Short Story - Wonderful Night

My husband and I have talked about letting other women join our relationship. Well we weren't really sure if we where going to and then we found someone that I was attracted to. She was more experienced then I was at the time. But we had found the person that we wanted to do my little experiment on, she was beautiful, about 5'5", about 130#, long red hair and the nicest breast and pussy, well everything about her was awesome.

When she started to kiss me I kind of felt weird cause I have never been intimate with a female. But then I started to like it I could feel my pussy become wet and I got this tingling sensation all over my body, kind of like I do when my husband touches me. Well all for of us started to mess around (she is married but we never switch or anything) it seemed like all the attention was on me I had her between my legs my husband on one nipple and her husband on the other, I felt like I was on cloud 9. Well we decided to move things to the bedroom and my husband was fucking me good and she was down eating my pussy and her husband was fucking her good we both cam at the same time.

Then it was my turn to eat her, keep in mind that I have never done this before so I was a little scared, but I did it anyway her pussy tasted so good, I have tasted my own pussy when my husband kisses me after eating me or I suck him after is done fucking me but her pussy tasted different them mine it was sweet, a little salty but sweet. I tried to think of how my husband eats my pussy and did the same thing to her she love it she was grabbing my head and pussy my face deeper into her pussy and moaning and screaming. It was great. I made her cum like 3 times and then our husbands fucked us and we all cam and then went to bed.

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written by youmamma
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