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I was in a college and studying in the first year. Oups! My name is Nikita and I stay in Mumbai, business capital of India. My college was in Mahim and I had to go from Thane all the way by local train. I am 18 and 5'4", fair, slim and the striking feature is my figure. I have nice big 34" boobs that never sag with big aureoles and taut nipples. My waist is just 20", very slim and if your hand is big you can catch it in your palm.

I have ass that is slightly bigger than my waist and is just 22". The secret behind my big boobs is that I allow boys to handle them regularly. They pull at them bite the nipples and do anything they wish to it. My ass should have developed too as it has seen cocks, but before the boy is finished with boobs he is useless, he ejaculates about 2 times just on my boobs and left with nothing to fuck my small ass.

I always was in search for nice fucking and was very alert at the signals males use to throw at me. It was my luck I caught the right signal and my life and more correctly my sex life changed. There was one 40-yr. old person having nice athletic body and slim body, no belly and nice sexy brown eyes, I will call him as Jim. He was married but living separately from his wife and was working somewhere in Mahim.

He used to look at my figure with penetrating eyes and I got the signal that this bloody fellow wants to fuck me. I started to smile at him and out meetings changed into long chats. I came to know all about him and his interests etc and told him mine. (No, not sex friends). He was no fool, and got me right where I wanted. He got all the body messages and was sure that this horny girl will allow him to have a go at her pussy.


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One day he asked me to come to his house for a small party. He was giving the party on his promotion, that's what he told me. It was Saturday and I went to his house in the evening at 7.00 p.m. His house was not big but ok and in an apartment complex, not far away from my house. He opened the door and I peeked inside, expecting many people there.

But I did not see anybody and my heart skipped a beat. I was not afraid of him but was excited by the situation, which was ahead of me. He asked me to sit on the couch and gave me some cold drink, may be coke or something like that. He sat near me and asked me if I was surprised for seeing no one. I said yes I sure was. He told me that he wanted to call me alone but was afraid to do so thinking that I will not come. So he gave a party for his false promotion.

I smiled at him and he immediately kept his lips on mine and literally crushed my mouth. I tried to push him away, not expecting this at all from him. He was furious and hit me on my slim ass. He told me, " Sweet Heart you have troubled me a lot baby. Now I am not going to spare you any more. I was crazy with all the fucking signals you gave me and now I am going to fuck you baby."

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Hearing this I was excited but I had to protest and he got angrier than ever. He went in and brought a nylon rope and catching my left hand turned me around so that both my hands were behind my back. The bastard tied a knot and secured my hands. I had not even tried to struggle and this fucking bastard tied me. I was wearing thin shirt and jeans pant and with my hands behind my body my boobs jutted out straining against the thin fabric.

I felt my nipples grow. OOH what was happening? This was arousing me! I looked at my boobs and saw the nipples poking out through the thin material. Jim came to my front and watched my breasts, keeping his eye on the nipples and watching them growing. He was wearing shorts and T-shirt and I could see clear bulge on the shorts, the bulge was quite big and I expected the cock to be 8 inches or more. As I imagined the cock size my cunt started to ooze the juice and it went on becoming wet and wet. He now came to me and started to unbutton the thin shirt I was wearing.

He undid top three buttons and pushed the shirt aside exposing my boobs for the first time. He looked at them and licked his lips, and told me that they were real nice and looked full. Hr removed rest of the buttons but could not remove my shirt due to the tied hands. Jim then took the two melons in his hands and pressed hard on them and I could see his fingers digging into the soft flesh. I felt pain as he increased the pressure but could not say anything due to the fear. I don't know how, but I was enjoying the pain he gave me while kneading the boobs. He rolled the two globes in his hands, and then pushing them together he rolled the tits on each other.

Jim was doing a great job and I involuntary loved it. I started to move my ass in excitement. He then removed the zip on my pant and pushed his hand inside and tried to locate my pussy. I could feel his hand search inside and finally settle on the fleshy lips of my pussy and move over the panties feeling them. Jim looked satisfied and now pulling his hand out removed the hooks on my pant and pulled it down roughly and as if in a hurry to see my ass and pussy.

The jeans Pant fell to the floor and he asked it to remove it from my feet. I obeyed and removed my feet. He immediately pulled the panties down and kept his mouth on my pussy and started to explore it with his tongue. I was enjoying it and wanted to remove his shorts and see his dick but I could not do it since my hands were tied back. I was helpless and at his mercy. But did not regret what was happening to me. I looked at my self and could see Jim kneeling in front of me and licking my pussy. I could not resist this and with my left foot I searched his cock and found it hard and strong. He felt my foot on his cock and rubbed his cock on it with his movements.

He now removed his shorts and freed the cock. OHH my God what a monster! It was about 9 inches long and more than 2.5 inches wide and sprang up like a cobra ready to attack the enemy. I continued to feel it with my foot and absorbed the hardness through it. He got up and asked me to bend forwards. He then caressed my tiny but firm ass cheeks and put his finger on my Dark Bum hole and pushed it mercilessly. I cried in pain at the entry of the finger stumbled and was about to fall forwards. He grabbed me and held my balance and asked me to move near the couch. He made me rest my face on the back of the couch so that I had some support.

Jim again came behind me and I felt his cock on my tied hands. Immediately I moved my fingers and caught it. He was huge and I could not hold the cock in my hand fully. He was surprised with this and asked me to be ready for some action. He caressed my ass and hit my ass cheeks with flat of his hand. Oh I cried in pain and asked him not to hit me. He told me that this was for teasing him all the time after we met. He continued spanking me till I cried loudly begging him to stop and telling him to do anything he wished with my body. He placed his cock on my ass hole and thrust hard. Nooooo! I cried. But he did not listen.

My asshole was dry and his cock just entered stretching it wide. He too felt the dryness in the ass so he pushed his cock in my pussy and wetted it with the cunt juice and then again pushed it in my ass. OH god it pained a lot! All the skin around my ass hole was pushed inside by that mighty thrust and it pained. I tried to move my ass away but Jim hit me hard and catching the small ass in his hands pushed it back on the entering cock.

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