Boot Camp Bi Experience

I had graduated from my 'A' school and had been put on TAD (Temporary Assigned Duty) at the bootcamp mess hall. My job was to supervise eight recruits assigned to me for their week of service. Every one of them near the final stages of basic training were given various jobs throughout the base. I got the cream of the crop as Porch Captain (The official person who greets the companies upon arrival at every meal). The Porch Captain gets the RCPO's (Recruit Chief Petty Officer) of every company.

Anyway I had found that if I was nice to the recruits they really returned my kindness two-fold. I never abused my authority directly but I didd fuck a few of the female recruits after they had graduated.

I was young, about 6 ft and I swam everyday to keep in shape. I had blond hair and blue eyes. I had fat 7" cock that those horny navy sluts couldn't get enough of. I used to love going to base club. All the girls wanted me. Every week there was new group replacing the old group being shipped out. I got laid almost every weekend.

Then there was that hot summer week that I had particularly good group. There was this hot little blonde girl named Donna. She was around 5'6". She had big tits and this devilish grin that made you want to fuck the smile off her face. There were these two black guys named Brian and Tony. They were both real dark skinned. Brian was around 6' and fairly muscular. Tony was slightly shorter and thinner.


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I only had eyes for Donna until one day between lunch and dinner. I had sent everyone out running errands except Donna, Brian and Tony. I had a meeting to attend to about some new policy. The CPO couldn't make the meeting, so it was cut short and I returned to my office.

The outer door was locked but I had the key so I opened the door. The inner door, which can't be locked, was also closed and there was some moaning coming from my office. I opened the door and found to my shock Tony on his knees sucking on Brian's monster cock. It must have been 10" of coal black manmeat but Tony was able to handle it.

I thought about my options and realized my cock was hard from watching them. I went back and locked the outer door and stepped back into the room with the two black men. Brian and Tony jumped to attention. I have to admit they looked hot standing there half-dressed with both their hard black cocks hanging out.

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I told them not to worry that I wasn't gay and I wouldn't turn them in if they put on a show for me. They were nervous but realized they did not have any other choice.

Tony sank to his knees and took Brian's cock into his mouth. Soon Brian was hard again. He began face-fucking Tony slowly. The sight made me hot. I pulled out my hard dick and stroked it. Soon Brian came in Tony's waiting mouth. Tony gobbled down all his cum and they switched places.

Brian began licking Tony's big balls and jacking his 9" fat black cock. Tony noticed me beating my meat and said " if you want we can help you with that hot white cock of yours." I said, " not unless you have some pussy hidden around here." Tony then told me they both liked being fucked in the ass and it was tighter than any cunt I had ever had. I said "no thanks." With that Brian deepthroated his buddy and Tony came in his mouth. It was more than I could take I dumped my load onto the floor. When I calmed down, I put my spent dick away and told them to clean the office. I went for a walk and ran into Donna. She asked me if I had seen Brian and Tony. I told her no but to give them a chance to clean up, I asked what her plans were for graduation weekend. Donna smiled and asked me if I was hitting on her. I blushed and said, " you know that would be against regulations" She then said "well after eight weeks of my hand, my pussy needs a hard cock."

My already worked cock snapped back to life at the thought of fucking this beautiful blonde's pussy. Tony and Brian emerged from my office and I ordered the three of them to start getting things ready for dinner.

The weekend of Donna's graduation I made sure I went to the club. When I got there she was drunk already and dancing with two guys at once. I decided to wait my turn but when she saw me she left the dance floor and came to me. Before I could say anything she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me deeply. Donna said, " I was hoping you would be here." We sat at a table and I ordered some drinks.

Her hand found my cock almost immediately. There is something to be said for a girl that knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go get it. I was hard instantly. Donna kissed me again and said that her and some friends had a hotel room near the base to party in. She asked if I would take her there and fuck her as she stroked my cock. We quickly finished our drinks and were on our way.

When we arrived at the room, I asked if her friend would in soon. Donna said "who cares I want your hard cock now." She went to her knees and unzipped my pants. Donna took out my hard cock and began licking it while she moaned. She said, " I want this hot fucking cock in my little pussy. I need you to fuck me with your dick." I undressed her and we got into a 69 position I began eat out her sloppy pussy. It was dripping. I had never seen a pussy with so much juice. I cleaned her pussy and then turn her over to fuck her doggy style. When my cock entered her wet cunt she moaned and began to fuck back.

I grabbed her hips and backed out only to plunge back up to my balls into her. She said "fuck my hot pussy sir, I've been a bad little girl and I need you to fuck me hard." I fucked her faster and harder. Just as I was about to cum the room door opened and in walked Tony and Brian. I didn't know what to do so I froze. Tony said, " look who is fucking our pussy." Neither of them seemed as subordinate as they did when they worked for me. Donna then said " you assholes leave him alone he was very nice to us and he kept you guys secret."

Then she started fucking me again and I fucked her back. Then Tony came over and pulled out his big 9" monster and fed it to Donna. She sucked his ebony fuckpole like she was trying to lick the black off it.

I continued to fuck her but was memorized by the contrast of the fat ebony cock sliding in and out of her white lips. Brian pulled out his 10" cock and began jacking it. He moved closer to the three of us fucking on the bed. I continued to fuck Donna while she slurped Tony's dick. Brian moved even closer to us and soon he was stroking his fat cock only inches from my face. I fucked Donna in time with Brian's jacking.

He looked at me and said " why don't you taste it, come on you know you want to. I can see it in your eyes. You want suck this big black manmeat, give it a try. You owe us that for getting to fuck our pussy." I couldn't take my eyes off his big cock. I had been dreaming about Brian and Tony since I had watched them have sex in my office. But more I had been dreaming about them and me having sex. I found myself unable to resist.

My mouth opened and he stuck the head of his cock to my lips. I licked the black mushroom head of his cock and tasted the precum of another for the first time Brian inched forward placing more of his cock in my mouth. I couldn't believe it I was sucking cock. I was a cocksucker and I loved the hardness in my mouth.

Then I heard Donna ask Tony what was wrong. He told her I was sucking Brian's cock. She then said " I told you it would work, I knew that if he didn't turn you guys in he was a closet cocksucker and look at him go, he loves that chocolate cock." I did love it but I fucked her a little harder for saying what she said.

Tony then came around to the other side of me and offered his black monster to me. I pulled off Brian's cock and held a big black cock in each hand. I jacked both of them as I shoved my cock into Donna's pussy. She then said she wanted to flip over so she could watch me suck those beautiful cocks.

I Took Tony's cock into my mouth and began sucking it. Then I switched to Brian's fat dick. Then back to Tony again. Donna was moaning and egging me on, she said " Suck those black snakes, that ebony fucksticks, you look so sexy sucking on their cocks. I'm going to fucking cum, oh shit."

Donna started shaking as she came and that sent me over the edge. I dumped a hefty load into her pussy. Within minutes both guys fired volley after volley of cum in my mouth and on my face until I thought I was going to drown in hot cum. The four of us fell into a kind of embrace and I think each of them tasted the cum on my lips.

We rested for awhile until I felt Brian's cock began to harden in the crack of my ass. I wiggled my ass on his cock and it settled in between my cheeks. Donna and Tony began to notice our movement and Tony said to Donna " I think he wants to get fuck in the ass."

Donna rolled over and kissed me. She looked me in the eyes and said "Is that what you want, a Brian's fat black cock up your tight white ass." Brian rubbed his hard cock up and down my ass crack as Donna kissed me.

Tony placed his cock between our lips and Donna sucked it into her mouth as I sucked on one of his big nuts. Then Donna took Tony's cock and fed it to me. I suck his cock with a sense of desire and anticipation because Brian had just inserted his finger into my virgin ass. I knew, I would soon be getting fucked by two black sailors from both ends.

Brian was ready and he crammed his fat monster cock in my tight ass. I almost choked on Tony's dick in my mouth, as the pain in my ass was incredible. They held me steady and soon Brian began fucking me with pace. Tony started face-fucking me in time with his friend. I got lost in all the new sensations and went crazy fucking and sucking all that black cock.

Tony came first coming in my mouth and on my face. Brian didn't last long and he came deep in my ass. It was only then that I noticed Donna rubbing her cunt like a mad woman. I was able to separate myself from the guys and as I approached Donna rolled over offering me her ass. I inserted my tongue and then quickly rammed my hard cock into her hot fucking asshole. She moaned and fingered her clit even harder as I fucking her ass. She came very quickly from the pounding and I blew my wad soon after on her back.

We had a great weekend fucking as often we had the energy. Then two of them left from their assigned duty stations and Brian went to 'A' school across the base. The whole time he was in school he basically lived with me and I lost track of how many times he would bring home some little slut or stud and we would fuck them. I coaxed many a load from his long black dick before he graduated and went out to the fleet.

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written by mstuarte
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