Bisexual Encounter With My Exhibitionist Neighbor 1

I never really knew I had much of a voyeuristic side until last summer when a young couple moved in to the house behind mine. I live in a fairly conservative Midwestern neighborhood. The homes are fairly close together -- close enough to have a ready view of the neighbors behind you from your decks while privacy fences shield your decks from the side view, giving a little more privacy. I'm in my mid-thirties, bisexual, and have a steady female companion but we don't live together. We have a great sex life. She knows about my bisexuality and is OK with it. I'm private about my sex-life and definitely don't whore around but enjoy the sites of nice specimens of both genders.

Two summers ago the house behind me was rented out to a young couple in their mid-twenties. It had sat empty for a couple of months when the owner was transferred to another state. The housing market was slow so it didn't surprise me when the house was rented out. On moving day, I spied a beautiful Latino girl and her boy-next-door type husband. She was a beauty in short denim cutoffs that barely covered the cheeks of her firm melon ass. Her tight white T-shirt was almost transparent from the sweat of the move making her bra-less state obvious as her nipples were clearly visible, topping incredibly round perky breasts. He was about 6 foot 2 and built, dressed only in silky navy gym shorts that came down to the middle of his knees, clinging tight with sweat to his muscular butt. He had sandy blonde hair and a muscular physique, with rock-hard pecs topped with small brown nipples, washboard abs tanned dark, and strong muscular legs covered with a sprinkling of light blond hair. I enjoyed the view from my deck all afternoon as they labored in the sun.

I'm the shy type and didn't really rush to introduce myself. I sometimes waved to one or the other of them from my deck and they waved back. Eventually I did meet the guy whose name was Jeff when he was mowing along the fence line by my property. I found his wife was a nurse and he was a mechanic and that they had been married for only a year. The two were very open with their affection for one another and often she would sit in his lap on the deck and I would see him openly fondle her breasts and sometimes it even looked like when he stroked her thigh his hand would be up inside her shorts with one or two long fingers stroking her pussy. I even saw her grind her ass on his crotch a few times and lean over and lick his nipples while he threw his head back, obviously enjoying the attention. They never seemed to mind when I was out on the deck and usually after a wave just totally ignored my presence.

One early evening, they were drinking margaritas and were obviously slightly drunk. Jeff was at the grill tending some burgers when Celia came out with fresh drinks. She had been sunning on the deck all afternoon and was still in a very brief turquoise string bikini. Jeff always had a tendency to be in as little clothing as possible every time I saw him. This night he was in a short pair of red nylon running shorts. As Celia set the drinks down she slid in behind him and pushed her hips up against his ass, cupping his pecs and sliding her hands down his muscled stomach while she kissed his broad shoulders. As he tilted his head back and kissed her on the lips, she slid one of her hands down the front of his shorts, cupping his crotch while the other hand toyed with his left nipple. I could see her swaying, grinding her crotch against his bubble butt and, before I knew it, she had slipped his shorts down in front letting them catch under his fat balls. I knew I shouldn't be staring but I couldn't help myself as she closed her small hand around his fat 8 inch cock and started to jack it right out in the open, pulling the foreskin back from the head while he thrust his hips forward. The whole time he kept turning the burgers while he drunkenly swayed his hips in time to her pumping while she licked across his shoulder and up his neck. They seemed oblivious to the fact that I was watching the whole time.

After a few minutes of this, Jeff reached his hand down and stopped her, pulling his shorts back up over his cock. I could tell from his expression that he must have felt close to cumming and wanted to hold off. Celia staggered backwards a bit, then returned and pulled his shorts down, exposing his perfectly chiseled ass, which was pale white in comparison to his deeply tanned muscular back. She leaned down and playfully bit one naked cheek before running her tongue in a long swipe deep along his asscrack then letting the shorts snap back in place, hiding his muscular cheeks again. She grabbed her margarita and fell drunkenly back on the chaise lounge while he scooped the burgers onto a plate and carried them inside. Finally she looked across my lawn and noticed me, giving a very sexy grin and wave, then giggled and ran inside, her perfect butt completely bare with the thin string hidden in her crack. I was pretty breathless from the whole thing and went inside to cool down.

As the weeks went on through the summer, I got to watch the two of them in many amorous embraces in varying stages of undress out on the deck. I had told my girlfriend Karen about the couple and she enjoyed the view as much as I did when she visited although she accused me of becoming obsessed with the couple. I noticed that they never closed the blinds which covered the patio windows so anytime I sat out on the deck after dark, their living room and kitchen were in full view. And it seemed that inside the house, the two were more often than not completely nude. In the mornings, Jeff would come to the window completely naked, often with a morning semi, and lazily scratch his balls looking out over the grass. If he saw me at my window or on the deck, he'd wave without a thought to his nudity. I was all too happy to check out his incredible uncut cock which, when soft, still hung about 5 or 6 inches down over an incredible set of low hanging bull-nuts. All this attached to a perfectly muscled body. Celia was a vision naked -- 5 foot 4 with a set of 34D's, large dark brown nipples, and one of those Brazilian asses that looked like you could set a drink on it. Her skin was very brown from the sun and further set off by the tan lines from her skimpy swimsuits while her tight pussy had just a downy covering of wispy dark hair. I never grew tired of watching and loved when he'd come up behind her at the patio door and put his arms around her, sliding his large hand down to finger the lips of her cunt, while he pressed his hard cock between the firm globes of her ass. When she pulled away to finish breakfast or answer a phone call, he'd stand in glory with a full hardup boner and I could swear he'd linger at the door just to give me a longer view.

One afternoon Jeff had just mowed the lawn and came over to my fence and yelled my name. When I came out he asked if I'd be able to help him with a loose portion of the deck railing. When I got over to his lawn, I got a much closer look at the guy I'd spied on for so long. He smiled and thanked me for helping and I noticed that he had perfect white teeth and was amazingly handsome although his hair was somewhat shaggy and he had a day's growth of beard -- rough looking but sexy beyond belief. I think he knew the effect he had on me. He was dressed only in denim cutoffs, cut short enough to accentuate his powerful muscled thighs. I got a good look at his chiseled chest with only a small patch of thin blonde hair between his pecs and a line of darker hair running from his navel and fanning out toward his crotch. He was sweaty from the mowing and a ripe fragrant male odor emanated from him, a mixture of his armpits and a slightly ripe crotch, like maybe he had just fucked before he came out to mow. I took a deep breath and got into position to hold the railing where he wanted it. As he squatted to replace the loose screws, I noticed the thick skin of his uncut dick and two bare nuts squeezing partially out the leg of his shorts. At one point he laid on his back to look under the railing and the shorts raised enough to give a full view of his thick man meat laying soft and loose, hanging along his thigh. I think I must have gazed too long and been found out because as he got up he had a slight knowing smile on his face.

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