Bisexual Homecoming

I had been at overseas for six months and was eagerly awaiting my ships return home. While overseas I had sex with another man for the first time. It was with him and his girlfriend. It had opened my eyes to all sorts of possibilities.

My girlfriend Susan and I have always had an open relationship, we found it necessary with me in the navy and being at sea often. I had written Susan to relate to her my experience, which she found hot. She wrote me in return saying that she had masturbated while reading my letter and it had given her a sexy idea.

Susan then proceeded to tell me that she had spent the time of my absence with a sexy black sailor from my base. She described him as being 6'4", muscular, with the biggest coal black cock she had ever seen. The first time he had fucked her tight pussy until it was broken in good. Then she had suck and fucked him on an almost daily basis for the last month.

Susan then told me she wanted to see me suck his big black cock. The idea of making it with her and her black stud excited me so I told her to set it up for my return.

When my ship arrived in Norfolk, Virginia I was so horny just thinking about putting my dick in Susan's hot pussy and having her suck my cock. She gives incredible head that comes from loving what she does. I met Susan at the end of the pier. She's 5'6" with long sexy legs and nice firm tits. Susan was wearing a short dress and I knew she didn't have on any underwear because she knew that would turn me on. She kissed me deeply and placed her hand on my crotch for a second only. I had almost forgot how hot she really was.

The crowd from the ship had dispersed and we were alone except for an officer who was approaching. Since I was in uniform I reluctantly prepared to salute him. He returned my salute and spoke to me in an authoritative voice toned down for just Susan and my ears. He said "sailor I hear you want to suck my big black navy officer cock. The same one that has been fucking your girls pink pussy." I didn't know what to say but he was massive and sexy so I said "yes sir, I need you big black cock to feed me your cum." Susan giggled with excitement and we were off to our house.

Upon arriving at home the black man introduced himself as John and he made it clear he was incharge. He said "your slut love's sucking my dick, she just can't get enough of my cum, isn't that right bitch." Susan smiled and nodded.

John then told her to remove her dress. She did revealing her hot nude body. He then told her to take out my cock and suck it while he watched. Susan took my dick out and started blowing me. She used her tongue to lick the shaft and then to lick the head of my cock. I was working to an orgasm when John said for her to come give his cock some work.

He told me to finish getting undressed which I did. Susan unzipped his uniform pants and hauled out the largest piece of manmeat I had ever seen in person. It had to be 11" at least and it was fat too. She said to me "see isn't it huge, I want you to taste it." Susan then started to lick up and down the length of his cock. John smiled at me and said "there is plenty of this ebony fuckstick for two why don't you help her."

Mesmerized by this man's dick I crawled to Susan's side and place my hand on his black cock. Susan pulled off his cock and offered the head to me. I opened my mouth and extended my tongue to flick the head of this black snake. Soon Susan was feeding me his cock and I sucked it with abandon. She fingered her pussy and said "this is too hot, you look so sexy with John's cock in your mouth."


She begged me to fuck her while I sucked on him so we rearrange to make it possible. I entered her hot pussy fucking her hard and fast the whole time I sucked John's black cock. The whole scene was too much for John his hands grabbed the back of my head to hold it firm and then he fired a large load of hot cum into my mouth. I couldn't take it anymore as Susan came in series of spasms almost immediately after him. Susan and john cumming sent me over the edge and I dumped a load into her wet pussy. Susan and me kissed sharing john's jism. He ran his hand over my head and said "you suck cock pretty good but I want to fuck your sluts hot pink pussy." I sucked on his cock until it began to harden again and then I guided it into Susan's lubricated pussy. She was soon moaning from his big dick fucking her.

I went around behind them so I could lick both her pussy and his balls as he fucked her. John groaned "lick her asshole and make it ready I want to fuck her ass." Susan said "she didn't think she cold take his big black cock in her ass." John stopped fucking her and said "she was going to take his cock and for her to get ready." I licked her ass as he fucked her pussy. Then I inserted a finger into her asshole that brought a louder moan from Susan. John pulled out and flipped Susan's legs up over his shoulders so could enter her ass and look at the expression on her face at the same time. He pushed that fat cockhead into her asshole and then slowly worked more of his prick into her ass until he was all the way in. Susan screamed "oh my god his cock is killing me, stop please stop, don't stop whatever you do don't stop." John began to fuck in and out of her ass the whole time Susan screamed in pleasure.

I moved up and began to suck her big tits. I chewed on her nipples and squeezed her tits. John picked up his pace and he then pulled out of Susan's ass to shoot his load all over her tits and my face. I took his cock into my mouth and cleaned it with my tongue. John and I then cleaned Susan's tits.

I then shifted positions so Susan and him could suck my cock. The sight of this large black man sucking my cock was hot and I didn't last long. I shot my load into his hot mouth. John then kissed Susan sharing my cum.

Then Susan said, "I want you to feel what it's like when he fucked my ass." The thought of his huge cock fucking me turned me on but I was scared too. Then john said "that he would be gentle but I really needed to be fucked by his cock to complete the experience." I agreed to let him.

Susan got some lube and put it on my asshole. She then inserted a few fingers into my ass to loosen me up. Then she lubed john's cock and jacked him till he was good and hard. She guided his hard black dick to my tight white asshole and she said, "here come that big cock honey, get ready." I tried to prepare my self but the pain was intense and I felt like he had split me in two. I screamed and bit down on the pillow until the pain subsided and the pleasure started.

Susan said "that's it honey your taking it, he is fucking your ass with that huge black dick." John started slowly fucking my burning ass and I thought I was going to pass out from the pain/pleasure.

Susan then said "john fuck that white ass with your big black cock." John began to increase his pace until he was steady pumping me. I grabbed my now hard cock and started jacking it. Susan asked me how it felt getting fucked by john's big dick. I could only moans and grunt but she got the picture. I came all over the sheets.

John fucked my ass until he was ready to cum. Then he pulled out and Susan sucked a third load of cum from his magnificent cock. John then said, "it looks like I now have two bitches that love my black cock."

That started a long sexual affair the three of us had until John was transferred to San Diego.

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written by mstuarte
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