One Night In The Rain

It started out as the worst night of my life. My girlfriend had just dumped me for her old boyfriend, and now my Camaro had a flat on the 100 dollar mag rear tire I had just bought. A particularly ingenious nail had entered through the tread (repairable), and come out through the sidewall (not repairable). The tire was landfill. Oh, by the way, it was raining like hell and all I was wearing was a pair of Levis and a leather vest. So, in a mood appropriate to the situation, I got out to brave the elements and change my tire.

The road I was on had no lights, and wound its way through some heavy woods. Dark would be an understatement. After some barked knuckles and some choice words for our planet in general, I was very relieved to see headlights coming my way. It was the first car I had seen since I got there (by now about 1/2 hour ago). I was even more relieved when the tinted window went down and a very hot redhead in a blue halter poked her head out.

"Looks like ya got some trouble there, buddy," she said, looking me over.

I was soaked to the bone by now, so my jeans looked like they were painted onto my legs. As I looked down at her pert little tits, I'm sure she could see the bulge starting to grow. I stammered out a confirmation that, yeah, it sucked to be me at the moment, and she suggested I hop in, and I could come to her place and call a tow truck or something.


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Going back to an apartment with this hot little thing and her probably huge boyfriend (who I assumed was driving) sounded like a lesson in self torture. I was just about to decline when an equally hot blond (who was behind the wheel) assured me it was no trouble. The blond never took her eyes off my crotch, and when she leaned over, I could see her huge tits hanging like ripe melons. I agreed to go.

When I hopped into the back seat, the redhead, who told me her name was Tammy, asked if I was cold. I told her I was and asked if they had a towel or something to dry off with. Tammy kind of chuckled and said that she liked me wet, but maybe she should come back here and keep me warm. I couldn't argue with that. She wiggled her way to the back seat and immediately planted her mouth on mine, driving her tongue around my mouth. Her hand found my crotch and started playing with my now rock-hard cock. I hooked my thumbs into her top and slid it down to her waist.

Working my mouth down to her tits, I watched as she unzipped my jeans. My cock jumped out as if it was spring loaded. We shifted to a 69 position then, and as I worked her hot little ass out of her tight pants, she took my whole cock into her mouth and started sucking so hard I thought she would swallow me whole.

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Her pussy was already wet when I got my tongue to her clit. She writhed and moaned as she slurped my rod, and I could just make out our driver working her own crotch as she looked in the rear view.

Just before I was about to explode, she took her mouth away from my cock and started licking my balls and teasing the head with her hand. I had two fingers in her sopping box by now, and was working with my tongue when she started bucked and groaning, grinding her cunt into my face. At this point she grabbed my cock with both hands, and started jerking me as she sucked on the head. In seconds I started coming, but it felt like forever before I stopped.

A few minutes later, the car pulled to a stop in front of a huge brick house with a circular driveway. Tammy and I dressed each other again and Denise, the blonde, looked back and smiled. "Think you have anything left for me?"

I assured her I did.

We went inside the house, and she led up upstairs to a huge bedroom with a canopied bed. Tammy took my hand and ran to the bed, quickly undressing as I struggled to pull out my quickly growing tool. Denise undressed and joined us after turning on the stereo to play "Ride of the Valkyries." Tammy had my cock in her mouth again, and Denise straddled my face, her pendulous tits hanging down as her long hair splashed down around her ass. This went on for a few, then Tammy turned around and started to massage Denise's tits while I ate her gorgeous blonde cunt.

Tammy squatted on my cock, and started fucking me hard and fast, moaning out delicious obscenities as she came and came. Soon Denise and Tammy switched places and it all started again. After a few hours, I thought I'd never walk again, but what a way to go! We slept (eventually) in each others' arms that night, and when I woke up, they were gone. I went downstairs to find my car in front, the tire fixed, and a note on the windshield that said, "Gone to buy more nails to throw in the road. Stay for lunch?"

I laughed, and decided I didn't have much to do this afternoon anyhow.

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written by mr bi jingle
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