Two Red Lights

X pushed aside a branch and snuck through the hole in the chain link fence. My hand is bleeding, she thought, and wiped the wound on her jacket. Although her eyes had adjusted to the dark as she had been walking, her feet occasionally stumbled over bits of concrete and slipped in puddles of liquid that she could not identify in this barely-lit place--not that she cared to identify them.

Beyond the train tracks the power plant rose up and scarred the sky, two red lights alternately flashing atop the two towers of cement like twin cocks erect with Soviet ardor. The path X followed was overgrown.

For a moment, she let her mind wander from its purpose to observe the double ruts in the earth. They led to a pile of used tires which in turn led to two or three rusting construction vehicles [like the eye following a trail of discarded clothing, each item kept closer to the skin, containing more and more scent, until at last it rests on the naked bodies--here decomposing into red flaking rust].

Several yards from the tracks, where the weeds had grown with such appetite that small juvenile trees had begun to grow, and tonight were rustling [lit orange with the power plant's light refuse], X saw white. White flesh.


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She walked closer, making no pretense to secrecy. The girl was on her hands and knees and, besides the naked ass that she exposed, she was completely clothed. Her boots dug into the dirt and her skirt was shoved up around her waist, her underwear vainly tying her ankles together.

The boy kneeling behind her was grabbing and spreading open the white smooth ass cheeks she presented to him, and licking between them, to her delight. He paused for a moment, completely still, before raising his left hand and bringing it down swiftly onto the girl's ass.

The sound of the impact made X tremble--a shudder that lasted only a brief second, but ended somewhere in her cunt, and made her lips begin to grow. Through lazy eyelids, the girl looked up and saw X standing beside one of the stunted birch trees.

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You came, she said. Yes. You asked me to. I did.

X looked up from the girl's face and into the eyes of the boy behind her. He wore no discernible expression, but stared into X's face, betraying a detached and objective appetite. The wetness between X's legs began to soak through her underwear as she stared back into the boy's black eyes with the same growing appetite.

The girl on the ground now came to her knees and X looked down into her face, ready for anything. Come here. Now.

As X stepped closer, unbuttoning her jacket, the girl began to stand up. They stood face to face, and simply smelled each other for a few moments. X smelled spice and sweat and cunt--a smell that was growing stronger as they breathed. The deep hum from the power plant continued.

The girl reached a hand out and pulled X to her with a strength that was surprising. X drew in a deep breath as the girl moved her hand across X's back, over her ass and down to her crotch, where she held tightly. With her other hand, she pushed aside X's jacket and cupped her breast, found the nipple and pinched it between her fingers, leaving dirt on X's shirt.

And they kissed.

Wet lips and tongue and teeth slipping spit and hot breath. Warm wet lips like cunt pressed together biting licking near-devouring.

The girl was pressing on X's shoulders, forcing her down on her knees and then on her back in the dirt, looking up at the tops of the orange-lit trees and two slowly-blinking red lights.

And then there were legs straddling her head and the girl's black skirt slowly creeping up past her hips and the girl's glistening cunt moving down onto X's waiting mouth. X stuck out her tongue and touched the girl's already-hard clit. She tasted strong and smoky. X forced her tongue between the girl's lips, prying them apart and finding the hole, dripping and open. X lost herself in the taste.

Sucking licking biting her smooth lips fucking her cunthole with a long tongue taking the whole cunt into her mouth flicking the clit with the tip of her hard tongue The girl moaned and ground her cunt into X's face harder and harder.

The boy watched. The girl looked straight into his eyes while X ate her cunt, not blinking for a moment or losing his gaze. Come here, she whispered to the boy.

The girl reached down and pulled up X's skirt, still pressing her cunt down onto X's face. She bent over, and in one motion, pulled down X's underwear and dipped her tongue all the way through the cuntlips to her open dripping hole.

X gasped. And bit down on the girl's clit.

The girl straightened herself and beckoned the boy with her hand. She leaned forward and kissed him, leaving the taste of X on his lips. Fuck her.

The girl reached for the boy's crotch and squeezed. She traced her hands along X's legs and spread open her cuntlips with her fingers. The boy knelt down and replaced the girl's fingers. He slipped his tongue in and around X's clit. X's cunt was wet and swollen. Dripping down onto her asshole and into the dirt.

The boy knelt forward and slowly, slowly brushed her cunthole with the tip of his cock. X took her hand off of the girl's ass and quickly shoved two fingers into the cunthole over her face. She began pumping these two fingers faster and faster, at the same time moving her hips up and down to meet the boy's hard cock.

He began thrusting deep into her, bumping his hips against hers. Faster and Faster and harder quick in and out wet slipping fingers not two but three four five fisting the girl's cunt two fingers in her ass being fucked the girl was frantically rubbing X's clit and kissing the boy who was fucking X fucking the girl all breathing too fast and heavy and

Stop. The girl said suddenly. Fists slowed. Cock goes in. and out.

The girl stood up and turned to look at X, sprawled out beneath her breathing deeply chest rising legs shaking cunt red and swollen.

She pushed the boy aside and knelt to his former position. She bent forward and touched slightly lightly with the tip of her tongue X's lips. X gasped and shook.

I want to make you come.

The girl bent her head between X's legs and raised her ass up to the boy behind her. Fuck her, said X, looking into the girl's upturned eyes, her lips buried in X's.

The girl clamped her mouth onto the huge throbbing clit in front of her and inserted a finger, feeling around inside of X. The boy behind her was spreading open her ass, and began to lick her asshole and her cunt, swallowing the juice that was dripping out of her and onto the tip of his waiting cock. He brought her ass down and in one thrust had fucked her all the way up into her filling her and pulled out and pushed in and put two fingers up her ass and kept on fucking pushing ramming into her.

The girl began fucking X faster her fingers finding spots that made X cry out and sucking moaning into her cunt X hearing the humming of muffled moans feeling the hum in her body in her burning the licking sucking her clit and being fucked being fisted in and out so quickly quicker than the boy thrusting his cock into the girl Each fucking being fucked faster harder so hard in filling surrounding wet and heat in and out and in and out sweating biting clawing grabbing pumping in and out eating and breathing and coming and in and out and coming and screaming muffled groaning ohh.

The sound of the train going by.

Each car passing, rolling over tracks and X opened her eyes to the red lights flashing slowly. Dirt and sweat and cum and blood the smell of cunt and cock girl and boy. The girl lay her body on top of X's and the two girls breathed in unison.

"A boundary is not that at which something stops but...that from which something begins its presencing."

-Martin Heidegger

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written by littlerat
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