We Developed a Sex Slave

After my fun with our neighbor, lyle, I was exiteted to tell Vikki. Apparently, there was some back story, that Vikki wanted to surprise me with,

When Vikki got home that afternoon, I told her our neighbor showed up that morning, and aparently was expecting to have some sex. Vikki got this look on her face that told me there was a story coming.

Apparently, Lyle was expecting what he felt due. He walked in on Vikki licking pussy juice out of his mother-in-law. When there was a talk, Lyle thought he could get some easy fun. He threatened to tell Vikki's husband about what he saw. Vikki quickly got the fun idea to play games; She pleaded "Oh. please no dont tell on me" (she was anxious to tell me about it, but shelved the idea). She said she would let him put his cock in her mouth, if only he wouldn't tell on her. She sucked him off, and after, said he could come by and get more, please don't tell.

Vikki hadn't said anything yet, because she was building a new game. She ( and we) are always deriving new games. And this encounter with me and Lyle fit into a game perfectly.

Vikki wanted to turn the tables on someone who tried to manipulate her. She asked if I would set up another " chance encounter". and told me about her plan.

I asked Lyle if we could hook up again, because i just had to have him in my ass again. His ego assured I would get what I begged him for, and the next week, there he was. He was very sure of himself , and let me wait on him. He st at hhe kitchen table, and unzipped almost immediately. With his cock hanging out, I teased him, wearing my best frillies, and make up.

I took a dare, and went over by him, and lifted my semi-erect cock ( I was loving this), and shook it in his face: I said would he kiss it for me? I would repay it so much. He was already very ready to go, so said sure, and licked my cock a little. I cleared the table, except for the butter dsh, and layed myself out on it. I scooped a dollop of buttr, and srarted rubbing my ass, then fingering myself. That turned Lyle on, and he wanted to cum. I was ready, and took his great cock ( I do love it) into my ass , and let him fuck me, like the slut I am.

As usual, right after he came, he was ready to leave. Once gone, Vikki came out of the laundry closte, with her camcorder. We rewoubd it and watched the show.


Fucking the Sexy Mail Man

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Vikki called Lyle over the next day, and we asked if is wife would be okay with the film. Enough sid, we now have a sex slave, Trust me, he will pay for his attmpted extortion'

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