Winter Snow

"God damn isn't this snow going to quit? I hope Patty got that little twirp to shovel the driveway," thought Don as he drove home. The little twirp was Jimmy Johnson, a trim, black, athletic college snot who lived next door and was home for Christmas break. Don rolled the car into the driveway, it was shoveled thank God. It was snowing like hell.

He unlocked the door, walked in, and heard soft groans. It sounded like sex. Sex? Who was home? Just his wife he thought. He walked quietly to the bedroom and there was Jimmy Johnson dipping his wick in Patty's honey pot.

"Shit," Don thought. Neither had noticed him - they were a little self involved at the moment.

"Christ," thought Don, this is hot. Jimmy was slow fucking Patty missionary style and sucking her tits alternately. It was a perfect view, their asses pointing at Don. He was mesmerized by the slick black 8 incher opening his wife's pink flower. Jimmy's ass was round and firm as he pumped into Patty. His brown nut sack slapped gently against Patty's ass as he thrust deep. Her pussy seemed to devour his black tool with a sucking hunger.

"I should be going through the roof," he thought, "but, it is beautiful to watch". Every sexual hormone his body could produce seemed to be released. He'd never felt so horny. He slowly dropped his clothes and massaged his 7 inches of thick dong. He was drawn to the fucking, to the actual intercourse of Jimmy Johnson and his wife. He moved to the bed and scared the hell out of the two fuckers. Patty just about dies of guilt and embarrassment. But, Don encouraged them to continue. Jimmy kept pumping while he told Patty how turned on he was to watch.

Patty recovered as she sensed no anger in Don. Don began to feel Patty's tits, to rub her all over. He caressed the black kid too. His hands naturally found their way to Jimmy's ass. Then his balls. He stroked the bag as Jimmy moaned with approval. He reached forward and felt the slick shaft slide in and out of his wife's cunt. It was long enough so that when the kid pulled out he could fully grasp the shaft and stroke it a little.

He reached between their meshed pubes to finger his wife's clit. When Jimmy took a long stroke back he could reach in and feel his wife's lips around the black cock. Jimmy and Patty enjoyed this extra (if odd) attention. Don asked Jimmy to reposition and fuck his wife on her side from behind her. She opened her legs wide so Don could get a full view of her pussy eating the hard black muscle. It was more than Don could take. He was overwhelmed with the beauty of this scene and his desire to pay homage to their pleasure. He crawled between their legs and began to lick their fucking. He licked clit while Jimmy's shaft rubbed his chin.

He moved lower and extended his tongue to lick around her lips as the shaft pumped slowly in and out. He licked the cock that was fucking his wife. The smell of woman and man combined filled his nostrils and thrilled him. Their mingled flavors was the biggest rush of his adult life. He had Jimmy stop pumping and sucked his balls. Patty was incredulous. She never thought her husband capable of loving another man. Jimmy was in heaven. He felt Patty's breasts while Don licked his nuts with his bone in her pussy. He was one happy college kid.


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Don continued his passionate kiss of cock and cunt until Patty first and then Jimmy came. He was so hot that he lapped up the cream from Patty's open gash, and then he cleaned the cock that had just fucked his wife. He sucked it dry of the post orgasm drool and licked the combined juices of the fuck from all of it. Patty was still hot - and very turned on to see Don lap up the college kid's limp noodle.

Don was rock hard. He lay back and Patty immediately went to work on his cock with her mouth. The kid looked on and smiled. Gee he was cute. Don wondered why he had never noticed it before. He just about squirt when Patty popped his cock out of her mouth and asked Jimmy if he'd like some. He crawled up the bed on all fours with his hardening cock swinging pendulously. He moved between Don's legs, winked, and went down. He started with Don's glands and then took several deep strokes. Don had never been sucked this well or hard. Jimmy licked the older man's nuts and nuzzled beneath them. Don lifted his ass and the kid slid two big black hands under Don's cheeks and lifted his butt. At the same time Jimmy's tongue slithered into Don's ass. "Holy fucking shit!," Don groaned.

Patty played with Don's nipples and laughed. His cock was harder than she'd ever seen it. "Isn't Jimmy fun honey. He always plays with me after he shovels. I never thought you'd like to play too!" Jimmy was back giving head. He worked his tongue hard under the corona of Don's pink cock. He fondled Don's balls. He then worked a finger in Don's ass.

Poor Don, he could stand no more. With Patty licking his nipples and Jimmy working everything else he shot like a horse. Patty joined Jimmy to lick up any cum Jimmy didn't drink. Jimmy went to the john and Don and Patty began to dress. They didn't exchange many words. They spent several minutes in a long passion filled kiss. Jimmy came back into the bedroom still naked. He joined them in a three way kiss. Patty pushed Don to his knees and she joined him. They kissed again while Patty took Jimmy's 8 inch black prong and pulled it to their lips. They sucked him like puppies licking a bone. They took turns taking him deep. They licked each on one side from root to tip and back. Patty held Jimmy's pee slit open for Don to lick and Don worked the cock over Patty's lips lick a licorice lipstick. And when he released his ball honey - they ate it all.

Jimmy walked to the window and said, "Man, look at it snow!" I'll have to come back later tonight and do the driveway again". Don and Patty smiled as they stood on either side of the kid feeling his naked ass and looking at the snow.

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written by kerpotkin
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