Houston Video Booth

Sometime back, I went Houston on a month long business trip. In the job I have, I go on out of town trips quite often, but I've never before had to be gone for this length of time. Being away from my wife for so long, after a week, I began getting pretty horny. We had nightly phone sex calls where we'd talk dirty to each other and jerk off.

After a particularlly very long and very hard day, when I was on the way back to the motel, I decided to stop off for a wacking magazine to take care of the evening needs. By then, it had been over two weeks since I'd last gotten laid and I was ready to fuck a snake. As horny as I was, I didn't want to buy just a drug store tit magazine. No, I wanted to jack off to a whole lot more. I wanted to see, blow jobs and cum shots. For that, I knew I'd have to go to an adult book store.

I drove around until I found a nice looking one just west of downtown. I parked in front and went in. Inside, I wandered through the racks until I found a magazine that had large women with huge, natural tits -- my favorite kind of tits. As I stared at the big woman on the cover, I imagined sucking my wife's big soft tits or seeing them flopping around as I had her bent her over and I was fucking her from behind. She loves it that way and I got a hardon just looking at the cover.

I was about to leave when I saw a second magazine. The name on this one said it all, "Cum." I knew this one was going to give me what I wanted, lots of cum dripping and running off tits, chins and cheeks. On the front cover was a black guy with a huge cock standing over a white women with her mouth wide open. It was difficult to imagine getting more turned on than I was with the first magazine, but this second magazine really did it, so I bought it.

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As ready as I was, I was already thinking I'd have to find a parking lot somewhere on the way back to the motel and jack off in the car.

I had paid for the magazines, when I saw the entrance to the video booths in back. With my balls now fully in charge, I got five dollars worth of change from the man at the counter and went in. For a mid-afternoon weekday, there were quite a few men there. I walked along the first aisle, reading the list of tapes in each booth. I chose one and was about to go in, when I saw a guy leaning against a wall, on the far end of the hall. It was summer and hot as hell in Houston. He was wearing only a pair of shorts. He stared at me and sorta nodded.

Shit, I thought, he sure as hell is blatant. I'm not gay, so I'd never been in the situation where I dealt with a guy's advances. I just stood there, staring back. I guess I was staring too long because, he pushed himself off the wall and walked over to me. As he got nearer, I could see he was a kid, no more than twenty with a smooth, hairless chest, but a pretty good sized bulge in his shorts.

"Want some company in there?" he asked and nodded toward the open door.

I looked around. Men were watching, but no one seemed to care.

"First time," he asked.


"What? First time?"

"Yeah. You look nervous."

A man two booths away was watching, then turned away.

I must have had a look on my face that was more than just uneasy, because the kid looked around and shrugged his shoulders.

"Hey, this is Montrose. No one cares."

"Montrose?" I said. "I don't get it. I just came in for..."

"I know why you came in," he said with a grin. "It's why we're all here. You want to cum, right?"

I nodded.

The kid's grin turned to a smile. "So, you want some company in there?"

I've never cheated on my wife and I'd certainly never done anything like this, but suddenly there was something very exciting about a strange guy offering to... What was he offering? I assumed a blowjob, but I didn't really know. Were rules to the game?

"Sure," I told him.

"Then,..." He nodded toward the booth.

Inside, I locked the door and put my change on a shelf by the coin slot.

When I didn't say anything, the kid must have read my inexperience, because he took over. "Pick your movie," he said and sat on the bench next to the screen. The booth was pretty small and his face was right at my cock level. Without a word, he undid my belt and pulled down my zipper.

Just having a stranger unzip my fly was exciting. And, the fact that it was a guy, a kid, made it all that more electrifying. He rubbed his hand over my hard cock as it strained against my underwear. My hands were shaking so much with excitement, I could barely slip the quarters into the slot. I couldn't really believe that a strange guy was about to give me a blowjob.

The screen came on with a woman tied up and a man eating her pussy. She was moaning and squirming.

I loved it.

The kid undid my pants and slid them down to my ankles. Then he put his mouth on my cock head and blew hot air on it through my underwear. He gently bounced my balls with his fingers. I almost fainted.

I switched the movie to a fat woman bent over the back of a couch and getting fucked.

The kid slipped my underwear down. My cock popped out and bounced in front of his eyes. "Oh, that's nice," he said and began slowly jacking me off.

The kid grabbed my balls. The feeling was electrifying. I felt it all the way to my stomach. With his other hand, he was stroking my cock.

On the screen, the man had his long, thick cock buried in the woman. She was screaming for him to fuck her harder. Her massive tits were swaying back and forth, flopping against the back of the couch with a loud SLAP, SLAP, SLAP.

I stared at those tits shaking and thought of my wife's big `ol floppy tits. Her tits shake like that when I get her on her hands and knees and fuck her. The man on the screen flipped the fat woman over, put her legs on his shoulders and began ramming it into her ass. He grabbed one of her tits and stuffed into her mouth. As he fucked her, she sucked her own soft, massive tit. I loved it.

I suddenly felt my cock slip into the kid's mouth. Oh, God, that felt good. His mouth was hot and tight, he knew what he was doing. He flipped his tongue over my cock, tickling my slit. Slowly, he went down until my cock entered his throat, then sucked gently on the up stroke. As he fucked my cock with his mouth, he looked up at me again. Our eyes met. The eye contact was exciting as he slurped and sucked my hard cock. "Oh, shit," I groaned as he sucked real hard on a long, slow upstroke.

I was losing control and I grabbed the back of his head and pushed down hard. My cock went deep into his throat and he didn't choke or even begin to gag. Fuck, he was good. With our eyes still locked, his finger found my ass and he shoved it in.

I groaned loudly and grabbed his hair.

While I fucked his mouth, he slipped a second finger into my ass and squeezed my balls. The sensation overwhelmed me. I leaned back against the wall and spread my legs wider. He slipped his hot, wet mouth off my cock and found my balls, sucking first one then the other into his mouth.

His hand went under my shirt and found my nipples. He squeezed and pinched my hard buds, sending me into heaven. I wanted to cum in his mouth, fill him with my hot sperm, watch it run out the sides of his lips. I had to make hard love to this young kid's mouth.

I grabbed his head and guided it back onto my cock, moaning, "Come on. Do it."

He looked up and smiled, then pinched my nipple hard.

I groaned and pressed against the back of his head.

He swallowed my cock and really started going at it. Stroking, sucking my meat. My cum built. I guess he felt it building, because he squeezed my nipple and stuck a third finger into my ass. The pain in my ass and on tit was both intense and fantastic.

I was about to cum when I was overwhelmed with the urge to feel this kid's cock. I reached down and grabbed him. He shocked me when I found he'd already unzipped his pants and had his cock out, rock hard and dripping precum. The feel of the smooth skin and the hard shaft sent me over, I started cumming.

A forth finger forcefully entered my ass. That one really hurt as he rammed it in. I groaned.

He twisted his fingers and sucked hard as I came and came in his mouth. The kid swallowed every bit of it, except for a small amount that oozed out of his lips. The feeling of the muscles in his throat as my cock was buried in his throat and was he swallowed my cum, was fantastic. He held me in his mouth as the extreme sensitivity died away and my cock softened.

"Man, that was great," he told me with a wide smile as he wiped away the small drop of cum that was running down his chin. "You really came."

I didn't say anything, just leaned back and breathed deeply. God, if my wife could only suck my cock the way this kid was doing it.

Now, I wasn't ready to suck this kid's cock, but I still wasn't ready to just walk away either. I was far too excited. "Look," I finally managed to speak, "I..."

I wasn't sure how to say this, but I was still holding his cock, so I just knelt down and began stroking him. In mid-wack, we changed places, me taking the bench and him standing.

He slipped a few coins into the machine and changed the tape to two kids sucking each other off.

I looked up at the screen as one of the kids was cumming on the other's face. Then I squeezed the rock hard cock in my hand and went to work. I stroked him as fast as I could while I reached up and grabbed his smooth tit. I squeezed and twisted his nipple as hard as I could between my thumb and forefinger. The kid responded to my mauling his tit by moaning deeply.

He grabbed my head with both of his hands and pushed it toward his cock. The large cock head brushed against my lips, then my teeth. My heart was racing. I didn't know what to do. His cock on my lips felt like an electric wire sending hot charges through my body. His salty pre-cum left my knees weak. I was really turned on and a part of me I'd never know existed wanted to suck him off, right then, like a sex toy on the floor of the stale smelling video booth, but in the end, I moved my head away.

I thought he'd be angry because I wouldn't let him cum in my mouth, but he wasn't. Within seconds, he came, shooting a very long stream of cum high into the air and onto the floor. For an instant, again, I wanted to slip his cock into my mouth and feel him cumming, but I just wasn't ready for that. Holding his cock and feeling it throb as he came was exciting enough. Before stopping, I pumped the rest of his cum out of his hard, throbbing cock.

After we'd both cum, we stood and pulled our pants up. I wasn't sure what to do after that. But he nodded and as he opened the door, said, "That was pretty good."

Yeah, I thought, it was pretty good.

Then he just turned and left and was out the door without saying another word. I stood alone in the dark booth, my dick still tingling, men walking by the open door. After a few seconds, I left and went back to the motel.

I thought about going back there one more time before I left Houston, but I didn't. I've thought about what happened many times, especially as my wife sucks me off. I've considered checking out the bookstores in my city, but haven't done it, yet. Maybe I will someday.

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written by sid
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