Walker Creek

I am a retired widower who loves to spend time in the forests near my home. I have a number of favorite spots for dry camping in my RV that I have used for a number of years. One of these spots is Walker Creek. When my kids were little we sort of built the place, clearing brush and building fire pits and fixing places we could get to the creek to fish.

One Friday the spring weather had me chomping at the bit to head for the mountains. I loaded a few days' supplies into my Class C RV and headed out. About an hour found me all by myself at Walker Creek. Chipmunks were scurrying about and as I observed the camp area it was quite evident that no one had been there yet this spring. I picked up broken branches and sort of made the area livable and then headed for the creek to do some fishing. I had been gone a couple of hours and had caught dinner so headed back to camp. As I rounded the trail I saw that I had visitors.

There was a woman busily setting up a tent while her wheelchair bound husband gave advice. She seemed to behaving some trouble with the poles so I went over and offered her some help. I was blown away by the beauty of this woman. She was about 50, large breasts confined in a blue work shirt and very tight black shorts. My old Johnny was starting to tingle. There names were Sue and Mac. We chatted a bit and then finished erecting the tent. I left them to get settled in but as I headed for my RV I turned and asked them if they'd like to join me for trout and fried potatoes. They both hollered yes so I told them about 6 would be great.

I had caught a 16" German Brown and 4 or 5 smaller Brookies so felt that would be plenty for three people. I sliced up a couple of potatoes and started them frying over the open fire. I cracked a can of NA beer and settled in to finish dinner. When the trout and spuds were gone Mac and Sue worked on a second bottle of Chardonnay while I finished a bottle of my NA. They told me of Mac's auto accident that had left him paralyzed from the waist down. His in ability to perform for her was a subject they wanted to discuss even though I didn't think I wanted in the middle of it. After all my age had reduced the effectiveness of my Johnny. My fingers and tongue still did a great job but Johnny was history.

After their second bottle was history Sue headed for their camp for another. While she was gone Mac asked me if I would be willing to fill in for him. It was a warm night and he thought the picnic table would be a great place for her to get some relief. I was about to say no until I saw Sue approaching. She had changed from shorts to a very short skirt and her shirt was open down about half way. Johnny approved immediately. When she leaned over to get Mac's wine glass her shirt opened exposing her beautiful tits to full view.

After pouring their wine she came around to my side of the table and seated herself next to me. She kind of wiggled her upper body a little so that her tits moved out from under her shirt. When I looked at her she smiled and then pulled my face down to hers. Our kiss was long and sensual. Our tongues played that well known game and I began to get really hot. It was strange kissing another man's wife with him setting there but Sue was definitely in charge. Her hand was in my crotch before I started moving in on her tits. I kissed her ears and neck and down to her erect nipples. I took first one then the other in my mouth and pulled and nibbled. She moaned as I did so. Her hand was on my Johnny, rubbing it up and down the shaft thru my Levis.

My hand found her hot and wet love zone about the same time she managed to retrieve Johnny from my pants. Unfortunately, about the time she was moving down to start a blow job, Johnny decided he was thru for the night. She almost cried but I told her she wasn't leaving my camp unfulfilled. I suggest she lay up on the table which she did. I moved between her legs and explored her cunny with my fingers. She was wet and hot. The aroma of sex filled the night air and I could hardly wait to partake. As I moved my mouth and tongue closer and closer my reward was more girl cum and more aroma. I hesitated while I enjoyed the feast I was about to have but Sue was very impatient. She grabbed my head and pulled my face into her waiting cunt.

I lapped at her wet sex like a puppy lapping a bowl of milk. Sue rewarded me with several strong climaxes as I ate her pussy. Finally after one long and very wet climax her arms and legs dropped to the table and she whispered "no more."


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Mac had moved his wheel chair over beside me and tapped me on the shoulder. When I looked at him he said "stand up," which I did and he pulled my hard Johnny back out of my pants. He grabbed my ass and pulled my cock deep into his mouth and began giving my one of the best blow jobs of my life. It wasn't long before he was rewarded with a mouthful of my cum.

While Mac was tending to my cock, Sue got up and headed for her camp. Immediately after I filled Mac's mouth he said thanks and followed his wife home. I was left thinking about the wonderful pussy I had just had sex with and the superior blow job I had received. I was exhausted so headed in to the RV for bed.

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written by bill20014u
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