A Taste of Chocolate Cream

I don't know if you'd classify me as bi or curious or whatever, but I just enjoy sex, especially oral. I'm only turned on by women but also turned on by cock and cum. Not into kissing guys or anything romantic, just pure sex.

So being that's my personal proclivity, I came up with a hot adventure for both my wife and I to enjoy. I'm MWM, young 60 and my sweet wife is about 10 years younger and looks much younger still. She's also white, tall and slim with perky 34A tits and a nice little round ass. Her favorite play is also oral, both giving and receiving, but at heart she's a naughty little cocksucker.

This happened about two years ago when we were living on the East coast. I placed an ad in the personals section on Craigslist when they were still a great site for hooking up with folks for nsa fun.

My ad described us both and that we were looking for a man of at least 50, any size cock as long as it's cut, obviously clean and ddf, and willing to let my wife give him a really intense, sloppy blowjob with me to watch and encourage her. We got a ton of replies as you'd imagine and had to take awhile to go through them, discarding the obvious fakes and then narrowing the real replies to the ones we were interested in and the ones we were not. Then finally we went through them and emailed with a handful until we picked a lucky winner.


Fucking the Sexy Mail Man

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The guy we chose is an Asian American man named Mike, about 48 years old and in a practically sexless marriage. He was thrilled at the chance to get a great blowjob from a sexy MILF and didn't mind a hubby watching. We arranged a meeting for the following week in the late afternoon/early evening at a cheap motel nearby.

My wife Beth dressed in a pretty matching bra and panty set, thigh high fishnet stockings, a very sheer blouse and a tiny plaid micro miniskirt and heels. She had a slutty schoolgirl hooker look that had me throbbing. We drove to the motel about an hour early so I could book a room and we could get comfortable and make out while we waited for Mike to arrive.

We had a little bit of weed to relax and get even more in the mood and I texted the room number to Mike. He was going to stop after work to get his cock sucked and then get back on the road to go home to his disinterested wife.

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When Mike got to the motel he knocked on the door and came in as I told him it'd be unlocked. I was sitting in the big overstuffed chair and Beth was sitting in the middle of the bed with her legs folded beneath her, showing lots of leg and some skin above her stockings. We said our hellos and Mike said he couldn't believe his luck at being chosen to be the lucky winner and get such a pretty gal to suck him off. I assured him that he didn't have any idea just how lucky he was, but he would soon find out.

I made Beth get off the bed and turn around with her skirt lifted so we could look at her sweet ass while we took our pants off. She wasn't actually twerking, but she was moving her ass around and making us almost drool, which was exactly what she had in mind. Then I told her to remove her blouse and bra so we could see her small but plump titties and her hard little red nipples.

When we had our cocks out and half hard, Beth came over and got on her knees. I told her to show Mike what she wanted to do to him and she started licking and sucking my balls. I told her to show him what it feels like and she turned to him and pushed her pretty face in between his legs and started to give his balls the same treatment. She made sure to lick his sack and get him wet and rubbed her face all between his legs.

I was encouraging her, telling her to show us what a slut she is, what a ballsucking whore she is. Mike was getting into the scene and calling her a whore and a dirty married slut for sucking another man's nuts.

Beth had one hand rubbing the front of her panties while she continued to slobber on his balls. I kept telling her how hot and sexy she looks and how we were gonna feed her a lot of cum.

I was so hot watching her being so slutty that I dropped down next to her and took her face in my hands and kissed her. A big, deep french kiss right on her dirty face. She responded by shoving her tongue in my mouth so I could taste what she was tasting. She smelled and tasted musky and a little salty and my cock was threatening to blow on its own. I told her I love her and for her to get back to sucking our friend off.

Beth went back between Mike's legs and started licking up his shaft, which was average sized, about 6 inches and reasonably thick. She started below his nuts and worked up the shaft to the head of his cut cock. He was hard and oozing pre-cum from the tip and she made a show of flicking out her tongue and licking the pre-cum, then licking her wet lips. She was moaning softly and while Mike took hold of his dick and continued to slowly stroke it, Beth leaned over and kissed me again and let me taste his salty-sweet cockjuice.

I was enjoying my wife's dirty mouth but realized that Mike had to cum soon and get himself home, so Beth had to concentrate on his cock. She took the head into her mouth and I watched her red lipsticked mouth slide down his entire length until her face was tight against his ball sack. Mike groaned and said what a lucky man I am to have such a dirty cock-sucking wife.

Beth told me that before we met she once had a boyfriend with a 10 inch cock and she'd practiced sucking him until she could take it all the way down her throat. My normal 6 to maybe 7 inches was never a problem for her and she was soon swallowing Mike's dick like it was a sweet candy bar. She was working him with her face going up and down in a rhythm he seemed to enjoy and I was still telling her how pretty she looked and how sexy and nasty she is. Pretty soon Mike started to say he was gonna cum soon and where did she want it.

Beth pulled off his dick just long enough to say, "Cum in my mouth" .

I had already told Mike he could cum in her mouth and if he could manage it, I'd like him to pull out and shoot the last of his load on her lips and face. It worked like a charm and soon he was groaning and throbbing and saying, "Oh, fuck! I'm cumming; I'm cumming in your filthy mouth!"

He must've dumped two or three spurts into her mouth and then the last two on her cheek and her lips. Some cum dribbled down and dropped onto her tits. Mike grunted and sighed and said that was the best blowjob he'd ever had, certainly the best he'd had in a long, long time; maybe ever. He started to pull up his pants and get on his shoes. After cumming so hard he wanted to get dressed and get out of there.

We said we'd talk in email later and I let him out.

Beth had remained on the floor where she was, her clothes disheveled, her hair and makeup looking like she was rode hard and put away wet. And she was really wet alright! Her face was wet and slick with her saliva and Mike's pre-cum and cum. She still had some cum in her mouth despite swallowing some. She also had cum dripping from her lips and face and some on her little tits.

I took her under her arms and lifted her up and hugged her tight as we french kissed and she fed me her filthy little whoring tongue. I was really excited to taste and feel this man's cum on my sexy wife's lips and face and I licked and kissed her and cleaned her up.

We worked our way to the bed, where I climbed up and laid down. Beth got between my legs and licked her lips, then she thanked me for letting her have such a slutty adventure. She got down and started to give me her amazing blowjob and in minutes my cum was going down her throat and joining Mike's in her tummy.

We took our time getting cleaned up and left the dingy motel and went home happy and satisfied for the time being.

We haven't repeated this adventure but have kept the door open. Mike is beside himself and would love to make it a regular thing, but I think we'd rather keep it as a special treat every now and then.

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