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At eleven-thirty in the morning Andy finally woke up and stretched across the bed. Sleeping late into the morning was nothing new for him. What was new was not hearing his parents pounding on the door, telling him to get up. They had left last night for a four-week summer vacation in Europe, leaving their son on his own to take care of the house.

Andy yawned and scratched his balls, at the same time brushing a hand over an impressive morning hardon. He found the seven inches jutting out of his Y-fronts as it always was in the morning, the tip already flared and purple. He grabbed it and stroked it slowly, then reached under the bed for a porn magazine that he began to read while jerking off. Gradually a large dewy drop of precum oozed from the thick mushroom tip.

This was of course Andy's usual morning routine. A strapping, smooth, muscular 19 year-old with blonde hair, he thought of himself as a walking hardon, a nonstop libido that didn't even pause during his sleep. He jerked off every morning and every evening, and usually tried to sneak one in during the day as well. Sometimes this meant a little private time in the afternoon when he came home from classes, and on a few occasions it had even meant jacking off in a bathroom stall at the university library. Whatever the place, he often a hard time thinking straight until he had blown his wad.

Andy turned to his favorite story and felt his cock jump in response. It was about a young guy meeting two girls at a party and heading back to a motel for a group fuck with plenty of oral. He loved the way the sounds they made were described, and of course he loved the fact that the girls in this story always swallowed. His fist flew faster and faster over his smooth shaft, and when he got to the point where the guy in the story was getting ready to cum again, Andy quickly reached over for a few tissues and wrapped them around the tip of his cock. He dropped the magazine and cupped his balls with his other hand, his eyes closed. At last, with a deep, loud groan and a full-body shudder, he blew his wad into the tissue. The thick morning cum leaked out down his cock and onto his stomach, like it usually did. He lay back again, full relaxed and a little dopey.


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After a half-hour he put the magazine back in the drawer under his bed--where he kept a pretty substantial collection of porn--and rose to clean up and get dressed. He was scheduled to work the evening shift today so he didn't need to be at work until just before one in the afternoon. All in all, not a bad day, he thought while soaping up in the shower. No parents to get me up early, no early shift, and the house all to myself.

And to boot, work was almost fun. Andy worked as a sales clerk for a large sporting-goods chain, where he worked in the shoe section. That in itself wasn't interesting, but he got to work with a pretty good bunch of people, had an easy-going boss, and also got a good discount on anything he bought from the store. But the best thing about work was that it was where he'd met his latest girlfriend, Ginger. Ginger was the only other person who knew about the size of his sex drive--and his cock. They had only been dating for two months but from the very beginning they had been screwing like crazy. It was always that way with Andy's girlfriends; he would accept no less, and neither, as it turned out, would Ginger.

Work that day was a breeze. It was the Saturday of a long weekend and there was practically no one in the malls. The day dragged by while Andy and his coworkers distracted themselves by talking about their plans for the weekend. Most of the time Andy was talking to Rob, another university student who worked in the back doing inventory and receiving. Rob was Andy's age and just as much of a sports freak, with the short-cropped dark hair and muscular build suggesting a swimmer. They were just getting to know each other and had discovered a lot of shared interests, and even frequented the same bar on weekends. The two teens looked hot in their work outfits: black and white striped referee shirts with gray nylon shorts that showed off their muscular legs.

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As their shift was coming to a close, Rob asked Andy if he had any plans for the night. Andy told him he was getting together with Ginger over at his place, now that his parents were gone on holiday. Rob's eyes lit up.

"Awright," he said. "Gettin' together for a little pussy tonight! That girlfriend of yours is a real hottie--I bet she's really something in the sack."

Andy winked back at him. "We'll probably be having a few drinks and watch some TV for a while. You wanna come over?"

"Sure, why not?" answered Rob. He thought he was probably imagining it, but it seemed like Andy didn't mind him being over for a longer kind of visit. They got to the house, still wearing their work clothes, and helped themselves to a couple of cold beers. Minutes later Ginger showed up at the door, wearing a hot light-blue halter top and a tight white miniskirt that showed her well-rounded ass. With her long brown hair and generous tits, she was as hot an 18-year old as any man could want for a girlfriend.

"Hey guys, what's up?" she asked. Ginger took a good, long look at Rob as she walked in, showing obvious approval for the extra young stud in the room. She walked over to the couch where the two boys were sitting and sat right down in Andy's lap, crossing her legs. The action gave Rob what he thought was a quick glance at a neatly trimmed pussy.

Ginger and Andy began to make out, and in no time flat she was massaging her boyfriend's crotch. Rob watched in fascination as a huge erection quickly grew inside the thin gray nylon shorts. Andy groaned with pleasure and kneaded Ginger's big tits in his hands. Then she slowly extended a foot and began to massage Rob's cock through his shorts. He was already half-hard, and this made him instantly hard as a rock. He had a generous eight inches, and soon its large purple head was poking through the waistband.

"Mmmmm, I can feel my pussy getting wet," she moaned as Andy toyed with her hard nipples. Rob lay back on the couch and continued to enjoy the hot foot-massage his cock was getting.

Andy and Ginger got up. Ginger then bent over and grasped Rob's cock through his shorts and brought him off the couch. Andy lifted up her halter top and started sucking on her nipples, while Rob began to grope her pussy from under her short skirt. Ginger groaned and begged them both to continue. The three hot teens stood together, kissing and fondling each other. Rob and Andy's cocks were both rock-hard and jutted out against the flimsy nylon shorts. Ginger reached down and gasped the two stiff cocks through the silky fabric and began to stroke them. As soon as she did that they jumped in her hands and grew even harder. The feel of them, so hot and thick, made her pussy cream even more. Andy then pulled off his shirt, exposing his muscular chest. Rob did likewise.

"Mmmmm, you boys have such beautiful cocks," she cooed. They groaned quietly in response as they enjoyed the sensation of being stroked with the smooth material of their gym shorts. Ginger responded by jacking harder and faster, then watched their muscular chests rise faster as their breathing accelerated. Worried they would start to lose their balance, Rob and Andy stood side by side and each put an arm around the other's shoulders. They relaxed a bit and continued to enjoy the amazing handjobs they were getting.

Ginger was eager to see their two cocks, so she pulled down their shorts. The two huge hardons popped out of the gym shorts: stiff, red and begging to be milked. Andy's was seven inches long, Rob's was eight, and each had a gorgeous purple head to it with a small drop of clear precum at the very tip. Now working them skin to skin with her hands, Ginger edged closer to watch as she jacked them.

Ginger wasn't the only one fascinated by the sight. The two teen studs were also watching each other's cocks, not only to compare, but also because the sight of the other's stiff rod awakened an intense desire in each of them. The rhythmic pumping of Ginger's forearms, combined with the jiggling of her breasts, transfixed them and made their cocks yearn even more for satisfaction. Andy looked down and saw his best buddy's stiff cock jutting proudly forward while his heavy balls swung in rhythm to the handjob.

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