A Pee Visit

It was the first time I had been to Fred's house and it was difficult not to marvel at the old Ford and ancient Chevrolet parked outside his two car garage. They were spotless and waxed to high shines. His huge living room was lined with antique musical instruments, and in the center of the outer wall a magnificent electronic organ commanded the area. Fine art paintings, originals, decorated the walls. Fred had to be a Renaissance man if there ever was one.

I had met Fred over the internet. Our common interest was a bit unusual. We loved to watch people pee. Both of us had discussed where this desire came from and finally came to the conclusion it was from early boyhood experiences. We talked a while about his life and what brought me to his state. I was embarrassed because I had never indulged in my sexual fetish before. He was a young fifty-five and I was a young fifty. We both were in good condition for our ages. He said he worked out and rode a bicycle to keep fit. I owed my condition more to genes than to any real effort on my part.

The subject turned to our pee love. It was about noon if I could tell by the sun radiating through the oversized picture window across the room from the organ. He stood to his full six foot two and walked over to where I was sitting.

"Don, enough talk. Unzip me and feel my cock." I sucked in my wind. But I had promised myself I was going to take the plunge when the subject came up. I had a lifetime of hiding all my desires from everybody. This was the nineties and it was time to walk out of the self-imposed straight jacket.

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I unzipped his trousers front, reached in and gently took his limber dick in my hand. It was larger than my own, although I knew mine was more than adequate. His had a long foreskin, and its head hid in a dark cave of flesh. I could feel it swell and rise and that sent shutters through my body. Mutual masturbation was part of the whole adventure, but this was the first time I had ever touched a man's penis other than for my own. It was exciting, almost as exciting as fingering a woman's mysterious vagina. I stood up as he dropped his trousers. He was fully erect now, but his dick-head was still hugged by foreskin. He wore a blue briefs. I dropped my trousers. My circumcised dick-head was moist with precum and he gently massaged the juice as I stroked his sex toy. Here we were getting it on and I was starting to feel the need to take a piss. The need was such that my penis was becoming softer and was definitely reading itself to release the hot juice stored in my bladder. Poor timing, I thought.

"Feel a bit silly, Fred, but I got to pee. I do mean soon." It felt odd, having the urgent need to release water while his hand was still stroking my softening hard on.

"I too feel the need. Tell you what, lets go into the bathroom. We don't want to be standing on carpet doing what comes next" He seemed to know what he was doing, I was definitely the follower.

We walked into the bathroom. He chucked at the look on my face, and my hand on my cock, squeezing off the flow of liquid. He pulled me near him and eased his large rod into my jockey shorts, stretching the front a little too wide for the stitches. A couple gave away as he pulled my penis into the opening of his shorts. We were in a hug, exchanging body warmth as I started peeing involuntarily. His urine gushed into my shorts, and felt hot and wonderful as it cascaded up to the elastic just under my bellybutton and spread its hot caressing fluid down both my legs and into my awaiting shoes, above the top and puddled over onto the linoleum. By the time we were finished peeing the room was steamy and flooded. Both our dicks were hard and we pulled on each other's love dowels. I came first in a wave of excitement, gasping for breath, letting go of Fred's wand as the jelly like white juice jumped from my penis-head three or four inches, landing on the floor next to his feet. I pumped on Fred's cock until he arched and let go with large spurts of cum that slammed into my belly and stuck like paste.

He pressed a button beside the bathtub and a woman appeared. She was smiling and carrying an assortment of cleaning supplies. I felt my face redden as she started to towel me off. "You boys having fun?" It was a rhetorical question.

"She's the maid for the day," Fred explained. "Fawn."


"Nice to meet you," I said in a stammer as she started to wipe off my penis.

"Likewise, I'm sure." Her voice was as warm and caressing as the urine bath we had taken. She had long auburn hair and upturned lips that were shouting to be kissed. Her short black uniform skirt did not hide her underpantless charm. "Perhaps I can join you two a little later?" It was not so much a question as it was a promise.

"She's a friend who came to help out while you are here." Fred had taken off his soaked shorts and shoes and stepped into the shower. He motioned me in and I obeyed, following the leader. The warm water quickly washed off all the urine, which had started to cool down. "Now watch." He nodded toward his dick. Yellow liquid shot out at a different angle than the shower water. I put my hand under the stream and felt its warmth compete with the shower water. I let go with what I had left and his hands cupped in my juice.

Later that evening a fine meal was gracefully served to us by Fawn, bending over and displaying two magnificent breasts unencumbered by any bra. As she moved to the kitchen and bent over, her pubic hair put an image into my mind that combined with a lifetime of views, each collected with relish and a stiffening dick. I could see Fred eyes following my enjoyment and it seemed to give him much pleasure.

After dinner Fawn sat next to me. She felt warm and she made sure I was seeing all of her body without taking off a stitch of clothes. We drank beer and talked about life in general, and sex in particular. Fred played some Bach on the organ. The music was a flawless as a finished recording. I started to get up to negotiate to the bathroom to let go of some beer. Fawn's hand pressed on my crotch and pushed me back into the chair. She kissed me, long and deep as she rubbed the outside of my trousers. I quickly got hard as she whispered into my ear.

"You won't pee while your hard." About the time my great pleasure was turning to pain, Fred had started to wiggle, as was Fawn.

"Bedroom time." Fred said. We walked to the back of the house and into a large master bedroom. In the center was a king sized bed with a blue rubber sheet for a bedspread. "Take off the duds and lie down, Don."

Starting to wiggle I said: "Can't I hit the bathroom first. I got to go king-size!"

"Trust me," he said, leading me to the bed, jumping out of his own clothes, and guiding me onto the soft surface of the plastic rubber- like sheet. The rubber sheet felt strange for a moment but I got use to it speedily. What I was not use to was about to involuntarily pee because someone was pushing me onto a bed. I knew this was why we drank the beer, but somehow the game was more stimulating by acting as if I had no idea of what was going on. Fred lay beside me. "Okay, partner, let 'er go!"

My pee shot up in an ark, cascading down onto our bodies, soaking our stomachs, legs and splattering onto our faces. He had let go at the same time and his pee shot above my own, mingled in a warm embarrass, and fell back upon us. It was great fun. Once I was empty my hard-on returned. He finished moments later. Meanwhile, behind us, Fawn was watching us as she dropped her clothes and fingered her sex opening.

Our dicks were standing at attention. He took hold of mine and started to pump and I never felt so good and was ready to cum immediately. I took hold of his larger erect shaft and began to pump. We both were breathing so heavily we could not speak. I came in short bursts of pure pleasure. He came simultaneously, but in large spurts of cum flying up into the air and coming down like parachutes of paratroopers, splashing onto my belly. He quickly reached over and rubbed the cum into my skin. I collected my cum and rubbed it into his stomach as he caught a glance of someone outside the window. He moved in one catlike motion and was at the window.

"Care to join us?" he said to the form outside. He walked to the door in the far corner and held it open for the person. In walked a beautiful young lanky lad, who I would judge to be fifteen or so. He quickly stepped out of his clothes. His dick was as long as I ever saw and a little bit on the thin side. It was hard and quivering. They climbed back on the bed and my friend stroked the young lad's penis until little drops appeared on his dick-head. I watched, rubbing my own sex instrument. The boy came in a gush that puddled up on his stomach. He had deposited twice as much cum than both of us combined.

The younger man asked: "Can I pee. I got to go."

Fawn arched her back and came in orgasmic spasms. It is like she was the forgotten person in the room.

"By all means," my friend answered to the young man. "Spray it around on both of us." Out it came, hot and steamy, arching right and left, soaking us, the sheet and part of the carpet on Fred's side. It looked like a fire hose discharging, and felt like hot bath water splashing over us. We were soaked.

I did not think we could become more soaked. I was soaked and Fred was soaked and Kevin (I learned his name later that night.) was soaked. We forgot about Fawn, who by now had a bursting bladder. She climbed above us, Fred lying between her legs. Her pussy gleamed from a few drops that had escaped as he climbed onto the bed. She let it drop, spraying over all of us, covering us with a summer blanket of piss. It was the single most exciting thing I had ever seen, experienced, or even dreamt. She sprayed herself as the endless stream gushed, spilling over the sides of the bed. I hoped he had flood insurance. She stepped over Fred and placed me between her legs. She let a little leftover hot juice fall upon me and my physic. Her knees bent and she fell against me, her body bringing me to a passion I had not felt in my lifetime. I was inside her and she moved up and down, sideways, doing all the work.

Fred and the young lad were getting it on. Not sure what they were doing as Fawn had all of my attention. Oho! It was good!!

Later that night Fred played some more Bach for us. The music filled the little house and it was very erotic. Jacking off to organ music is an experience in itself. Jacking off with Fawn was fantastic. I mean, I enjoyed Fred and our mutual pees and jerk-offs-- but I ENJOYED Fawn.

I soon left the state. My business was done. My life experience had been accomplished. And, I found out Fawn had a sister in the town next to mine.

Dawn is Fawn's twin. We have many similar interests. You should see us when we become horny. We never leave each other's company until completely at peace with our sexual equipment. However, what you really should see what we do together when Fawn comes to town on an a visit!

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written by donoldro
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