Some Friend

I have a female friend named Annie. She is probably the most amazing woman I've ever known, but we are really just friends. For one thing, I'm more than 20 years older than her, and for another thing I'm married, even if in name only. She's in the middle of a divorce, but that's another story.

For several years we have grown closer, partly by sharing the most intimate details of each other's life. We share the same sense of humor, and the same very strong interest in sex. She likes only men, while I am mostly straight, but have had a couple of experiences with men. She knows all about that, and has actually given me some good advice over the years that has helped keep me sane. I like to think I have done the same for her. She's also really beautiful, and that's partly why this happened.

I ride a motorcycle, and one thing she loves to do is get me to take her riding out in the country. She loves the winding roads as much as I do, and is thinking about getting her own bike. We always have a ball up on two wheels, but our last ride was one for the books.

We had headed out of town on a beautiful Spring morning, heading for the hills and forests to the west. We rode for a couple of hours, and it was some of the best riding we'd had in a, flowers, the whole thing. We stopped for lunch in a fairly famous barbeque restaurant...pigged out on brisket and beans, and headed back out to the bike.


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When we got outside there was a guy looking over my bike, and when we walked up he said something about her being a real beauty. I was feeling pretty good, so I wittily said, "Who, her or the motorcycle?"

He did a quick double take, but a smile twitched on his face. "Well, I meant the bike, but you have to admit, SHE looks pretty hot, too."

Annie looked at me with that twinkle she gets in her eye, so I said, "Good eye, friend...and she gives great head, too."

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This time his smile was pretty big, and Annie and I seemed to have the same thought at the same time. HE was pretty cute, too. We both started laughing because we could read each other's mind, and the cute guy stood there with a silly grin on his face. "What did I say?"

"Sorry, man," I said, "It's not what you think. We just think alike, that's all."

"And just what were you thinking?" He asked. "And would I like it?"

Now Annie spoke up. "Well, maybe you would, and maybe you wouldn't. I was thinking that you're pretty hot yourself, and believe it or not, this ugly beast was thinking the same thing." She smiled at me, but I wasn't sure I liked being called an ugly beast, especially by someone who was obviously trying to pick up this stranger in front of me.

So, I decided to ruin her little deal. "Actually, I WAS thinking you looked pretty hot, and was wondering whether there was any way I was going to get your cock in my mouth within the next half hour."

Even Annie was amazed at that bit of outrageousness on my part. But to my surprise, this guy looked at me and said. "Well, you're certainly NOT ugly, and I can't imagine anything that I'd like more right now, unless it was that SHE came along to join in!"

That set me back for about 5 seconds, then I made a quick decision. "She's love to at least watch, wouldn't you, dear?" I smiled a wicked smile at Annie, who was glaring at me in mock anger.

Actually, I could tell by the look on her face that the idea intrigued her. We had kidded before about her giving me blowjob lessons, since a guy had once told her that she gave "world-class" head. "Actually, I know he needs some lessons in sucking cock, so I think there would be some value in me critiquing his performance." Truth is I knew what I was doing in that department...but I had no doubt she would be better.

The guy was clearly getting turned on. "Whatever, lady. You can watch or participate, but can we get down to it? I live not too far from here, and I have nowhere else I need to be. How about it?"

"Lead on, man. But what the heck is your name, anyway? Mine's Wes, and she's Annie."

"Brian," he said, "Glad to meet you." We actually shook hands! Weird! We're heading to his place so I can wolf his meat, and we're shaking hands!

He jumped in his truck, we loaded on my bike, and followed him to his apartment. It was the middle of the day, but I imagine his neighbors were pretty used to seeing people come and go at his place all the time. He obviously was very popular.

We got into his apartment, and he said, "I'm not into kissing guys, and that sort of stuff, but I do love topping big guys like you. Maybe I could kiss you, Annie, while ole Wes here does his thing on my dick."

"I'll be the judge of that," Annie said. "But I think you need to get out of those clothes," and proceeded to undo his belt. When he was naked, I had to admit he looked pretty good. A good blue-collar guy's body. Annie led him to the couch and sat him down.

"Are you gonna get undressed?" he asked Annie. "I'd love to see those tits."

"Well, maybe a little teaser would be OK." Annie unbuttoned her shirt and her black lace bra was barely able to contain those luscious breasts of hers. And his cock was beginning to react to the sight. I've never seen her fully naked, but I was beginning to get turned on by those breasts myself.

Annie looked up at me. "OK, hot shot, let's see what you've got." Her eyes were laughing, but I could also see that she was getting turned on also.

With that, I dropped to my knees between his legs and immediately took his increasingly large cock into my mouth. "Whoa," Annie grabbed my hair. "How aboout a little finesse?"

"These things need to be done slowly, don't you think, Brian?" Annie gave him those big blue eyes full on.

Brian just kind of moaned, because he was still in my mouth, and my tongue was doing devilish things to him.

"Wes, just slide it in and out slowly. Don't just gulp the whole thing down like that. A guy likes it to last for a while, and at that rate he'll be shooting down your throat in a matter of minutes."

My point exactly. I ignored her and continued what I was doing, but had to slide him in and out of my mouth so I could breathe, and he seemd to like that also. I could understand why, because I sure liked having it done to me like I was doing it to him.

I glanced up, and Annie was leaned over and was nibbling on his nipple...and I could feel his reaction to that through the hard cock in my mouth. I also cupped his balls in my hand and twirled them around like I enjoy having done, and again a strong twitch from his cock.

I glanced up again and Annie was watching me, and the mental connection we made was really incredible. As a friend, she was the best. Here we were, sharing the same guy! Who could ask for more?

I dove into it with more effort, and I could tell he was getting ready. I looked up at Annie and she said, "Go for it. Don't miss the best part." And right then I felt the first shot of his cum hit the back of my mouth. I let him slide almost out, because I wanted his cum on my tongue. I wanted to taste it all, and I sure did. He came for 15-20 seconds, and I savored all of it, tasting it before swallowing it all. I left him in my mouth until he had softened, and then let loose of him with a small slurp noise.

Annie had stood up and was buttoning her shirt. "Well, Brian, thanks a lot. Have a good day." And I stood up and followed her outside. Neither one of us looked back, but I can imagine the look on Brian's face watching us leave. We got outside, got on the bike, and with a roar took off down the road. She hugged me tight from behind, and we didn't talk for miles, but I just knew she was smiling as big as I was.

Some friend!

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written by nomad
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