Two Soldiers and Eva

She's got the hottest tits. Tits are tits but man she's got the ones I like. Not too big, not too small, nice n' round with the nipple kinda pointy. I gotta suck that nipple. N' I'll lick that part under her tits where they kinda hang, that'll be sweet as for sure.

This whole fuckin' night has been wild. Outta the whole unit Sergeant Lincoln picks me. He never goes into town with Privates. Never. First off we're drivin' in his sick fuckin' car, then me n' him are gettin' pissed in some pub. Girls are checkin' us out. I'm checkin' them out. More beer. And now we're sittin' in a motel room with this fuckin' beautiful chick called Eva!!

She's wearin' nothin' but these hot little black panties which are barely covering that hot arse a' hers. I can see the top her arse crack just pokin' out. An' she's got the sweetest smell n' she's flickin' her blonde hair across her sweet as back.

Man, I'm lovin' the way her lipsticks comin' off as she sucks the Serg's cock. Slidin' her mouth down on his cock she's gettin' spit outta the corner of her mouth. Then she does this thing with her tongue, kinda flicks it across the top a' his cock. I'm sittin' right next to the Serge n' I'm gonna be gettin' my cock sucked like it should be for the first time. N' I'll be seeing a cunt, n' suckin' those tits!! I should take off my socks but I don't wanna miss this. That mouth a her's is perfect! Sittin' here in just my socks n' undies n' Sergeant Lincoln next to me in just his socks with a girls head bobbin' up and down between his legs. I keep pushin' my boner through my undies but I'm not gettin' it out, I'm not jerkin' off like every other fuckin' night.


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Eva pulls her mouth off the Serge's cock n' kisses right on the tip. His cock looks like mine so whatever he felt I'll feel, it's standin' right up, I can see her spit on the shaft. Sergeant Lincoln with a boner...what a fickin' night. Eva wipes some spit from the corner her mouth with this lady like finger and looks at me with these wide eyes.

"Look at you" she says and pushes her hand right onto my undies where my cock is.

"You're one hot soldier boy aren't you hon'. Let's see what you got for me"

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She kinda lifts my undies off my cock and it springs right out n' up. I got a good cock I reckon. She wraps a' couple a fingers round the shaft n' then she's on it. First the tongue does that little flicker thing on my piss slit. It's oozing plenty already. When she drops those sweet as lips down my shaft I'm in fuckin' heaven. My head drops back kinda n' I can't help lettin out this groan. She's got the hottest, wettest mouth and she goes down on me in one drop. I can feel my cock head hit the back a' her throat and then she's up again, holdin' my cock head tight between her lips.

The Serge then reaches over and pushes her head back down onto my cock an' it sinks right up again. I can feel her nose in my pubes. N' that sweet smell a' hers rises up from her body. I run her shoulders then try for the tits. My hands kinda brush em' but I can't grip em'. When her mouth lifts up my shaft I get a good feel. Firm, clammy with hard little nipples. I can feel them sweatin' n' I know I'll be lickin' off that sweat. Then she drops down between my legs n' they slide outta my grip.

Her mouth sucks up my shaft again n' I go for the tits. She holds my cock head in her mouth and lets me squeeze those mounds a' woman. Woman's tits. I'm feelin' up a woman's tits! Then she pushes my cock head outta her mouth, it's real wet lookin and she's had to wipe her mouth from all that spit.

"You like tits baby?. You wanna have a play?"

"Yeah, please" my voice is real throaty soundin', n' it damn squeaked almost. Eva and the Serge kinda grin at each other for a second. Then Eva stands up and kinda drops down on the bed between me n' the Serge.

"Go suck her tits" the Serge says.

Eva lies on her back and spreads her legs n' I can see her pubes over the top a' her panties. The Serge's cock is swingin' in the air real stiff as her pulls them down for her. She's got this little black triangle of hair but I can see pink skin in there too. Those tits a' hers look so damn hot, those hard little nipples. I drop down on my knees between her legs, leaning over her body with my arse in the air I hang my mouth over those tits n' breath em' in. That sweet smell! I lick one then the other. The nipples kinda hard on my tongue so I clamp it between my lips an' suck, going to the other nipple I flick it abit like she did to me. But I gotta suck em' opening my mouth real wide I push my face down onto her left tit!! This is fuckin' wild!! The taste of tits. My erection's swingin' like a bastard between my legs I tell ya'!!

"Oh honey you're good" N' I reckon she means it, she kinda groans it when she says it. "You shoulda taken' those underpants a' yours off, show me that body of yours".

Not lifting my mouth off those tits I reach back but can't get at em'. Those nipples are throbbin' in my mouth. I'm not lettin' this go. Clamped on a woman's tits.

"Why don't you help your Private out" Eva says to the Serge.

I'm suckin' the other tit when I feel the Serge's fingers grabbing my undies waistband. He pulls em' down for me n' I lift my legs so he can get em' right off. My bare arse is stickin' up in the air n' my fuckin' Sergeant can see it!! Eva lets out this real deep groan. She's lovin' my mouth. I'm suckin' tit n' the Serge knows I'm makin' her groan! He's gotta be impressed!!

I'm lappin at that skin under her tits n' it's sweatin'. My tongue rides up those mounds of flesh n' then I suck those hot little nipples in my mouth. I could do this for fuckin' hours. I'm rollin' a nipple on my tongue when I feel a hand on my arse. He's kinda pushin' it, I guess to encourage me.

Eva's hand go onto the back of my head and she pushes me hard down onto her tit an' lets out this real satisfied sigh. The Serge's still not his hand on my arse n' he's sorta movin' it around. It's good he's helpin' I guess but I feel guilty that he's doing that while I'm gettin' all the tit action. I wipe my lips along Eva's nipple them slide my tongue from one to the other before goin' if for another suck.

The Serge is still pushin' me into her kinda and for a second I hope my arse is clean. I can feel air on my ring coz' I'm crouchin' and n' hope he doesn't mind if it smells. But I had a shower so it'll be OK. It's kinda helpin' me to. I really admire the Serge, he's almost 30 n' he's real respected around the base, n' everyone knows he's had alot a' pussy and here me n' him are kinda equals n' I'm 19!! Is three people an orgy? I wonder for a second.

Eva's head throws right back when I tease a nipple with my teeth real lightly. The Serge's fingers kinda slide along my crack n' I feel them touch my arse hole. The actual hole!! I swing my arse sortta sideways to show him it's OK, he doesn't need to go that far. It's a hot session n' stuff gets wild but he doesn't need to do that, pushing it's enough. His hand came off my arse. I hope he's not gonna make a move on these tits!! They gotta give me more time on these hard as nipples!!

I'm kinda relieved when I feel the Serge's hands on my arse. Both of them pushin' my arse cheeks so the tits stay mine for awhile. I like it a bit anyhow. It's kinda like a massage. It's abit queer but man this is an orgy!! Shit happens.

"Oh yes" Eva moans.

"Ahhh...hmphhhh" Jesus the Serge's got a wet finger on my crack!?! Eva clamps my head onto her tit and Jesus it's his tongue!?! He's lickin' my arse!?! Oh man it feels good but it's the Serge. A fuckin' guy!! I move my arse like I should but he's holdin' me tight.

"Oh Jesus!!" I grunt into Eva's tits. He's got his tongue right on my hole. It's fuckin' incredible!! He's a fuckin' gay but man it's good. I move my arse tryin' to make him stop but when he doesn't it's OK.

Eva lifts my head and pulls me to her mouth and she's kissin me like a bitch. Her tongues flyin' around and SHIT I got a finger in my arse!! The Serge's stuck a finger right up me. I buck my hips but he's slidin' it right in there real easy. Like takin' a shit I guess but this is way better. He's a fuckin queer for sure but man if the guy wants to make me feel good I'm fuckin'....this is weird but's kinda....I'm gonna roll with this...fuck the way he wriggles that finger in my guts. Oh jesus he's got another one up me. I gasp real hot and heavy into Eva's mouth as the Serge gets two fuckin' fingers up my arse!!! He's gonna fuck me. Man, the Serge wants ta' fuck me!!! Oh shit....but it's feels OK...he says a word he's fucked...licking guys arse holes isn' if he fucks me?. Fuck it. I push my arse out so he can really get em' up there. Go for it mate!

"Fuck me" Eva gasps in my ear.

The Serge's fingers slide out my arse as I ram a finger up Eva's cunt. It's tight n' hot but I can feel those juices! She doesn't give a fuck about what's happnin' to my arse she just wants my cock n' she's gonna get it!! Slidin' her to the edge of the bed I push her legs apart, her pubes part n' I can see those lips. Those pink lips quivering n' asking for it. Grabbing my cock I ram it up her guts. The cunt splits open n' I slide in like real fast, the hot walls kinda suck onto my shaft. And shit!! The Serge's got his fingers up my arse again!! Wet n' hard there slidin' into my guts just as I'm rippin' into Eva.

"Fuck me" Eva yells as I pound her into the bed!

Fuck me Serge - the thought runs through my head. I fuck her you fuck me...I'm the wildest fuckin' balls slap between her legs n' I feel our pubes knot. She's buckin' n' pushin' into me and I feel the cock....the serge's cock is pushing at my hole. I push out my arse like I'm takin' a dump and jesus!!!! my hole opens n' burns like a motherfucker as he slides his shaft up me. I get rhythm goin' on Eva's cunt, the wet juices soak my pubes, her are like shinin' in the light...I can smell her cunt n' feel the heat from her body. Grabbing those tits I start pumpin' as the Serge starts pumping into me. I can feel that cock inside my arse pushin' muscle. I can feel my cock pushin' Eva's cunt walls. I'm sweatin' like a bastard. I can smell my own damn arse for chrissakes!! He Serge's holdin my hips and fuckin' me n' I'm holdin' Eva's and fuckin' her. I'm gonna blow!!!

My cocks never felt so hard and I can feel the Serge's it's like a piece a' fuckin' wooden inside me!! Eva's tossin her hair all over the place n' her face is wet as, n' she groans n' groans...

".....oh baby!!!!!....oooohhhh" I feel juice in her cunt and "huh...huh...huh" Oh shit the Serge's pumpin' sprog up my hole and I fuckin' BLOW!!! "Oh sweet jesus!!" I send a load n' a half up Eva's cunt n' we're like drippin'!!! The Serge's breath is heavin' onto the back a' my neck and I'm like fallin' down exhausted onto those beautiful wet tits, my arse burning my cock raw.

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written by jhimuswrite
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