Korean Connection - Multiple Men On One Girl

"Dave, Jade and I are going to the city tonight to go clubbing. Wanna join us?" Don asked me over the phone.

"It's friday night, why not? I'm down Don." I replied. I had been working so hard the past week studying for tests and my part time job was turning into a full time position I needed some release. "Don, what time are you gonna head out?"

"I'm gonna pick Jade up at 11 and then I'll stop by your apartment. O.K.?"

"Alright Don. See ya then." Don, a Korean guy, was one of my good frat buddies. We met my freshman year and just clicked. We loved to play basketball and watch sports on tv. He stood about 5'10" like me, had short black hair and was well built. Although not overly muscular, Don worked out a lot and it showed. I secretly lusted for him. Don did not know I was bi and we never really talked about sex, ever. You see, Don has this hot Korean girlfriend named Jade. I guess he gets so much from her he never is in the mood to talk about sex. Jade is an exotic asian beauty who is a little shorter than Don or me and has shoulder length brownish hair. For a Korean, Jade is quite fair skinned, small boned, and from what I can tell, she has small breasts. Jade's greatest attributes are her deep brown eyes and lucious lips. If Jade wasn't Don's girl I would be all over her.

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Well, I got my chance at Jade-- and Don too! We spent much of the night dancing and drinking a lot. A whole lot as a matter of fact. By 2 or three in the morning we were all ripped and in no condition to drive home. I suggested we find a hotel room for the night and Jade and Don agreed.

There was a Holiday Inn just down the road and we went to see about getting a room. However there wasn't a room with two beds--just one room was available--with a single King bed. Hell, we were drunk we just wanted to pass out. We took the room.

Don and Jade washed first and I turned on the tv but there wasn't much on. I heard the two of them in the bathroom giggling and banging around. Jeez I wish they'd hurry up. They came out with their arms around each other. Don was wearing a pair of white Calvin Klein briefs. He had such a great hairless chest and washboard abs. Underneath the cotton I could make out a semi-erect package. Jade blew me away! She came out of the bathroom with matching red silk panties and bra--very fuckable. So thin and sexy. What really caught my eye about Jade was her cute belly button and a small birth mark above it. She looked so hot.

I got up and went to the bathroom and jumped in the shower to cool off. The cool water ran over my head and down my shoulders. My hands started to rub my balls and stroke my cock. I wanted to meet some girl at the club to have some hot sex but I came up empty handed. Well, I guess not completely empty handed, I got my prick don't I? I rinsed, dried off and slipped my blue boxers on.

Opening the door I heard muffled moans and when I came around the corner I saw Jade and Don were under the covers messing around. I slipped under the sheets on the far far edge of the bed and closed my eyes. All I could hear as I drifted off to sleep was Don and Jade getting it on.

I fell asleep dreaming of a girl with two tongues sucking and licking my hot hard dripping cock. My eyes opened and I saw Don sitting on the floor licking my root and Jade lying next to me on the bed sucking my cockhead. Oooh it felt so good. Their tongues ran up and down my cock and they occasionally kissed each other when their lips met. Don said to me "I know you love cock, and so do I. Jade and I have wanted to have you with us for quite some time. . . ." They continued to lick my shaft and I slipped my boxers off.


Jade pulled away and leaned up against the headboard cushoning herself with a fluffy pillow. I remained on my back as Don got on top of me so we could begin a hot session of 69. Above my head swung a thin six inch asian cock with black pubic hair covering his small balls. My tongue stretched from my mouth and licked Don's balls and then let it run down his pole to his cut cockhead. I took Don in my mouth and started to suck and beat his meat with my hands. Don continued sucking on my cock as his girlfriend looked on while masturbating. With my free hand I let my fingers roam up to his hairless ass and found his male love hole. My middle finger pushed its way into his ass a half inch or so. I took Don's cock out of my hot mouth and pulled Don's ass down closer to my face and began to lick around his asshole.

"Get on your hands and knees Dave. I want to see Don fuck your white ass." Jade commanded. I did as she said and I felt Don lick my ass and send his tongue up me to lube everything up. His cock was placed at the entrance to my ass and he pushed his way up in me. While getting it up the ass can be uncomfortable at first, this was not the case with Don. Since his shaft was long and thin it produced a wonderful piercing feeling. Jade crawled under me and took my dick in her mouth and began to suck me off. I could barely remain on my wobbly hands and knees as I was overcome with awesome sensations. Don was pounding my ass so hard I could feel his balls slap against the region between my ass and balls. Mmmmm.

After a few minutes of getting sucked and fucked at the same time Jade removed my cock from deep in her throat and ran her tongue around the tip of my saliva covered head. My dick was so sensative, and in no time I filled her mouth with my hot white juice. The moment I finished my deposit, Jade pushed Don away from me and grabbed his cock by the base and pumped her lover's load into her mouth. I turned around while Jade took Don's cream and began kissing her neck slowly moving up to her mouth and kissed her deep as she shared the hot cum with me.

I kissed my way back down Jade's body with the taste of Don's cum still in my mouth. I licked Jade's neck and ran my tongue down to her small dark brown tipped nipples. My tongue ran all around her inch long nipples and I produced many moans of lust from Jade. I continued my voyage south kissing Jade's sweat covered belly and birth mark. My fingers found her dripping cunt and my mouth soon followed. Her smell hit me immediately and my body began to shake in anticipation. I love to eat pussy. Yeah. I buried my face in her hairy cunt and went crazy with energy. Jade was moaning like crazy. "I'm gonna fuck you so hard Jade, right in front of your boyfriend. Have you ever been pounded by a big white cock?" I didn't even wait for an answer as my meat slid right up her tight wet asian pussy. With a furious pace, I pounded Jade hard, so hard in fact the bed began to creak and Don told me later he could here my balls slapping against his girlfriend.

I came again and filled Jade's wet pussy with an extra large load of jizz. We lay in each other's arms panting as Don sat stroking his cock taking in the scene he just witnessed. I pulled my limp cock out of Jade's snatch and rolled over on my side. Don then got between Jade's legs and went for seconds. He slid his hard asian tool into his girl's cunt and enjoyed her tight slippery puss. I took this time to recover and I ran to the bathroom and let my slime covered red limp cock piss.

I returned to the room to find Don still pumping Jade. I watched Don's ass tighten and relax everytime he slid up Jade's cunny. With my hardening cock in hand I got on the bed behind Don and spit on his ass and my cock. I placed my cock at the opening of his ass and shoved an inch or two up his ass. He certainly enjoyed being in the middle of a hot sandwich. It took a minute or so but soon we were all in rhythm with his cock in Jade's puss and my cock buried in Don's ass. Don came first, filling Jade with cum. She slid out from underneath us and Don lay completely down on the bed with my cock still deep inside his tight ass. Jade spread her legs in front of Don and let him lick the mixture of our cum seeping out of her dripping red cunt.

Just before I was to cum I pulled my hot cock out of Don's ass and came all over his back. Leaning forward I licked up my mess and lay down next to Don and helped him lick up all of Jade's juice. Mmmmm. I looked at the clock and it said it was seven in the morning. Although we had not slept we quickly got dressed and headed home. We certainly worked off our buzzes.

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