kiss we smeared it on our faces and laid down holding each other. I never embraced another man after sex before then and I was swooning indeed. Seeing it was only a little before midnight and we had till nine the next morning before we were to be back home. I had three more meth packed capsules and we both took as another and I showed Scott the feeling a shard the ass can bring we both pushed it up each other holes slowly fingering our assholes and sucking each other cocks back to hardness.

I got on all fours and pleaded him to breed me and fill me up with his hot load. He said that he never had anal with a woman even Shelly and I know it's true cause she loves me to fuck her in the ass. A little off subject but she kept saying that she would like to get fucked by me and him ya know double penetrated so I rammed her ass and filled her pussy with her dildo big red. Big was right I tried to put it up my ass and couldn't but she loved it so much we hooked up with a young black bull and fucked her holes all night.

Ok we had time on our hands so he was turned on so much he decided to fuck me. It really hurt cause he's every bit of 10 inches and very thick. I was so high and wanted him so bad I didn't care how much it was going to hurt. He got the head in and stopped I pushed back and almost half was inside me I almost passed out and was in pain then I felt my ass relax and the best feeling came over me. We fucked slowly at first before I told him to please pound my asshole hard. I was pushing back on his forward thrust and I felt his arm around my neck choking me. I fucking loved it and my dick was constantly steaming cum on the ground from prostate stimulation. I stopped and said I want to be on my back and be fucked like he fucks his wife my girlfriend so he pushed my legs way back gave me the best damn fucking I experienced anally.


Quick Blowjob in the Gym Showers

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I was looking at him like I could fall for him and we kissed and held each other in a very passionate fucking. I blacked out I believe when he was ramming his really huge cock in me and I started cumming like never before it was hitting me all over the neck and face I opened my mouth and caught some of it I could feel it was making him close seeing me cum so hard and his cock got hard as steel as he came for what seemed a long time inside my tight but wore out asshole. I think I told him I love him he just smiled and said he has that kind of dick. We rested and talked that nobody has to ever know about this night. We finished the night fishing and caught one with a mutual jacking off session both cumming again and swapping it while we kissed.

The best man on man sex I've had to date

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