Swinging with the neighbours

It had been about two months since Carmen and Peter moved into the apartment behind mine in the big old Victorian mansion on Rose Lane.

Jeff and I befriended the older couple and I persuaded Carmen to be my running partner. I'd been looking for a running companion for some time, and Carmen fitted the bill perfectly.

Through our many conversations while jogging down back roads we became as close as sisters. Carmen, however, talked me into a sexcapade, letting her and Peter watch Jeff and me make love without Jeff's knowing, and after that I kind of withdrew from my new neighbors a little bit.

Jeff took it pretty well, but in the stark light of day I felt embarrassed by what we had done, and it was a while before I could face Carmen and Peter again.


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Carmen was still my running partner, though, and we continued to run together every evening when I was at home alone without Jeff, so it didn't take me too long to get comfortable around her again. We no longer discussed any sex-related stuff, and I pushed the peeping incident into the back of my mind as having been just one of those things...

Well, I know better now.

You see, I have an "experimental" outlook on life. I also have an active imagination, which includes things sexual. I guess the unusual and kinky excite me more than they do most women. Its always been that way for me, as far back as I can remember.

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The good part about it is that all my boyfriends have really liked that about me. The bad part is that some- times I get talked into things that other women rightly walk away from.

This story is about what happened last night. I'm still a little shaken by the whole thing, but thought I'd write about it while it's still fresh in my memory. (Kind of therapy, I guess.)


The topic of sex came back up last night. It was almost dark by the time Carmen and I finished our ten-mile run. We were doing our "cooling off" exercises in the front yard when she asked if we could use the computer to do a little cruising on the swinger sites.

Well, I enjoy looking at the various kinks these swinger- types advertise, and I didn't want to offend Carmen by playing the prude, so I agreed, but just for an hour or so because Jeff was coming over at eight o'clock. He and I had been apart all week, and I had special plans for him that evening.

We hurried up to my apartment, and Carmen turned on the computer while I went to take a shower. I was soaping up when the bathroom door opened and Carmen popped her head round. "Hey, Krissy, how about you and Jeff having dinner with Peter and me tonight?"

I opened the shower door slightly and looked out, intend- ing to say that Jeff and I planned to dine at Raffia's Place in town, but my answer stuck in my throat.

Carmen was standing in the doorway, completely naked. When I regained control of my voice, I exclaimed: "Carmen, what are you up to out there?!"

"Nothing. I just thought we could take a shower together. It'll give us more time at the keyboard." She walked in and opened the shower door, then stepped into the tub next to me. I felt very embarrassed.

Yes, I know we'd had sex not two weeks before, but I really hadn't planned on making a habit of it; in fact, I was still a little freaked from the earlier experience.

I'd already started to protest when Carmen placed a finger on my lips and said "Shush!" I looked into her beautiful eyes (Carmen looks very much like a young Lauren Bacall. No, she really does.) and felt myself coming under her influence again. It's funny, but only a moment before I had been busily washing my body, thinking of nothing in particular, but here I was, standing open to my friend with my knees trembling, prepared to let her do as she pleased with me.

I watched the water running down her lovely breasts and thought: "Life is strange." After that all I could think about was the feel of her lips wrapped around my left nipple as she sucked it in to her warm, moist mouth. God, it felt good!

The water was cascading down on both of us now, and Carmen's auburn hair was sopping wet as she bent over my breasts. I remember thinking that I mustn't get my hair wet, or I wouldn't be able to go with Jeff to the movies.

It was as if Carmen had read my mind, because she twisted us round into the full spray of the shower head, and pressed me against the wall. The jet of water came straight down on me, and my hair very quickly became plastered to my head.

Now completely soaked, there was nothing to hold me back, and I began to feel heat building inside me, an excitement I usually only experience with Jeff when we make love. I hadn't planned this, but the contact with this sexy older woman was driving me crazy.

She began pressing down on my shoulders with her hands. I didn't know what she wanted from me, so I resisted until she told me to "sit." (My shower is one of those inserts that has a built-in tub with surround, and this particular model has a seat formed at the back inside corner.)

Not knowing what else to do, I let her direct me into a sitting position facing her. My face was now at the same level as her pussy, and I could see rivulets of water running down her flat stomach, beading up on her furry little strip of trimmed pubic hair. Was I expected to do something to her? Did I want to? I was confused, but her dewy pubes did look rather sexy.

Her pussy now disappeared from my line of sight, to be replaced by her lovely face. She was kneeling in front of me, pushing my legs apart, while water continued to rain down on us as if we were in a summer storm.

I looked on as she bent her head down between my legs, and jumped when her warm tongue began tickling my clit. I was amazed that she was able to home in it, without any preamble, straight to my pleasure nub. It felt fantastic! I'd never had any similar experience before.

Carmen knew exactly how to excite my body, and every move she made with her tongue drove me higher than I had been the moment before. One moment her tongue was playing over my clit, the next it was delving between my pussy lips to wiggle inside me. She really knew her stuff!

Just before my orgasm hit I realized that she had been playing my body like an instrument. I had no control over the sensations she had brought on me, and I blushed to realize that she had taken me to a higher pitch of arousal than sex with Jeff ever had.

I lay back against the wall, quietly moaning, quite unable to stop myself from coming. The water was beating down on my swollen nipples, and battering my contracting stomach muscles as I came on Carmen's tongue.

Within a few moments the pleasure sensations had become so intense that I begged her to stop. She wouldn't, though, and kept up the tongue torture while I squirmed around in a vain attempt to escape.

At last I slipped off the shower seat onto the floor of the stall, which had the effect of pulling Carmen's mouth away from my screaming clit. I was breathing so hard that when she brought her mouth to mine, I had either to pull away from her or be smothered. I rolled into a fetal position on the shower floor, instinctively covering my crotch so that she couldn't do anything else to me; I needed time to recover.

She reached up and turned off the shower before lying down beside me on the shower floor. "Krissy, I don't think I've ever seen anyone come so strongly; you were beautiful." She hugged me, but I still couldn't speak, so we lay for a few minutes in silence.

After a while I began to move. I felt I had to get away from Carmen before she turned me into a lesbian or something. I had enjoyed our sex too much. She'd totally controlled me, body and soul, and that really bothered me. No, it frightened me!

"Carmen, we have to get dressed! Jeff will be here soon, and I don't want him seeing us like this!" I hoped she'd accept that, and maybe even return to her own apartment.

However, she could read me like a book and realized that I was uncomfortable with the thoughts she'd helped put into my mind.

"Krissy, don't feel bad about what we just did. It's called swinging. It doesn't mean that you're queer; just about everybody who swings does the same. You're a natural, you know. You should try the full deal; you'd love it, and so would Jeff; I'm sure of it. You know, I was disappointed when you covered our peep hole, and it's been so frustrating being around you and Jeff all the time, just knowing that you guys would make perfect partners.

And yes, I do know that you considered it, but rejected the idea because Peter and I have had so many lovers. But I assure you, we're perfectly safe. With AIDS tests and condoms, it's safer than dating."

I was staring at her large, erect, dusky-colored nipples while she was explaining that I wasn't queer, and that the swinger life-style was as natural and easy as a walk in the park, when Jeff walked in!

"Shit!" I mumbled under my breath when I saw my man, wide-eyed, standing in the doorway. His mouth was open as he stared disbelievingly at us.

We were sitting, naked, on my bed; Carmen's arm was draped around my shoulders, and the palm of one of her hands was making little circles on my stomach.

I jumped up and tried to cover myself. Carmen, however, just leant back, supporting her body on elbows.

I was just grabbing my robe when I turned to see her smiling at Jeff, and slowly parting her legs for him. I was suddenly angry with her. How dare she flirt with my boyfriend! I realized that she was doing what she must have done hundreds of times before. She wanted to fuck Jeff, and she also wanted to line me up for her husband.

The thought excited me, in spite of myself. I knew I ought to say something to stop all this, but I didn't. Instead, I stood as if frozen, watching the scene. My handsome man, his long blonde curls resting on broad shoulders, stood quietly surveying Carmen.

Meanwhile she was sitting in front of him, with her strong, tanned legs spread wide, displaying her per- fectly trimmed snatch. Her bright-pink pussy lips were slightly open, exposing her core, and her clit was distended in obvious excitement.

I held my breath for what seemed forever, waiting to see what would happen next. I didn't have to wait long. To my surprise, Carmen got up from the bed and began to dress. But even now she was putting on a show for Jeff.

I could see that he was bulging his pants, and so could she. It was so erotic to watch my man watching her. Still standing naked, just out of Jeff's line of sight, I was delirious with excitement.

As Carmen slipped on her T-shirt, she said: "Jeff, I hope you liked the show. I was just asking Krissy if you two would join Peter and me tonight for some sex, swinger- style. I'd really love to fuck you, and I mean that." She walked close by Jeff, brushing his crotch with her hand as she passed, and came over to me.

Jeff swung around and saw me still naked, holding my robe in my hands. Carmen paused in front of me and said in a low voice: "Do think about it, Kristen. I've got to have some excitement or I'll go crazy in this little village. I promise you it will be quite safe."

That said, she leaned in close, pushing me back against the wall. Beginning a long, deep french kiss, she made me part my lips, then sucked her tongue into my mouth. In no time I was panting for breath, then Carmen stepped back and, winking at Jeff, strolled out of the room.

"I can't believe it, Kristen! You mean to say you just had sex, and that you've done it with her before!? Did you like it?"

Jeff had that whining twang to his voice that he always uses when we have an argument. This time, though, I could hardly blame him. The whole thing had been my fault, though it was Carmen who seduced me. I had made Jeff feel less manly; made him wonder about my sexuality.

I apologized tearfully: "Jeffy I'm so sorry, but she's so much more experienced than me, and just seems able to take control of the situation. You know me! I've always been the one making things happen, but around her... well, I just can't seem to help myself."

I felt terrible, that I'd betrayed him, cheated on him. My apologies were cut short when the phone rang. Jeff picked up the cordless receiver. "Hello?"

He listened and I watched him. He'd been away for almost a week, working for the state parks department. He'd been out in all weathers, and looked as dark as an Indian in the room's soft light. His brilliant blue eyes roamed over me as I stood naked before him.

It occurred to me that if we made love it would make him feel better, and less threatened by what he'd just witnessed.

He hadn't yet spoken on the phone, just listened to whoever it was on the other end of the line. I thought: why not get things going while he can't say anything to me?

I dropped my robe and walked over to him, taking hold of his belt buckle. He looked into my eyes and I wanted to melt. I could smell that "man smell" he had when he'd been worked outside all day. (He hadn't even stopped by his own place to clean himself up.)

I undid the buckle and opened the fly of his Levis, and he pretended to ignore me as he listened on the phone. I wondered a little why he hadn't yet spoken, but I became distracted when a quick tug on his pants freed his big beautiful cock that bounced around before my eyes (Jeff never wears underwear, a habit I encourage!).

I've described my man's tool in an earlier story, but it's so handsome that I feel I must do it again. No, it's not fifteen inches long; nor is it the size of a base- ball bat. Together we've measured it, when fully erect, at five and a quarter inches long and five inches in circumference. For me, this is the ideal size. But what makes Jeff's cock special is the color and texture of the skin. His cock looks so strong and dominating it makes me go weak at the knees whenever I think about it; and I think about it at the oddest times, for instance when I'm grocery shopping or, worse, at the gynecologist (ahem... sorry about that; didn't mean to get carried away).

At any rate, here I am, with my hand on Jeff's cock, and I know what I'm going to do. Normally I wait until after we shower, but I thought that the situation called for an emergency blowjob. Knowing that he would taste a little gamy, but longing to feel his cock on my tongue anyway, I knelt in front of him. I looked up into his face like a supplicant at a religious shrine, and brought the head of his cock to my lips in a whisper of a kiss.

Just then I heard a noise behind me and looked around with my heart in my throat. It was Peter! I couldn't move for a moment as I looked up at him. (By the way, Peter looks like Chuck Norris, except that his hair is reddish-blonde and he's much younger. He even wears a closely-cropped beard like Mr. Norris.)

I suddenly realized what I must look like, kneeling in front of Jeff, with his erection in my hand! My face went scarlet and I jumped up and grabbed my robe again. Jeff, meanwhile, pulled his pants up, and I could see he was embarrassed too. However, he didn't say anything, just handing Peter the phone.

Peter was grinning as he spoke into the mouthpiece. "Hey Carmen, you were right about Kristen! She was already making it up to Jeff!" He looked at me. "Carmen told Jeff just now that he owed her one because you'd probably do something nice for him; but just how nice I hadn't guessed." He beamed at me, while I stood mortified and speechless.

Jeff now spoke. "Carmen made the whole thing sound rather interesting on the phone. I'm ready to try this swinger thing if you want to sweetheart."

I stood in silent shock, wondering what she could have said to Jeff that would get him even to consider swapping. Did he realilze what he was proposing? I could understand him wanting Carmen - I know men are like that - but I couldn't understand that he didn't mind me doing it with Peter.

Suddenly I didn't find swinging all that sexy any more. I was afraid things had gone beyond my understanding or control, and I just stood there, trembling in con- fusion, not knowing what to say or do.

Then Carmen was inside the door. Without a word, she walked towards Jeff, as she passed me she gently tugged away the robe I was clasping to my chest. She trailed it behind her, dropping it on the floor when she came up to Jeff.

I stood naked and self-conscious while Peter eyed me from the doorway.

Brazenly, Carmen popped the remaining fastened button on Jeff's jeans and lowered herself to a kneeling position as she pulled down his pants.

Jeff's cock bounced into the open again, and I felt a sharp twinge of jealousy when Carmen immediately went down on it.

Jealousy soon gave way to amazement, though, when I saw his whole thing disappear into her mouth and down her throat. She started bobbing her head faster and deeper than I'd imagined possible.

I've never managed to take Jeff's whole length into my mouth, and was fascinated by what I was seeing. I was going to have to ask Carmen how she did that.

Jeff stood in the middle of the room with his pants down around his ankles. His head was bent back and his eyes were closed, and he groaned as Carmen worked on him.

It was obvious that he wasn't going to protest. I still felt confused, though. I didn't think I wanted to have sex with Peter, but how could I refuse?

Carmen suddenly stopped bobbing her head over Jeff's cock, standing up and leading him to the bed. Shuffling over to the bed with his pants down around his ankles, Jeff looked like a naughty little boy! It made me smile.

She got him to sit down and pulled off his pants. Then she removed his shirt, rubbing her palms along his smooth chest muscles, clearly impressed by his body.

For some reason I looked over at Peter. I'd already seen his and Carmen's swinger profile on the Internet, with pictures of them making it doggy-style. I couldn't help comparing his body with Jeff's twenty-seven-year old perfect one.

I'm used to Jeff's body, and feel comfortable doing what I want with it. But here was a strange man, standing close to me and obviously intending to fuck me as soon as I'd let him.

Peter was no slouch, even at thirty six, and even though he wasn't as handsome as Jeff, the thought of having sex with him excited me intensely. I wondered what it would be like; how he'd feel inside me. Such thoughts made me nervous again.

Did I really want to go through with this? I realized that Carmen was calling my name. "Kristen! Come here, please."

Looking at them - Jeff sprawled on his back, and a nude Carmen straddling his left thigh - I felt uncertain, but did what I was told. She took my hand and pulled me down on the other side of Jeff, who was still lying back with his eyes closed.

I noticed traces of Carmen's saliva glistening along the shaft of his rigid cock, and momentarily wondered how he'd held out for so long under such stimulation. Maybe he was as nervous as I was, or maybe he'd been jerking himself off while he was away working (What a waste!)

Carmen's voice brought me back to reality. "What did you think of my technique, Kristen?"

"I was amazed you could take him so deep. I couldn't take that much in a million years," I answered, feeling some- what intimidated.

"Watch, and I'll show you how it's done." She bent over Jeff again, effortlessly taking his erect cock in to the hilt, then she began to pump him in and out with apparent ease, making him groan again, and thrash his head from side to side in ecstasy.

I was hugely turned on, watching my running partner and current best girlfriend sucking my boyfriend's cock. Impulsively I said: "Will you teach me, please?"

Carmen pulled her mouth gradually off Jeff's now-raging hardon with a wet popping sound, sending it slapping against his belly.

She licked her lips and said: "The trick is to start slowly, pushing the head against the back of the throat a little more each time. And try to keep your mouth and throat in alignment so the penis can slide down into your throat. Believe me, once you get used to it it's easy!

I was about to try it with Jeff when Peter gently pushed me to one side and knelt between my boyfriend's open legs. Carmen said: "Now watch this, and you'll see just what I mean."

I couldn't believe what came next. Peter took Jeff's cock in his hand and fed it into his mouth. I watched in fascinated horror as the cock disappeared to the hilt between Peter's lips.

I was still spluttering when he, like Carmen before him, began pumping Jeff's organ in and out of his throat. Peter's head bobbed faster and faster while Jeff thrashed about on the bed, approaching the edge of orgasm. I just watched, not quite believing that this was actually happening.

Jeff thought it was Carmen sucking his dick. He was still laying back on the bed with his eyes closed. What would he say, or do, when he discovered it was Peter?

I felt really nervous as Jeff began to moan that he was coming. He now opened his eyes and looked at his companion (Jeff likes to watch himself come, and such habits are hard to break) and I thought he would burst a bloodvessel.

One moment he was thrashing around thinking how sexy it was to have Carmen eating his come, and the next he found himself coming into a man's mouth!

His face turned bright red with indignation, but he couldn't stop himself from coming. Moreover, Peter knew what he was doing, and milked my man of every last drop he had before allowing his orgasm to stop.

During the next few seconds the only sound in the room came from Jeff's ragged breathing.

Carmen now took something slimy out of a bag, slipped it expertly over Jeff's cock and climbed on top of him. I doubt he could have stopped her in any case, but I would have done if she hadn't used protection. (I found out later that the slimy-looking thing she put on Jeff was what's called "Lamb's Skin", a kind of condom made from the intestine of a sheep. Its advantage is that it doesn't scrunch up like a regular rubber, so neither partner can even feel that it's there. I hadn't known anything like that existed.)

Carmen wasted no time in fumbling around, but simply positioned Jeff's cock at her opening and sank down on him, beginning to ride him slowly as I watched.

I felt Peter's hand on my leg and rolled over to see him standing over me. He had stripped and was looking at me with lust in his eyes which looked deep and sensitive, like those of some all-knowing being. I was terrifically horny by now, but I really wanted Jeff to take me.

I looked over at him and found him reaching up to take Carmen's breasts into his hands, and squeezing them. I could tell he wasn't thinking of either Peter or me and I felt another pang of jealousy at the thought of the pleasure that Carmen was getting from my man.

I looked back at Peter and realized that this was it; either I stopped things now, or I went forward. As if in slow-motion, I saw Peter take out another one of those slimy things and drape it loosely over his rather interesting erection. I noticed just before he covered it that his cockhead was unusually large - I mean, about twice the size I'm used to. Length and girth were normal enough, but that head interested me.

I'd have liked to examine it, but realized that Peter couldn't wait. I began to imagine what his cock would feel like inside me. Surveying his tight stomach and knotted thighs, I also wondered what his body would feel like against mine. To tell the truth, I was terrifically horny and wanted Peter to fuck me; I recall being surprised by the feeling.

Anyway, I ended up lying next to Jeff, getting fucked by Peter, while his wife, Carmen, rode Jeff for all she was worth! It was almost funny as Peter moved up between my legs. I'm normally a very careful person. I take great care of my body, and have always been assertive, but here I was, letting Carmen fuck my boyfriend before my eyes, and about to be mounted by her husband!

It was exactly what she and Peter had wanted; just as they'd planned. It was hysterical. I was hysterical too, unable to stop that fat-headed cock from moving between my legs. I looked down between our bodies to see what was happening, I though I could feel Peter's cock pressing against my opening. At that angle I couldn't actually see him doing it, but I felt him push, and that big cock- head came rippling down into me. I actually felt it passing along the interior walls of my vaginal canal.

It felt both weird and stimulating. He pulled out, then whoosh, back in again, and I got the same rippling effect as he plunged deep inside me.

Then he was humping away, and that big fat cockhead was driving me crazy, scratching itches I didn't even know I had. I'd never felt a cock like that before and it was great!

He plunged away with abandon, and soon I was thrusting back at him like a banshee, my legs wrapped tightly around his heaving bottom. Both of us were growling and groaning, whimpering and screaming as we thrust at each other.

Eventually Peter shove specially hard, and that huge cockhead pulsated as he pumped his hot come into me; it was lovely to feel it expand and contract with each gush. It felt so good that I couldn't hold myself back, and I came on his rigid pole in gasping spasms that made my whole body shiver for a goodly amount of minute.

I knew what I must look like, but my body went into spasms under his and I called out: "Fuck me, Peter! Come in me, Peter! God, I love you, Peter..." (Even now I blush to remember those words and feel that I have to make it up to Jeff!)

Somehow in the middle of my wild orgasm I realized that I was out of control, and looked over at Jeff and Carmen. She was feeling no pain, riding Jeff's cock like a cowgirl at a rodeo. Jeff, meanwhile, was looking over at me as I continued to come on Peter's cock. His blue eyes seemed darker than I remembered them, and he was had a strange expression on his face.

My spasms had started to weaken when Jeff's eyes suddenly lost their focus and his handsome face screwed up. I could tell that he was emptying his balls into the vessel that was my friend.

I discovered later that Carmen had already come by this time, but enjoyed bringing Jeff off a second time. In fact, she declared herself more than willing to do it again, if we would only let her.

I thanked her, but declined the offer, feeling that some repairs to my relationship were probably in order. After saying good night and bundling our sex partners out the door, I turned back to my lover.

I was expecting a rebuke, but Jeffrey surprised me again. With real enthusiasm in his voice, he said: "Baby, you were looking so hot when Peter was driving you crazy that I'd have come even if I'd just been getting it from Carmen! I couldn't believe what a sex-crazed animal you were!"

I looked at those handsome Nordic features and smiled weakly. "Sweety, I'm feeling a little embarrassed by the whole thing, and I still can't believe we did it."

"Yeah, I know what you mean, Kristen, but you have to admit it was great sex. and I, for one, wouldn't mind doing it again some time!"

Here I am, shaken and unsure, and he's already talking about doing it again.

Men! Can't live with them; can't live without them!

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written by mr bi jingle
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