One Way Trip

When I was a student at a university in New England, I had an experience that I have never been able to duplicate. Perhaps if I write about it, I will once again vicariously relive what was the wildest sexual experience of my life.

My second year at school was drawing to a close. Summer was only a few weeks away and I was cramming for my finals. I had planned on staying in Boston and taking summer classes, but none of the courses I needed were available, so I decided to return to my home in California and help my father out with his business.

Always on a tight budget, I got into the habit of stopping off at the bulletin board outside the Rathskeller to see if I could catch a ride to California. I hoped to hook up with someone willing to let me share the driving in exchange for a ride. I had just about given up when I struck pay-dirt.

The ad read something like this: "Married couple seeks two or three students to help us drive our RV to California. Must be excellent drivers with clean driving records. Non-smokers only."


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I tore off one of the phone number tabs and called as soon as I got to my apartment. The man I spoke to said he was definitely interested and suggested we meet at the Rathskeller for lunch the following day. He gave a good description of himself and his wife, so I didn't have any trouble spotting them when they walked in the door.

They insisted on buying my lunch, and as we ate, I sized them up. They were a sharp-looking couple in their early to mid-forties. Wendy, the wife, reminded me of the Newhart show's Mary Frann. She was tall, very pretty, and had long blond hair. Frank, the husband, was a nice-looking guy with a nice tan and a full head of wavy black hair.

"We found a guy in California who will pay top dollar for our RV," Frank said. "He has already made a deposit, but we have to make delivery. We plan on driving around the clock, except for meal and refueling stops, so we can get there before he changes his mind. That's why we need a couple of guys to help with the driving."

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"That sounds great," I said. "I'm headed for LA."

"Perfect, that's where we're headed."

Frank asked about my driving record and asked to see my license. I assured him that I was an excellent driver and hadn't had any tickets or accidents. While he studied my license, I noticed Wendy checking me out. She had a flirtatious little smile on her pretty red lips and I think she even winked at me. Frank told me he thought I would do just fine as one of his drivers, and we agreed that he would pick me up at my apartment on a certain date.

I was ready and champing at the bit when they arrived. Frank introduced me to Paul, another student he had found to help with the driving. Frank took the wheel and expertly navigated through the heavy traffic to begin our three-thousand mile journey. It would be the most memorable trip of my life.

Frank calculated that it would take about sixty hours to get to our destination. He planned on driving straight through with short stops for food and gas. Because we would be on interstate highways, we would probably have smooth sailing all the way. Once out of the city and onto the interstate, I took over my first four-hour shift. For such a large vehicle, the RV was surprisingly easy to drive, and my confidence increased by the mile. We all hit it off and were soon telling each other our life stories. Before the first day was over, I felt as though I had known my companions for years instead of hours.

It was during the afternoon of the second day that things began to happen. Frank was driving and I was sitting in the seat behind him, trying to take in the scenery but dozing off more often than not. Wendy was in the bedroom taking a nap. She didn't like to drive so was just along for the ride. I was brought out of a light slumber by a tap on the shoulder. Wendy, dressed only in a terry-cloth robe, whispered in my ear. "There's room on the bed if you want to take a nap there," she said.

Any man who has an opportunity to lie next to a beauty like her would be a damn fool to pass up the chance. Naively assuming that we would only be napping, I followed her into the cozy bedroom. She lay down on the bed and patted the space beside her. I stretched out and closed my eyes. After a few minutes, I sensed that she was watching me. I opened my eyes to find her on her side next to me, smiling down at me. Her robe had fallen open and I could see all of one glorious, golden tit.

"My husband hired you and Paul because you're good drivers, but I approved you because you are good-looking," she said. She slipped her hand inside my shirt and raked her fingernails across my hairy chest. "I like hairy-chested men," she whispered. "It's so masculine. How far down does it go?"

She worked her hand lower, unbuttoning buttons as she went. Her hand ended up down my pants with her fingernails scratching my pubes. "What about your husband?" I asked, because by then it was obvious where things were headed and I was concerned that he might catch us. He was a big, husky guy, capable of easily beating the daylights out of me.

"Oh, don't worry about him, dear. He's busy driving." She unzipped my fly and slipped her hand inside. "Oh, that's nice," she purred as she squeezed my rapidly hardening cock. She played with it for awhile, then she got to her knees, undid my belt and pulled my pants and shorts down.

Her soft red lips closed around my hard-on and she began to bob her head. I was very inexperienced sexually so didn't have much to compare it to at the time. Now that I am sexually experienced - perhaps more than I should be - I believe that it was the best blowjob of my life.

In my opinion, the secret to a great blowjob is wetness and Wendy was salivating as though she were savoring a fine cut of meat. Her mouth was warm, soft, and very, very wet. I would like to be able to say that I laid back and enjoyed the experience for an hour, but that would be a shameless lie. The truth is I shot my load within a minute or two.

"Oh, Wendy, if you don't stop I will have to cum!" She sucked harder and faster, her head bobbing up and down like a yo-yo. "Oh, Wendy, you're making me cum! OH, FUCK, WENDY DON'T STOP NOW!"

Wendy didn't bat an eye when I shot my load into her throat. She continued to suck until I had nothing left to give her. She swallowed hard a few times, then smiled at me. "I guess it has been awhile for you. That was a lot of love juice." I couldn't see a trace of cum on her lips or chin. She had done a very neat job.

"Now why don't you be a dear and go send Paul in?" she said. My heart sank. I had hoped that I would get to fuck her, so was deeply disappointed. She noticed my long face and gave me a peck on the cheek. "Don't worry, dear, it is going to be a long trip," she said. Heartened, I pulled up my pants, straightened my clothes, and went to get Paul. "Wendy wants to see you," I whispered in his ear. He asked me what she wanted. "You'll find out soon enough," I said.

As Paul disappeared into the bedroom, I took the seat behind Frank. I was afraid that if I took the passenger seat and he looked over at me, he would somehow know that I had had sex with his wife. I felt a surge of jealousy and glared at the bedroom door. Fifteen or so minutes passed and then the door opened and Paul emerged, a stunned look on his face. Apparently, he had ejaculated as prematurely as I had.

"She wants us both," he whispered. With my heart pounding with excitement, I followed him into the bedroom. I glanced back over my shoulder at Larry. He was focused on his driving, and if he did know something was going on, he chose to ignore it. Wendy was lying naked on the bed, rubbing her blonde pussy and big, round tits. "Get your clothes off," she ordered. I stripped in record time and waited to be told what to do. Wendy got on her elbows and knees. "Larry, go around behind and fuck me. Paul put your cock back in my mouth."

I shoved my aching cock into her hot, wet, tight pussy. It fit like a glove. When I pulled back, the lips clung to my cock and pulled away from her body. Her glorious ass defies description. Except for a freckle or two, I couldn't find a blemish on it. At the other end, Paul held her blonde head and fucked in and out of her mouth.

Five minutes or so passed, then Wendy pulled away from me and told me to get on my back. As I did, I noticed that she had restored Paul's hard-on. I gloated when I saw that he wasn't as well-hung as I am. When Wendy began lubricating Paul's cock with lotion, I knew what she had in mind. I could not believe my good fortune. I was on the verge of experiencing my first double-penetration fuck!

Wendy impaled herself on my cock and humped me for a few minutes. "Suck don't bite," she said, as she stuffed a big, brown nipple in my mouth. "I've never fucked anybody in the ass before," Paul confessed. "Well, just go slow at first. You're going to love it." His balls brushed mine as he probed for her anus. He worked the head in, waited for a few seconds until she told him to continue, then worked the shaft in. I confess that I enjoyed the strange feel of another man's cock rubbing against mine through the thin membrane separating the two tunnels.

Lacking in experience, Paul and I were very awkward in the beginning. Wendy quickly straightened us out. "Alternate your strokes, boys." We tried it and discovered that it worked beautifully. Within a few minutes, we had mastered the technique and were putting it to her like professionals. I continued sucking on her nipples until they popped out like the little plastic timers that come with Thanksgiving turkeys.

I thought my imagination was playing tricks on me when the RV seemed to be slowing down. Then I realized that it really was slowing down, not coasting but braking. "Oh, no, just when we are hitting our stride," I thought. Paul must have been thinking the same thing, because he stopped thrusting. "Damnit, boys, don't stop now. I'm almost there. Frank just wants to watch." I think she must have had some way to signal him when the time was right. Paul and I resumed fucking as the RV came to a complete stop. Within five seconds of stopping, Frank burst through the door. "Oh, thank you, baby, I was hoping you would do a DP for me!" he exclaimed. He was just in time to watch his beautiful wife shudder through a string of orgasms. Maybe it was his appearance that set her off. She didn't scream or shout, but a steady stream of barely intelligible four-letter words streamed from her mouth.

Frank took a seat next to the bed, whipped out his cock, and began stroking to our performance. A few seconds after Frank's arrival, Paul lost control and shot his load up her ass. I felt his cock pulsating against my own and was able to count the spurts. When Paul's cock slipped out of her ass, her pussy suddenly felt loose. "Out of the way, Paul. HURRY!" Frank demanded. Frank's cock was thicker than Paul's, and as it slipped into his wife's ass, her pussy became tighter than ever. Frank shot his load on the first stroke, but that was fine because his wife and I were also cumming.

A trip that should have taken three days actually took five because of the frequent "sex stops". About the only time I was not having sex was when I was on my four-hour driving shift. Frank, who didn't have our youthful stamina, petered out somewhere in Kansas, and from then on he could only watch, take endless fuck pictures, and try to jack off. Paul and I had our last decent boners at about the Arizona-New Mexico border, and no matter how long Wendy sucked our cocks, she couldn't get us up. To be honest, I was kind of relieved to get to LA, because what had started out as mind-blowing ecstasy had become mind-numbing drudgery. It's just as well that it was a one-way trip!

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written by mr bi jingle
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