Bisexual Experience With Neighbor During College 1

Last year my best friend & roommate dropped out of school and had to move back home with his parents. So, I was forced to find a cheaper place to live. I moved into one of two one-bedroom apartments on the second floor of a beautiful old victorian house near campus. My neighbors on the second floor were a young graduate student, named Sam and his fiancee, Theresa.

Sam was a short, slim, athletic, ex-navy guy, who seemed to be always carrying his bicycle either up or down our narrow stairs. Not having a car, he rode that bicycle everywhere. He had strong, powerful, muscular legs covered with a fur of light brown hair. I loved to watch him ride up to the house sweaty & shirtless and then find some excuse to be going down the stairs as he was coming up. I could spot Sam from any distance as he rode on campus, because it was almost never too cold for him to be shirtless. His chest was a temple to worship at. His shoulders were broad and strong, and well tanned. Those pecs & abs were as if chiseled from granite, except for light covering of fine hair that thickened and darkened it moved from his chest to his crotch. You could always count on Sam to have some good pot stashed away in the fridge. Theresa was a very attractive blonde with a great body and a warm, friendly personality. She still lived with her parents and only slept over a couple of times a week.

Sam and I got to be good friends and we would get together several time a week to drink beer and just talk. One night he brought over a pint of whiskey, half a case of beer and a desperate need for companionship. He and Theresa had been fighting all week. We stayed up half the night, taking shots of whiskey, drinking the beer, and talking about everything and anything.

Late that night, just before we split up and went to bed, he started talking "odd, sort of funny." He started talking about Theresa, that she wasn't any fun anymore. She wouldn't let him do it in her mouth, and she wouldn't let him play with her butt. He said that he wanted to experiment more. He wanted to do things that she wouldn't 'even' consider.


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While he was talking, he kept looking at me in a funny way. Later, when I was in bed, just before I went to sleep, it dawned on me that he was feeling me out as if he wanted to put moves on me. I felt seriously turned on by this. I could not believe I had missed the opportunity to experiment with Sam.

The next Friday we really partied. Sam had scored some really good hothouse-grown pot and I had already stocked up on whiskey and beer. We proceeded to get really high.

Sam started talking funny again and I got the message this time. We were sitting on the sofa smoking a joint when he slid his foot over and pressed it against my foot. I pressed back and we moved closer to each other. He asked me if I wanted to party, really party. I said I wanted to party all night, all the way. He said he wasn't sure what I meant, but that he wanted to do something, and wasn't sure if I wanted to go along with it. I said, Go for it.

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He did. He put his hand on my knee and caressed my crotch. I lay back and let him unzip my jeans and slip his hands inside. At his touch my cock began to stiffen. His hand moved up around the head and down the hardening shaft. His hand stroked my cock sending a wash of pleasure through me.

After a few minutes of this we got up, he got undressed and slowly stripped my clothes off of me. I grabbed a heavy quilt to spread on the floor and we lay down on it. He rolled up against me, pressing his hard body to mine. We kissed, it was like no kiss I had ever had from a guy. His tongue ran along my lips, over my teeth and across the edges of my tongue. There was electricity, fire in his kiss. He rolled on top of me, grinding his loins against me, his hard dick rubbing my rock solid cock. We kissed hard and full, while his dry fucking was masturbating us both, his body massaging both hot cocks. Sam slid his tongue & mouth down my chest, across my stomach and into my pubs, bumping my dick with his chin. He raised his eyes to look across my body & to catch my eyes. He held me hypnotized with that look for several seconds and then he broke it to stare at my cock. He gave it a long, though looking over. Sam grabbed the head of my cock and squeezed, then he began to roll it back & forth between his hands He filled his mouth with my dick and immediately started giving me head.

I was getting my first blowjob and was thrilling to it. I was getting a great view of Sam and his exceptional body as he sucked my cock. I had an even better view of his body when we shifted around in to the sixty-nine position. I looked at his erect cock hanging down only inches away from my face. I have the head a lick and Sam obviously liked that. I took a deep breath and took his dick into my mouth. I couldn't easily take the whole thing in my mouth, so I played with it with my lips & tongue until I could fill my mouth with his fat, juicy dick. We lay on the floor for thirty minutes, me savoring the previously unknown taste and feel of a cock in my mouth.

At Sam's suggestion we moved to the bedroom and things really got hot. I lay between his legs and joyfully sucked his cock. It made slurping noises as my head bobbed up and down on it. He stopped me before he came and turned me over to massage my butt. As I laid face down on the bed, he kneed my shoulders, back, and butt with his warm talented hands. He played with my ass rubbing his fingers across the opening. I felt his breath on my ass and then his tongue washed across my hole. He was using that warm wet tongue to open me up. His hand, lips, and tongue worked my ass, opening me and warming me for the taking.

While Sam had my face in a pillow and my ass pushed up in the air, he slipped on a condom and lubed his cock. He rubbed the cool lube on my hole and started working it into me with his finger while massaging my balls and cock. Massaging my ass with lube and his fingers, he loosened me up so that the could slip two and then three finger in to my hole. He moved to lay on top of me and stuck his dick up my ass without any warning. I gasped as he pumped his hips and fucked me long and slow. He kept sliding his cock in and out of my tight virgin ass. The fucking of my ass continued for what seemed like a very long time as his breath became more and more ragged. He added more lube and began fucking me fast and hard, banging away at my ass, then he gasped & moaned and the condom ballooned in my ass as he came.

He pulled out and went into the bathroom for a wash towel. I was still laying on the bed when he walked back washing himself down with the towel, he wiped my butt clean, caressed and kissed my cheeks. Then he moved around and had me stand on the bed leaning against the wall. Sam got down between my legs, rubbing his nose and chin into my balls and across my dick. Starting from the bottom of my ball sack, he licked his way past my ball and up the shaft to the purple head of my dick. He then went down on me, sucking the entire length of me into his mouth. Sam's hot, sexy mouth sucked me hard, taking my hard cock deep into his throat, before using his cum from fucking me to finish me off with his hand.

After I returned to my rooms, I lay awake for a long time. My poor butt ached. It ached to two days. For over a week Sam & I avoided each other. We needed time to sort out our feelings and reaction to that incredible night. Finally I could wait no longer and called him up. He came right over. He had just taken a shower and was still wearing a bathrobe.

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