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I will tell you about my first, and unfortunately, only bi experience. After my first marriage failed in the early 80's ( I think it was about 1982 ), I became interested in the swinging lifestyle and after reading through a swingers magazine I had purchased, found an attractive couple in middle Tennessee who stated they had an interest in a threesome with another male. I responded to their ad and after a nice chat on the phone with them, they invited me to come up on a Friday and spend an evening with them to see how we would like each other.

I arrived at their home on the designated evening and was very apprehensive at first, as I had no previous experience with swinging. They were a very nice, middle class, friendly, down to earth and easy going couple though and after we sat around for awhile having a few drinks and just getting to know a little about each other I became much more comfortable with the situation.

Ron was a tall fellow, about 6'3" with a slim build and as I found out later, a very nice circumcised cock of about 6" in length. His wife Nina was short (about 5'3" or 4") and was very sexily built with average size, but very perky, tits and a beautiful round ass with slightly wider than average hips. Ron had auburn color hair and sported a very neatly trimmed beard while Nina's hair was shoulder length, brunette and very soft and silky.

When we all became comfortable with each other, Ron suggested to Nina that she do a striptease for us, and she gladly complied, she was dancing to the stereo and performed a slow, teasing and very erotic strip which soon had both of us watching her with rock hard cocks. After about 10 minutes of this, Ron scooped her into his arms and said let's take her to the bedroom Tommy. Well needless to say, I didn't need any convincing to go along at this point and jumped at the chance. When we arrived in the bedroom Ron laid her on their king size bed and we both stripped out of our clothes in a flash, I was so aroused, I didn't even feel self conscious about getting naked in front of my new friends as I had been afraid I might.

We laid on the bed on either side of her and began to lick, nibble and gently suck on those beautiful tits of hers. Her nipples were rock hard and she began to moan softly as we went along. After a few minutes, Ron moved up to her face a began to kiss her passionately as I slowly kissed and licked my way down her abdomen to her lovely cunt.

She had a soft and silky covering of brown hair on her pussy and she was soaking wet with pussy juices as I buried my face in that heavenly bush. I buried my tongue in her for awhile and then I spread her lips so I could expose her clit and really give it a hot tongue bath. Nina was moaning even louder now and as I brought her close to climax, Ron was talking to her saying " does it feel good baby?", " he's eating your pussy soo good, isn't he baby" , this really fired her up even more and soon she was climaxing and covering my entire face with her wonderful juices. Ron asked me if I wanted to fuck her and of course my reply was " oh yes".

Ron helped her onto her hands and knees and I entered her from behind with my now throbbing 6" cock. As I slowly stroked in and out of her pussy Ron crawled underneath her in a 69 position and began to lick her clit. Along about now I was thinking that nothing could feel better than this when suddenly I began to feel an extra sensation on the underside of my cock, I was shocked at first, as I had never experienced anything but straight heterosexual sex, but it was feeling so delicious and I was so aroused, I quickly decided to " go with the flow" so to speak. Ron was obviously beginning to lick the underside of my cock as I stroked in and out of her hot pussy, and before long I began to feel him licking my balls also.

At the same time, I was able to look over her shoulder and watch her suck the fiery head of Ron's cock in and out of her beautiful lips. Needless to say, even though I had pretty good staying power at that time, I soon shot a huge load of steaming hot cum into Nina's hot pussy, and as I fell to the side in temporary exhaustion, I watched as Ron buried his face in her hot pussy, slurping her hot juices and my load of cum as Nina climaxed over and over again. After a few minutes Ron took my place and shoved his hot cock in her and began to pump. Without hesitation, I took his previous position and began to return his favor without a second thought. It was an incredible sight to see that handsome cock of his stroking in and out of her beautiful pussy and I found myself getting highly aroused again as I licked her clit, his cock and balls and slurping up my cum, her hot juices and after his climax, his hot salty cum also.


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Since the ice was now broken, we spent the rest of the night fucking Nina and sucking each other's cocks with Nina's help and just having the time of our lives. After returning home, I fell in love with my soon to be third wife and unfortunately lost contact with Nina and Ron, so I haven't had an opportunity to repeat this lovely experience although I would jump at the chance to.

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written by tango
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