Late Watch in the Navy

It has been some time since I was in, but close to the time I got out, the navy started running test cases for having women aboard combat ships. My ship was one of those chosen to implement the new policy. So my shipmates and I soon found ourselves working beside female sailors. Things went well, the women pulled their own weight.

Then we got a division officer who was female. She was a real hard ass. Her name was Lieutenant Cary. She was this thin, but built sexy black woman. Lt. as we called her ran the division with an iron fist. She was always conducting surprise inspections. She had power and got off on it.

I was a junior petty officer barely nineteen. I had sandy blonde hair and was around 6' but a little on the skinny side. I packed a fat 7" cock that was hard 24/7.

Our ship went on a med cruise not long after Lt. Cary came to the ship. We crossed the Atlantic and had spent a few weeks in Tunis, Tunisia. Tunisia being a strict country by our standards every sailor on board was three months into sex sabbatical with no end in site. That is not to say there wasn't any meatbeating going on. When I was on watch was my favorite time to jack my cock.

Where I stood watch was a room where nobody went unless they were on watch or needed rarely used supplies. The frequently used supplies were kept elsewhere. So I could relax and beat my meat at a leisurely pace. I had a locker at my watch station with fuck magazines in it. Sometimes though you could find mags that other watchstanders had hidden around the room if you looked hard enough. Those were bonuses because then I would visualize some stud sailor jacking his salami to the same magazine I was. The only problem with jacking off on watch was the door couldn't be locked, but if you waited until the late watches it was fairly safe. If someone came in you had to scramble to cover your act.

About the second week in Tunisia my division got a couple of fresh boot-camps on board. Nothing special except this one stud named Alec Smith. I don't normally check out the men but this guy was hot. He was about my build but with surfer blonde hair and the tan to match. He had this innocent look in his eyes and these sweet fuck-me lips that drew me to him.

Alec was assigned to my shop and I took him under my wings to teach the in and outs. He was funny, smart and soon I found myself masturbating with an image of Alec sucking my cock. But those were only fantasies until shortly after the ship pulled out of Tunisia.

I had the balls to four watch and figured on dropping a big load after working side by side all day with Alec. The Lt. had busted my hump earlier about cutting him too much slack but that had made me even hotter.

I relieved the previous watch and settled in to jack my cock. It was my lucky night I found a gay fuck magazine somebody had hidden. I pulled out my fat cock and began stroking it at a leisurely pace. When all of the sudden I heard someone at the door I scrambled to hide the magazine and was trying to stuff my hard dick in my uniform when Alec popped through the hatch. Alec smiled and said; "it looks like I'm on watch training with you tonight, Lt. Cary's orders. Are you ok dude."

My hard cock was in a very uncomfortable position but I said I was fine. I thought "shit, I need to cum but it gong to happen tonight." I started describing the various gauges and meters that a watchstander should be concerned with and Alec wrote down everything and then he started looking around the room. I pretended to read the manual.


Alec found the mag I had been beating off to. He brought it to me and said, " check this out two dudes jacking their cocks can you believe it. Who do you think left this here." I pretended disinterest. Then he said " wholly shit look at that one guy sucking the other guys fat cock, damn now that fucker is shoving that monster dick up the others ass." I glanced over and noticed he was adjusting his dick. I knew then that I had him.

I said "Alec are you a fag." He said " no, I just haven't seen anything like this before." I said " liar you're playing with your hard cock, you cocksucker." He asked me not to call him a cocksucker. I told him to admit it was making him hot and that he had fantasies about sucking cock. He was defeated and hung his head. I decided to push my advantage and said, "Alec let me see you jackoff."

His face lit up and he smiled. He pulled out 8" of hard cock and stroked it. I was horny so I took out my cock and his eyes were drawn to it. A few moments passed with Alec and I watching each other beating off.

Alec reached over and took my cock in his hand and stroked. I said "That feels good Alec but I want you to taste my fat cock. I want you to wrap those beautiful lips around my hot dick." Alec lowered his head and licked the head of my throbbing cock. Then he opened his mouth and slowly inched my cock into it.

I couldn't believe it I was getting my cock sucked by a hot navy stud while at sea. Alec devoured my dick. I grabbed his head and shoved my cock to the hilt. He grunted but took it all. I pulled my cock out of Alec mouth and said, "where did you learn to suck cock like that?" he grinned and turned red with embarrassment. It was then I knew I had to fuck his sexy ass.

Alec continued to suck on my manmeat as I thought about what I was about to propose. We didn't hear the door open but when I heard a female voice say, "it looks like I have caught myself a couple of fags", I knew it was Lt. Carey and I was screwed.

Alec released my cock and we both snatched to attention. We must have been a funny site, standing at attention with both of our hard cocks hanging out, because Lt. Carey laughed a mean, you're mine kind of laugh. She then said, "I came down here to give you a surprise inspection and look what I have found you forcing your subordinate to suck your fat cock. I want the two of you to strip and prepare for a proper inspection. I will keep this entire evening out of you service record as long as you follow my orders to the letter."

What could we do? Alec and I began to remove our uniforms. Once we were nude and standing at attention, Lt. Carey began her inspection with Alec. She looked him over and took his hard cock into her hand and stroked it. Alec remained at attention in every sense of the word. I couldn't help stealing a glance at them. She was jacking his cock slowly but deliberately.

My cock was so hard I could have hammered nails with it. Lt. Carey caught me looking and got in my face and yelled " What the fuck do you think you are doing sailor, you're at attention eyes forward you fucking cocksucker." I stared at the bulkhead in front of me and Lt. Carey went back to Alec's cock. I almost strained my eyes trying to watch them without turning my head. I managed to see the Lt. take Alec's hot dick into to her mouth She licked and sucked his cock for few minutes. Next it was my turn Lt. Carey began sucking my rigid fuckstick like it was going to melt in her mouth. Then she looked at Alec and said "Sailor don't she stand get over here and suck this mans cock while I get out of these clothes." Alec's mouth replaced her's and Lt.Carey undressed.

I drooled over her hot chocolate body. She had slim tight body with nice rather large tits. Once Lt. Carey was undressed she demanded that we service her. Alec immediately went for her hot pussy and I began sucking those brown tits. I took turn nibbling her one nipple while rolling the other between my two fingers. Alec had licked the whole length of her gash a few times and was working his way to Lt. Carey's clit. Alec then started to chew her hard clit. Our attention had the desired effect on Lt. Carey, soon she was moaning and cussing up a storm. Lt. Carey's verbal abuse caused Alec and I to redouble our efforts and soon she came in spasms.

The Lt. then ordered me to suck Alec's cock. I immediately began sucking Alec's tubesteak. This was what I had wanted all along and I was enjoying it. Lt. Carey rubbed her wet pussy while she watched us. She said "Fuck that is amazing I've never seen two guys having sex, that's it suck that fucking dick, Oh hell, oh fucking hell this is so hot." I could tell Alec was getting close so I deep throated him and that made his cock explode into my mouth. Lt. Carey chose that moment to cum for a second time.

Then she said "I want you to fuck Alec in the ass." Alec started to protest but she told him he was to do what she ordered. I had really wanted to fuck his tight ass so there weren't any complaints from me. She told me to lick his asshole to prepare him. I inserted my tongue to pry open Alec's virgin hole and he moaned.

Lt. Carey then told me to finger fuck him. I stuck my index finger to the hilt and began fucking Alec with my finger. After a few seconds I inserted my fingers one at a time until I felt he was ready for my cock.

I stood and Lt. Carey took my cock and sucked it a couple of times to wet it good and she shoved the head into Alec's tight hot asshole. He was in pain but she calmed him by saying "Alec it's ok, relax your ass muscles and the pain will ease, relax and take that hot cock up you're sexy young ass." I inched more of my cock into his ass and Lt. Carey comforted him the whole time.

Once I was all the way in and had wait for Alec to adjust, She said "I want you to start fucking his ass and you had better not stop until I say so." I couldn't help responding "Yes Maim" and I began slowly pumping Alec's tight asshole. Lt. Carey was really getting off on our fucking. She offered Alec her tits to suck while she rubbed her twat furiously.

I started long stroking Alec and he went fucking crazy moaning and begging first to stop then to fuck him harder. I chose the second request and fucked his ass as hard as I could. Lt. Carey saw this and said, "fuck him, fuck that ass hard, I can't believe this you guys are fucking hot, oh fuck I'm cumming." When she came it was too much for me and I dumped a load into Alec's greased ass.

I pulled out and Alec sucked gently on my cock.Soon my cock began to harden in Alec's hot young mouth. Lt. Carey then said she wanted both Alec and I to fuck her. I entered her hot pussy and Alec managed to work his hard cock up her chocolate shitshoot.

Soon Lt. Carey was getting both her pussy and ass fucked at the same time. She loved getting doubled by to hot young sailors. We fucked both her hot tight holes with abandon and Lt. Carey demanded more. Alec and I began to pound her until I knew I was close. She insisted on tasting our cum so I pulled out of her pussy and shot my load on her lips and Alec came right after me with his hot cum completing the facial for Lt. Carey. I couldn't help kissing her and licking off some of our cum mixture.

Being out at sea wasn't near as bad from then on. I had Alec as a trainee for the rest of the cruise and Lt. Carey was constantly requesting my assistance for something or another.

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written by mstuarte
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