The Statue

During a vacation with Samantha my partner, we toured the south coast of England, staying overnight in bed and breakfast guest houses while we did the sight seeing tour of the small villages and towns. It was on this holiday that we came upon a grimy looking shop in a back street. Something about the shop made me go in, Samantha following me into the gloomy interior, it was nothing more than a junk shop really, packed from floor to ceiling with just about everything you could imagine. I browsed in the gloom of the single low wattage light bulb, the owner sat behind a filthy desk eying us suspiciously as we picked up items for a closer inspection.

Sam was standing in front of a bookcase carefully reading the spines of the musty old books, standing on tiptoe to see the titles on the topmost shelf. I watched the shop owners eyes fix on her ass, an ass that was molded beautifully into the short brown suede skirt she wore, the color setting off her own dusky skinned beauty to perfection. She reached up and took a book from the shelf, her top riding higher exposing her tiny waist; his hand was in his lap. I just loved seeing the effect that Sam had on other men, knowing they were feeling horny, knowing that they desired her, knowing that they could not have her.

Sam held out the book to me. "Look." She said in her almost child like way.

I took the book and read the spine, it was a collection of Victorian erotica, another to add to our collection. Sam was straining to reach a bigger book on the top shelf; I put the book down and took her by the waist, lifting her delicate frame higher, her top riding yet higher. She took the book and I lowered her to the ground, yet another collection of erotica. We browsed the shelves, my hand caressing her tiny ass tenderly. Behind us the legs of a chair squeaked on the floor, I turned to see the guy approach us. He was maybe sixty years old, untidy and dressed in clothes that should have been thrown out years before. His baggy trousers shiny with age bulged slightly at the crotch; Sam was turning him on.


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"You like those sort of books and stuff." He asked.

Samantha turned to him, taking the lead, looking at him with her dark sultry eyes, framed by her straight dark hair. She had done this before; she knew how to make a man forget everything except for sex.

"I love them, do you have anything else you could show me?" She oozed.

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His cock began to fill the filthy trousers, and if she kept this up they would have yet one more stain on them. He shifted uneasily looking at me then at Sam, trying to make his mind up.

"I have a few more, but not out here." He said, his eyes on her small breasts.

"Will you show me what you have?" She asked innocently, or so it seemed.

He thought for a moment, watching as Sam brushed away some unseen flecks from her breasts, her tiny hands falling to the skirt, smoothing the suede over her nakedness underneath it, but he didn't know that. He went to the door and locked it, then beckoned us to follow him into a corridor behind a filthy curtain. There was no light at all in here and we followed the sound of his footsteps slowly in the darkness until we reached another room. He opened the door and turned on the light, the bulb blazed in the small room, which was stacked from floor to ceiling with books and other ornaments.

On a table photographs were strewn around, these were not artistic though, these were pornography. He hastily gathered them up, but not before Sam had taken one from the table. He stood looking embarrassed as she viewed the photograph, holding it out for me to view. A man of around thirty, leaning back against a wall while an Asian girl took his sizable penis into her mouth.

"Very nice." Sam said, as she looked the shopkeeper straight in the eye.

He shifted awkwardly at her gaze, his cock again showing signs of excitement. She took the photos from him and he let them go without protest, she spread them out on the table, sorting them out. It was obvious that he liked both oriental women and oral sex. The look in Sam's eyes told me what she was thinking, she loved getting guys hot, but it was purely look but don't touch. Suddenly her attention was behind him; she pointed to a statue on a shelf above his head, a statue of about eighteen inches tall of a couple locked together very much in the act of lovemaking.

"Show it me." She said pointing at the statue.

"It's not for sale." He said.

"I said show it me." She said quietly.

"But it's not for sale."

"Everything has a price." She said, turning she sat on the edge of the table.

The man watching her closely as she put her feet on a box, her legs parted slightly. His eyes went directly to the view of her naked sex; she closed her legs again. He turned and took the statue down from the shelf, wiping the dust from it with a filthy handkerchief before passing it to her and stepping back once more. I watched his eyes as they followed the line of her shapely legs, parted slightly once more, she turned to show me the statue.

It was a perfect piece for our collection and I knew we would be leaving this dump with it one way or another. In a calculated move she leaned back and I held her, her legs spreading wider as I kissed her, knowing he was ogling her shaved sex. I put my hand on the inside of her thigh; the short skirt exposing her dusky skin as it rode higher. My fingers slid along the inside of her thigh to touch lightly on her soft folds.

"How much did you say this was?" She asked.

"I, I didn't, it's not for sale." He stammered, his hand trying to hide his erection.

Sam picked up the photos again and we looked at them slowly, his eyes never leaving her thighs for a second. My own cock beginning to become aroused by the stimulation of the photos and the feel of Sam's moistening sex under my fingertips.

"What is it you like? The woman, the act, the mans cock, what?" She asked.

He was silent for a few seconds, trying to think clearly about what she had so bluntly asked him, being put off by the sight of my finger gently parting her swelling lips to expose the vibrant pink inner sex, moist and inviting. He rubbed at his erection and probably without really thinking what he was saying he answered her.

"I love all of it, seeing an olive skinned woman like you sucking on a thick cock."

"Is that what this is worth?" She held out the statue towards him.

"No it's not for..." His words stopped as he saw her undo the zip on my jeans.

"Not even for a live show here and now?" She hinted wickedly.

He swallowed noisily, perspiration on his brow and temples slowly forming. He was more than considering it, you could tell. His eyes now on her hand inside my jeans, massaging my shaft into a full state of erection. My finger slipping deeper into her warm moist sex as she ran the ball of her thumb up onto the V on the underside of my cock, bringing it to full size.

"Let me see it." His words were softly spoken.

Sam took her hand from the fly and undid the button of the jeans, pushing them from my hips to expose my nakedness beneath. His eye taking in the erection before him, watching as Sam licked her lips and slowly lowered her open mouth towards the crimson helmet. Then sitting back up again. He groaned from disappointment, we had him.

"You want me to sucking on it for you?"


"You want to see that disappear into my small Indian mouth don't you?"

"Yes, I do." His cock was in his hand now.

Sam noticed his small cock, dripping pre-cum onto the grimy floor. Her tiny fist grasped my shaft; the difference in size was very obvious.

"So how much is this?" She asked again.

He struggled with the idea for awhile, then came to a decision, he dropped his filthy trousers to the floor, taking his cock firmly in his hand, the head barely showing from his closed fist.

"OK it's a deal, but both of you naked and I have to see him come." He said coldly.

Sam put the statue down well away from his reach and proceeded to strip off her top, his eyes taking in her beauty as her firm breasts came into view. Then she unzipped the skirt and stepped from it, running her fingertip along the moist slit between her legs and placing her finger into my mouth for me to suck. She slid my jeans to the floor and I stepped out of them, then pulled the T-shirt over my head. He stood their cock in hand making moaning noises to himself. I leant back against the wall with my legs wide, balls low and my cock straining upwards craving Samantha's expert mouth to take me. Despite being together for so many years we could still arouse each other like when we first met, sex had never become boring for us. Sam knelt on the filthy floor in front of me and his eyes were all over her gorgeous body while he tugged and squeezed his cock.

"Where do you want him to come, in my mouth, on me, where?" She asked.

"In your mouth, but he has to pull out and shoot in, so it goes on your tits as well."

With that Sam's hot little mouth slid slowly over the head, her lips sliding gently down until the head was firmly held in her mouth. I watched her cheeks puff out as her tongue whirled around the head, her tongue sliding inside my foreskin, pushing it slowly back. I loved watching as Sam took me in her mouth, the way she looked at me made me want to cum alone, but we were far too practised for that to happen. The guy's eyes seemed to glaze over, and he watched mesmerised as my cock slipped slowly deeper into Sam's experienced mouth. The amazement as she took first half of the length into her mouth, then gently took the full length of my shaft into her throat, breathing in as she pulled off it before sinking down to the base once more.

"How big are you?" He groaned.

"Big enough." I replied, it wasn't important to me.

"How big are you?" This time he was angry, it was important to him for some reason.

"Eight inches, maybe eight and a half." I replied.

"Oh yes, yes." He moaned to himself.

I kept my hands from Sam so he could see better what she was doing, but I really wanted to hold her, feel as one with her as we always did. His breathing was quickening now, he was getting close.

"Tell me when you want me to cum" I said.

"What you can cum just like that?"


Sam's eyes danced, she never could get over guys who couldn't control their own ejaculations. I watched him beating the squat little cock, the head popping out of his fist like a tortoise head from its shell, but a lot faster.

"I'm going to cum" He gasped.

"Tell me when you want me to cum then."

His fist became a blur as he beat hard on his cock, beads of perspiration running from his brow, gasping and moaning to himself, words I couldn't understand spewed from his mouth.

"Now, cum now." He shouted.

Sam pulled back and sat on her heals, her pretty mouth wide and her tongue out. A jet of thick white spunk flew straight into her mouth, then a second. I lowered my cock and sprayed the thick white juice onto her neck and breasts. The whiteness of it standing out against her olive skin, the sight of it forcing one last jet out of my cock to land in her lap, to slowly trickle down into her sex. Her head returned to lick at the juice of life from my cock, then she stood and put out her tongue, my juice still on it, I sucked it into my own mouth and swallowed, I heard the guy whimpering. Then I lifted Sam from the filthy floor and licked away the rest of my cum from her smooth skin, cleaning her up and kissing her as I moved my mouth over her skin. Finally dropping to my knees to lick at her sex which was soaking wet and craving attention.

"Later, the shows over." She said.

I stood between her and the guy while she dressed his fist sticky and the floor spotted. In his hand his cock had shrunk back too tiny proportions, my own cock still rigid and ready for more. I quickly dressed as he cleaned up and Sam picked up the statue. The guy's eyes still firmly on my bulging jeans as we left the room back towards the shop. He surprised me by handing Sam the books she had found, and then giving her a receipt for the items.

"If you are ever passing call again, I'm sure we can do business." He said.

Sam smiled at him, licked the corners of her mouth and we left the shop. We had another piece for our erotica collection and I had received another superb orgasm from Sam. Now it was time to take her home and pleasure her in return, but this time without an audience or any charge for the service, this would be out of love.

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written by ziggy001
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