Strippers at the Bachelor Party

The wedding rehearsal seemed to drag on and on. The minister was growing increasingly impatient with Mark, the groom-to-be, for his inability to do anything right. Mark was growing increasingly impatient with everyone. He hadn't realized that there was so much involved in getting married. He would have preferred a simple civil marriage at the Courthouse, but his fiancee Jenny's mother insisted on an ostentatious wedding. "Well, at least I don't have to pay for it," Mark thought.

Mark was distracted by thoughts of his bachelor party to be held that evening. His life-long friend Dave had made all of the arrangements. "You'll have the time of your life," he told Mark with a wry wink. Mark was having second thoughts about the party and wondered why he had ever given his friend permission to arrange it. "I just want all of this crap over with and then I want to fuck Jenny's brains out," he thought. Jenny was a "nice girl" who had resisted all of her boyfriend's attempts at seduction.

Between thinking about finally getting some pussy from Jenny and attending the bachelor party, Mark was so distracted that the minister finally gave up and sent everyone on their way. He was an old hand at smoothing over wedding blunders and had that to fall back on.

Mark's hands were shaking as he prepared for the party. Jenny's parents strongly disapproved of bachelor and bachelorette parties for their daughter and soon-to-be son-in-law. If they heard of any hanky-panky there would be Hell to pay. All of this weighed heavily on Mark's mind as he drove to his friend's house. "My buddies can have all the fun," he thought. "I'll stay out of it."


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Dave had hired his stripper girlfriend Tina and another stripper named Tyler to provide the entertainment. They were already at Dave's house, helping with preparations for the party. Mark arrived and was ushered downstairs to the basement, which Dave had remodeled as a game/party room. "Well, what do you think, buddy?" Dave asked.

"Wow, this is really cool, man," Mark said as he saw the great pains his friends had gone to just for him. They had even built a small stage in the center of the spacious room. In short order, a dozen of Mark's buddies arrived and, after greeting their friend and teasing him about being pussy-whipped already, helped themselves to the plentiful booze and took their seats around the stage.

Mark went to the bar and poured a stiff shot of bourbon to help soothe his frazzled nerves. "Help me get through this, Jim Beam," he said, as he tossed a second shot of whiskey in his mouth. "Come on, buddy, show's about to start," Dave said as he led Mark to the place of honor closest to the stage.

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A raunchy porno flick was soon playing on Dave's pride and joy, a big screen TV. Everyone cheered and whistled as two men jerked off in the face of a smiling blond. "Oh, no, I'm getting a hard-on," Mark thought. "Well, what the hell, I'm only human." With his cock bulging in his pants, he made his way to the bar for more liquor. He looked at the screen and thought, "I'll soon be doing all of that nasty stuff to Jenny." That fantasy nearly snapped his cock in half.

By the time the one-hour porno flick ended, every man in the room had a bulge in his pants. After a short intermission to freshen drinks, the lights were again dimmed and spotlights illuminated the small stage. Tina and her girlfriend Tyler, dressed in their stripper outfits, entered the room to the cheers of everyone except Mark. He knew Tina but had never met Tyler. He felt his cock stiffen as he ogled both beauties. "These two were born to strip," he thought. Tina went on stage first and stripped to the pounding beat of a Britney Spears tune. Her big, round, naked tits bounced to the beat of the music. The audience whistled and cheered as she masturbated her blond pussy.

Tina moved to the sidelines and stood masturbating as Tyler took her turn. If anything, Tyler was even more drop-dead gorgeous than Tina. Her big, naked tits were soon jiggling as she mooned the glassy-eyed voyeurs with her beautiful, round ass. Then the show got really good. With both beauties naked, Tina joined Tyler on the stage and rubbed her luscious body against Tyler's. "Yahoo, a lezzie show!" someone cheered.

Up to that point, everyone had managed to keep their dicks in their pants. But how could any man not masturbate considering what was happening on stage? A zipper came down and a hand closed around a cock. Then another cock was released and another, until everyone but Mark was beating meat. Even Dave had his big cock out and was stroking it as he watched his girlfriend go the lesbian route.

The show heated up. Tina and Tyler rubbed their tits, bellies and asses together, and it was clear they loved it and had probably done it before. Tina sucked Tyler's nipples and then knelt and licked her pussy. Tyler held Tina's blond head and ground her pussy against her face. Then it was Tyler's turn to service Tina. "Sixty-nine, sixty-nine!" someone shouted. A chant began. "SIXTY-NINE! SIXTY-NINE!" The girls soon obliged.

Tina and Tyler sucked each other's pussies until they came. "Those bitches are really cumming!" somebody said. "They aren't faking it. It's the real fucking thing!" There was a soft moan as someone shot a load. Then there was another moan, and another. "Hey, guys, stop jerking off," Dave scolded. "Save it for the girls. We're all going to get blowjobs." There was a loud groan from one of the guys who had popped. "Oh, now you tell us," he chided, as he dried his hand with a cocktail napkin.

"I'd better get out of here," Mark thought. "I feel like I'm getting sucked in." But he was stuck to his seat like iron to a magnet. He was no longer thinking for himself. His cock and Jim Beam had joined forces and were thinking for him. Tina and Tyler ended their embrace and looked at him with sly smiles on their smeared lips. "LET'S DO THE GROOM!" Tina shouted.

The strippers took Mark by the arms and led him up onto the little stage. "I won't do anything," he thought. "If they do it all, it won't be as wicked." The girls loosened his belt and pulled down his pants. As Tina yanked down his shorts, his nine-inch cock sprang up and thumped her chin. "Damn, Jenny is really in for a treat," Tina said, as she ogled the throbbing cock. Cheers and whistles rang out as her bright red lips closed around the shaft. Tyler dropped down behind and buried her face in Mark's ass. Her long, tapered tongue was soon sliding in and out of his ass-hole. Mark stood passively, letting them do everything. Most men would have been groping every part of those beauties that they could reach but he stood as still as a manikin.

"I've never felt anything this fucking good in my life," he thought. Finally, he couldn't take it anymore. He clamped one hand to the back of Tina's head and fucked her mouth. His other hand went around behind and ground Tyler's face into his ass-crack. His friends cheered at the sight of him surrendering to his animal lust. Mark, who finally had a genuine smile on his face, looked around at his friends. They were all naked by then and everyone was playing with his cock.

Because of all the whiskey he had consumed, Mark endured the unbearable pleasure for quite a long time. "This guy should be in porno," he heard someone say. Finally, he was overcome by ecstasy. "I'M CUMMING!" he shouted. For five days, he had refrained from his usual practice of masturbating every day so he would be in peak form on his wedding night. All of the pent-up semen gushed into Tina's sucking mouth, filling it to overflowing. She choked on each powerful spurt. The ejaculation finally came to an end. "Well, you won't be knocking up your bride with that one," she said with a wink. She scooped up the cum from her chin with a finger and fed it to Tyler. The men cheered, partly because of the excellent performance, and partly because their turns were next.

The girls led a shaking Mark back to his recliner. "Now why don't you play with that thing to get it up again," Tina said. "When you're ready, we'll come back and give you some pussy and some ass. Be thinking about which one of us you want to poke in the ass. Oh, and by the way, you're the only one who doesn't have to wear a rubber when you fuck us."

The girls picked two of the men at random, went to their knees, and began sucking their hard-ons. They were so close to the edge that they shot their loads quickly and the girls moved on. A dozen dicks were soon drained and only Mark's friend Dave was left. The girls double-teamed him and switched his cock back and forth until he lost control and jacked off in their pretty faces to the cheers of his friends.

Mark had been playing with his peter while watching his friends get blown and by the time the girls finished blowing everyone, he was ready for some pussy. "I've always wanted to fuck you right in front of Dave, Tina," he said. "Give it to me like a bitch," she said. She went to her elbows and knees on the tiny stage and stuck her cute ass high in the air. Mark knelt and speared her pussy with one smooth stroke. As soon as he was mated, he looked around for Dave. His friend showed his approval by grinning from ear-to-ear and yanking on his cock.

Mark looked around at his leering friends, all of whom were beating their meat. "Oh, shit, I'm an exhibitionist!" he thought. "I really love this. Maybe I should get into porno." After awhile, Mark told Tina to roll over so he could watch her big tits jiggle as he fucked her. With an ankle gripped in each hand and her legs pushed back, Mark gave Tina a fucking fit for a queen. Tyler joined in, kissing Tina's mouth and nursing on her nipples. "OH, NO, I'M CUMMING!" Mark shouted. "CUM-SHOT! CUM-SHOT!" his friends urged.

Mark scrambled to his feet and jerked his cock until it once again spewed. Even though it was his second orgasm, there was enough cum for two men. It sprayed all over Tina, even splashing in her face. Tyler, who continued sucking Tina's tits, took a couple of squirts in the face herself. Mark's friends were hysterical!

Mark felt a little queasy as he stretched out in the recliner and watched his friends line up to fuck the two girls. They lay on their backs with their asses at the edge of the stage and allowed the men to stuff their condom-encased dicks into their tight pussies. Dave had thought of everything. He had even built the stage at just the right height for fucking. Once again, Dave chose to go last, and fucked Tyler instead of his girlfriend.

The depravity reached a high point when the girls had a cum-tasting party. Tyler picked up one of the used condoms, put the open end in Tina's mouth, and milked out all the fluid. "Yum-yum!" Tina said, licking her lips. Then she fed some cum to Tyler. The men cheered as each rubber was emptied. The spectacle continued until all thirteen rubbers had been drained of fluid.

Mark hadn't been sure that he would be able to get it up again. He had never had a piece of ass and desperately wanted to stick his dick up Tyler's fine heiny. Well, he need not have worried about getting another boner. He had stroked his dick while watching his friends fuck, and had a pretty good hard-on by the time the last man finished. The raunchy cum-drinking show had put the final touches on his boner.

After greasing Mark up with Vaseline, Tyler went to all fours on the little stage and stuck her sweet ass up in the air. Mark pressed his greasy cock against the wrinkled hole. There was considerable resistance, but the flesh suddenly gave way and the head popped in. Tyler let out a shriek as the pain shot though her. She had been fucked in the ass plenty of times, but never by such a big cock. Before long, she began to enjoy it.

Meanwhile, Tina was on her knees blowing the guys as they watched the ass-fucking show through glassy eyes. The guest of honor was the only one who would be getting any ass, but having their dicks sucked off a second time somewhat made up for it. One by one, they shot their third loads of the evening into her hot mouth. Mark was determined to outlast them all. He wanted his pleasure to last for as long as possible. He had never felt anything as good as Tyler's warm, soft ass sucking at his cock.

He looked up to see a man coming down the stairs. "Who the fuck is that?" he thought. Then the man's face came into view. It was his future father-in-law Murray. At that instant, Mark shot his load deep into Tina's gut. Murray scowled at the scene of depravity. "Why the fuck didn't anybody invite me?" he said as he undid his belt.

By the time Mark had finished emptying his balls into Tyler's ass, Murray had stripped down and was rolling a rubber onto his cock. "Make way," he said, as he knelt and slid his cock into Tyler's dilated ass. A cheer of relief went up from the onlookers. "I won't say anything about this if you don't," Murray said to his future son-in-law.

Two days later, Murray proudly walked down the aisle with his beautiful daughter on his arm and gave her away to Mark. As this exchange took place, the men exchanged winks. Maybe they wouldn't have been so cocky if they had known that innocent little Jenny had been gang-banged by a dozen guys at her bachelorette party and had loved every minute of it!

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written by mr bi jingle
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