My Huge Dong Has The Longest Bisexual Athletics Foreskin

Let me say I'm a big dude. 6'4" and 220, big-boned, thickly muscled, and a high school football and wrestling stud. But that's not all that's big; my dick is 8+, and that might not be awesome, but it's so fuckin thick, I can't get my hand around it. It' so phat, as girls have told me. But on top of the 8, and on top of the phatness, is I'm uncut. I'm not just uncut, but my foreskin hangs down 3 and a half inches from my dickhead. I always called it my dick-rope, `cause it's thick, long, and hangs way down past my dick. Lemme tell ya that ever since I was a kid in PE I got lots of stares at my dick. My dick "lip" was, and is, longer than most other guys entire dick-length. And it does look kinda freaky having this long lip dangling from your dick.

Now ya think I'd be getting pussy all the time. But let me tell ya, this dick is more of a curse. Growin up (I'm 19 now) my dick got infected a lot. I was just fuckin impossible to keep clean. I mean between the smega (what the doc called it), piss, and when I got older, cum, it always needed cleaning. It was always something.

And if that wasn't bad enuff, girls wouldn't fuck me. The first time was when I was a freshman and was at a party. A junior gal came on to me so we freaked danced, and she felt my dick more than once. She led me to an empty bedroom upstairs, dropped her jeans, pulled off her sweater and laid on the bed. I tossed off my shirt and jeans, leaving my briefs on, my dick sticking out. I knelt on the bed and she pulled down my briefs, my dick popping out, fully hard. Her eyes went so wide I thought they'd pop out. She gasped and said,

"What the fuck is THAT," pointing to my skin hanging a good 2 inches down from my hard dick.

"It's my foreskin," I said.

She reached out, could not get her hand around my dick, and said "your so fucking big and gross!" She pushed me away, quickly got her jeans and sweater on and ran out, leaving me naked and hard.

From that point on, slowly the girls at the high school all found out about my dick. They'd say shit as I passed in the hall ... shit like "hey tripod," or "hey postman." A couple of girls dated me, but when they felt my dick when makin out, they dumped me.

When I was a senior, I went over to a bud's house to swim. When I got there he wasn't home yet, but his mom was home. His mom was very hot ... great body, boob job, and under 40. She let me in and was wearing a thong bikini, and I got boned watchin her ass as we walked through the house to the pool. She turned around to face me, and her jaw dropped when she looked at my swim suit. I looked down, and my hard dick was clearly visible through my trunks, and was pushing the material out.

"Oh my God!" she said.

Without a word, she knelt down, and slid my trucks down to my feet. I was flabbergasted and it happened so fast, I was stunned and did nothing.


"Oh Christ, I've never seen one so big!" She ran both her hands up and down my now completely hard dick. It felt so good, and my mind was racing, but I was in the moment. So I let her do what she wanted.

"Oooooo" she said as she played with my long foreskin ... "I love this!" She rolled my long foreskin between her thumb and fingers; my knees weakened and I groaned out loud.

"Lay down" she said, and I did exactly that, right on her living room floor. She jacked my thick dick with one hand, and played with my foreskin with the other and I just moaned and moaned.

I watched as she tossed off her top showing me her big boobs, and her thong went off, her pussy shaved. She stood up, then squatted on my face. I'd never eaten pussy, but she tasted good and I licked her all over as she jacked my dick.

She was wet, and then turned around and slowly sat on my dick, and it took her several minutes just to slide down all the way. When she bottomed out, he entire body started shaking, her boobs jiggling, her face all screwed up. My dick got real wet and she started bouncing up and down like an animal screaming that she was cumming. I shot off right then. She slid off my dick, and cum was flowing outta my dick-rope.

Just then we heard a door open, and she jumped up, grabbed her top and thong and ran out of the room, leaving me naked and dripping. In a panic I tripped putting on my trunks, and in walked my bud as I was tying off my trunks. I turned away from him, cause my dick was still swollen and my trunks were wet. I jumped in the pool. Fuckin his mom was way hot, and I wanted more.

By the end of my senior year, this one girl, Gina, told me she'd heard about my dick and wanted to see it. So I arranged to go to her place after school, and she led me to her room. "Let me see it," she said.

I figured there'd be no sex since girls found my dick gross cause of my dick-lip, but I was a show-off. So I stripped and my dick swelled as she looked at it. "Oh my gawd," was all she could say, over and over.

"Go ahead and touch it, it wont bite," I said. She eventually played with it, and I coaxed her to jack me off. When I came, my cum drooled out of my dick-rope for a good minute as she pumped my shaft..

"Oh that's so gross!" she said. The bitches just didn't like my droopy dick-lips. I got dressed and left.

After high school I moved out on my own, gotta job and apartment. I joined a local gym to keep my thick muscles hard. I got to know another guy, Chad, who worked out the same time I did. He was in his mid 20s very cut, about 6 maybe 160. We were in the locker-room after a workout and changing to go home. I caught him out-and-out staring at my dick. Wanting to show off, I took my time getting dressed.

"You got one long skin dude," he said. I told him I'd heard that before.

"You wanna get a beer or something?," he asked. "Sure," but I gotta stop by my place first.

He followed me to my apartment, and into the small 1-bedroom place. "So girls like your long skin?" he asked.

"What?" I said?

"Your dick, man, girls like it?"

"Oh, ... naw ... they're all grossed out by it." I said. "I'm going to put on some jeans, I'll be right back."

I went to the bed room, tossed my gym bag on the floor and tossed off my shoes, socks, shorts, and jock. I pulled on my dick-rope, a habbit since I was a kid. It always felt good to pull on it ... made my phattie swell, too.

"I never seen one so long." Josh said from the doorway. I turned around, startled and surprised he followed me. Here I was naked from the waist down, yanking on my dick-rope.

"Yeah, it's long," I said.

"How long is it? Does it droop when you're boned?" he asked.

"4 inches, and yeah it does."

"Man I'd pay to see that." He said.

It'd never occur that'd a dude be interested in my dick-rope. Fuck, I'm such a show-off. "I'll show you, man." So I started jackin and in a minute the phattie was stickin up, and my rope was hangin.

"Shit, so thick ... never seen one so big," Josh said.

Now I was horny, so I started jackin, right in front of him.

He walked over and said "It's so big, looks like you could use another hand."

I stopped jackin and thrust out my hips; "Go ahead, man," I said.

He reach out and started jackin my dick with one hand and playing with my balls with his other hand. Felt so damn good. He jacked me for a long time, too. Eventually he said "Why don't you just sit on the bed?" So I did that.

He then knelt down between my legs, so I spread my knees as wide as I could. I guess this signaled to him I was OK with what he was doin. He slowly leaned his head toward my hard dick. His face was a couple of inches from my dickhead and he looked up at me. I didn't say anything. That's when he looked back to my dick, leaned down, opened his mouth, and engulfed my dick lip. I moaned. He started to gently chew on my foreskin. Fuck my cock swelled even bigger and I grunted like an animal; he sensed I was into it.

He chewed and chewed on my dick-rope while playing with my big balls. Eventually he peeled back the foreskin with his fingers and teeth, and circled my dickhead with is tongue. As his wet lips began to slide down my hugely erect cock, my dick spasmed against my will, and hot thick ejaculate started pumping into his mouth. He groaned and furiously pistoned his lips up and down my cock. I grunted again and again listening to him groaning and guzzling my hot, thick, load. It was the hottest experience I'd ever had.

From that day on, I've had the best sex ever with Chad. He eats my hairy pits, my hard nipples, my puckered anus, my balls, and most of all my dick. A couple of times a week, I also fuck his tight, muscular butt, which I truly luv. At first I kept ejaculating into his name butt before my dick was even half way in. But now I can fuck his ass a good 5 minutes as I learned to control the urge to shoot. He says he luvs feeling my throbbing spurting dick filling his man-hole.

Since girls were so fuckin turned off by my big dick with lips, I've become exclusive to Chad, who takes care of my every sexual need.

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