The Pool Guy

Lyn had invited Barbara over for a swim, she had picked Tuesday but Barbara could not make it and chose Saturday afternoon just after lunch. Lyn had forgotten that the pool company's cleaning day was scheduled, and when the day arrived and the pool guy showed up late after Barbara, there was nothing she could do. Barbara went down to the pool and got naked quickly to enjoy the sun, as she laid next to the pool on a towel, Lyn brought cool drinks down and saw her in all of her stunning beauty. One thing led to another and Lyn found herself kneeling between Barbara's legs, applying lotion on her. Her hands lingered in those special places and eventually found their way to Barb's gorgeous tits.

Lyn loved Barbara's body, it turned her on so much to look at it, feel it, even tastes it. Taking her tongue she swathed a wet path up the thighs, between her swollen cunt lips and into her shaven mound. Lyn began to eat Barbara with passion and desire, forgetting all about the pool company. She never heard the truck park, doors close or the footsteps down to the pool she was too absorbed. Seeing the two lovely naked women enjoying each other, the pool guy just stood by the gate feeling his trunks begin to bulge. Barbara saw him first, and was startled then smiled, Lyn asked what was up and Barbara told her they had company. Lyn began to jump up but Barb held her down...

"Its ok honey, he's cute, let him watch. Lyn relaxed and the male presence made her wetter. Lyn was now fingering Barbara and sucking her tits when Barbara motioned to the poor guy to come closer, when he did she said, "You must be hot in those trunks?" "Are you?"

The pool guy stammered a "Yes" followed by a "But!" When she smiled at him and urged him on. Dropping his trunks and tee top, she saw a muscled bronze body to die for, and a thick long cock now fully erect.


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"Bring your cock to me baby!" Barb whispered. The guy walked over knelt next to her and presented his now glistening tool to her. Barb engulfed it in her hand and slipped it into her waiting moist mouth and began sucking on it. He closed his eyes and relaxed. Lyn said..."What's your name baby? You're new!"

"Mark.... my name is Mark" he was able to barely get out.

"Hi Mark!" Lyn said "I love your tool, and your nut sack looks full how long has it been baby since you shot a load?"

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"Errrrrrrrrrrrr a week or two Ma'am!"

"Don't be silly baby, I am Lyn and this is my friend Barb, we would love for you to fuck us today with your lovely dick! Are you up for that?"

"Yes Ma'am, errrrrrrrrr Lyn! I am!"

"Well let's get it on sweetie we have all afternoon with you open!"

Mark placed his hands on Barb's melons and began to massage them; taking each in turn into his mouth and suckling them rolling her big pencil erasure nipples with his tongue. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Nice tits!"

"Thanks Barbara said "I loved your dick, so hard and thick! I want that weapon in me soon!"

"Yes Ma'am...errr Barbara soon as I can!"

Well the threesome switched back in forth swapping positions, partners and double teamed the solo one left out all afternoon. Soon Mark was beginning to ache and his balls yearned for release.... He positioned Barbara bent over her arms and elbows supported by the table, from this position he was able to enter her from behind; which he did deeply and hard. His pushing was met by her pushing back, and gyrating hips, bringing him to the edge......

"Don't cum yet!!!" Lyn yelled spray us with your cum. They both laid down on the cool cement as he stood over them, soon ropes and jets of hot creamy cum shot out arched up and landed on them covering their cunts, tits and faces. Mark kept jerking off and more came out, Lyn never saw so much cum in her life. Lyn began to massage his cum into Barbara's skin and up into her pussy as Barbara did the same to her. Mark stood there watching with his last drops dripping onto the cement next to them. They pulled him on top, soon all three were rubbing their bodies in Mark's goo and the girls and Mark began to lick each other clean.

"Wow! My cum tastes good ladies, never did this before!" Mark said with glee.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm baby we want more from you!" they both said.

Needless to say Mark never made it to his other stops; in fact he called in sick and told his boss he was going home to rest up.

"Come back next week Mark, my pool needs cleaning again honey!" Lyn said as Mark drove off.

"MMMMMM Next week, I think I am open!" Barb said as they both walked down the steps into the warm water and swam around.

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written by backpacker
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