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Buck Wild College Sex With Professor

His words made me shudder, and the juice of my pussy seemed to ease out and soak my panties. He walked over and pushed me back on the bed, but my legs were still hanging over the edge. He took his dick out pushed it against my skirt, against my pussy. It only took a matter of seconds before the top of my skirt was wet too. I knew he was going to dominate me and not even my ass was safe.
2.7 1184 words 5 mins college

Auctioned Off On The Bloc For Bisexual College Experience

"But all the money goes to charity, AIDS prevention," Darren said, a little out of breath trying to keep up with my pace. We were on our way to class. "I understand it's a good cause and all man, I'll make like a $50. 00 donation. " "You'd get us a lot more than $50, Luke. Please think about it, you don't have to tell me for sure right now. " There was a pleading tone to his voice.
3.6 1460 words 6 mins college

Shawn's Bi Adventure

I am a 26-year-old software engineer with a company in central Florida. I wanted to tell you about the most erotic experience I ever witnessed in my life. I live in a modest house with my younger sister. She is attending the university and our strict parents thought it would be a good idea if she lived with me for at least her freshman year.
3.3 2161 words 10 mins college

I Like To Watch

It was when I was sixteen, near the end of my sophomore year that I bought my first dirty magazine. Billy, my ex- boyfriend and sometime fuckbuddy had just started dating another girl, so I knew I wouldn't be getting any action anytime soon. I think it was curiosity that motivated me as much as anything else. I didn't think of myself as gay or bisexual then, just oversexed.
3.2 1518 words 7 mins college

First Time Sucking Cock During Hot Night in Peru With Girlfriend

I had an American girlfriend,Susan, who worked for a US Airline. We were invited to a wedding in a small village,just outside the city. We drove there in Susie's beaten up old Buick and found the village without any problems. The party was great, the people were very friendly, and we had a great time, although we had a bit to drink and had been smoking pot.
3.6 1011 words 4 mins domination

Enjoy Being Fucked Hard

Oups! My name is Nikita and I stay in Mumbai, business capital of India. My college was in Mahim and I had to go from Thane all the way by local train. I am 18 and 5'4", fair, slim and the striking feature is my figure. I have nice big 34" boobs that never sag with big aureoles and taut nipples. My waist is just 20", very slim and if your hand is big you can catch it in your palm.
4.8 1519 words 7 mins college

Masturbating To Sound Of Ken Jacking Off

You used to turn up the radio (like that wasn't at all obvious) but I could still hear your bed squeaking as you pounded your uncut cock. Yes, I know that you're uncut because one day I spied on you taking a piss through the keyhole in our bathroom door.
3.3 764 words 3 mins college

Rec Room Bisex Romp

Sleeping late into the morning was nothing new for him. What was new was not hearing his parents pounding on the door, telling him to get up. They had left last night for a four-week summer vacation in Europe, leaving their son on his own to take care of the house. Andy yawned and scratched his balls, at the same time brushing a hand over an impressive morning hardon.
3.7 1539 words 7 mins college

Joseph Gets Aroused By Armando's Huge Cock

Joseph sat up from the bed and looked over towards his wife, she was still sound a sleep. Joseph started wondering why he was feeling the way he felt. Joseph could not even imagine that a straight man like him could think about having feelings for another man. Joseph was well-educated teacher with a wife and two kids.
3 656 words 3 mins college

Bisexual Encounter With My Exhibitionist Neighbor

Never thought I liked voyeurism until a new young couple moved in next door. I live in a fairly conservative Midwestern neighborhood. The homes are fairly close together -- close enough to have a ready view of the neighbors behind you from your decks while privacy fences shield your decks from the side view, giving a little more privacy.
3.3 1589 words 7 mins friendship

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