While Unpacking

The movers had been gone less than an hour. Janet White was crouched among the luggage and packing boxes which littered the spacious front room of the house. She glanced up and saw her new husband, Mark, stripped to the waist, sweat glistening off his broad shoulders as he carried a heavy trunk toward the staircase. Seeing him that way stirred sweet sensations in her lower abdomen, and Janet sighed softly. This was the happiest moment in her life.

She pushed a long, dark curl away from her face, continuing to savor the joyful feelings coursing through her twenty-year old body, enjoying a salacious tingle as her dark nipples hardened against the cotton material of her T-shirt. And her huge, shapely tits throbbed when, acting on impulse, she stood and made her way towards the staircase. She was in hot pursuit of her twenty-four year old husband and his brawny, sweaty body.

They had been married nine months and had lived during that blissful time in Mark's bachelor apartment. House hunting had been fun and adventurous, but Janet was glad it was over and that they had bought a place all their own. For the first time in months she felt truly married.

The young bride couldn't wait to organize her kitchen and to prepare Mark's favorite meals and serve him each evening when he arrived home from work. But, as she crept up the stairs towards the master bedroom, her heart pounded with fresh, erotic excitement, as she was even more anxious to celebrate their new home with a wanton, mid-afternoon fuck.


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She stepped into the doorway of their bedroom and eyed Mark, his back to her, bending over the trunk and unloading its tissue wrapped contents. Her dark blue eyes focused on his small, tight-packed ass stretching the seat of his jeans and her pussy fluttered involuntarily. She felt pussy juice seep out and dampen her hairy cuntlips and wet the crotch of her thin, blue bikini panties under her tight shorts.

As he bent and twisted, Janet's eyes caught the graceful stretch of Mark's muscles and her heart beat wildly. She moaned softly and caressed her big tits and squeezed her thighs together. Then, suddenly, because of her groans and moans, or just from male instinct, Mark glanced over his shoulder and spotted his sexy young wife.

"You got nothing better to do than stand there and stare at me, little woman?" he teased, his green eyes focusing on the bulge of her tits.

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"Oh, I've got a lot to do, honey," she cooed, stepping towards her husband with a sway of her curvy hips. "And I'll bet you're thinking of a few wild things that will keep me busy for the rest of the afternoon, as well."

Mark chuckled as she stepped up to him. He stood silently until her jutting tits brushed against his sweaty, naked chest, then he slid his hands onto her hips. Their eyes locked just as he lowered his head towards hers.

"I'm thinking of something much more exciting than unpacking," he whispered before his lips touched hers.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned when he kissed her and slipped his strong arms around her slender waist.

He snaked his tongue between her moist lips, sliding it around the inside of her slippery mouth. She melted against him and smelled his enticing, manly aroma as she sucked on his tongue. Then she whimpered softly as her arousal leaped, her pussy spasming and her nipples tingling deliciously.

His hands roamed her ass and back, massaging the soft flesh through her shorts and shirt. Janet groaned and squirmed as she felt his throbbing prick press against her, and in that moment her senses urged her to go on. She wanted more than mere touching through clothes.

She sank down in front of him, dragging her hot wet tongue along his chest to his stomach. Her tonguetip toyed with his navel as she positioned herself on her knees and braced herself by clutching his hard ass.

Mark's fingers tangled in his wife's long, dark hair and he started bucking his hips gently, swaying provocatively as his cock bulged inside his jeans.

"Stop teasing me, woman," he hissed, playing a familiar game with her. "You know your duty. Get to work now."

Janet giggled as her fingers played across his fly. "Yes, sir," she answered, acting out her role to perfection.

She loved their private games and she never tired of acting out the part of Mark's slave. Skillfully, she unzipped his pants, delicately reached inside and brushed her fingertips against his pubic hair. She moaned when she felt his throbbing cock twitch against her fingers and an instant later she had his large prick through the opening in his pants.

Janet gazed at the bulbous, red head of his cock. I'm so lucky to have a man like Mark, she told herself as she lightly rubbed the engorged stalk. Such a man. Such a stud!

Janet had not been a virgin when she married Mark, but she hadn't been very experienced either. Her beauty and her body made men hit on her everywhere she went, but, raised by strict parents, she had not dated frequently.

A steady boyfriend had popped her cherry the night before he and his family had moved away. She had just turned eighteen a few days before. After that, she hadn't had sex for almost a year, and then she was seduced by her boss.

Janet had been working as a secretary and her boss had been extremely nice to her. Some of the other women in the office warned that he was just after one thing, but she hadn't believed them. He had never made any sort of sexual comment to her and always treated her with respect. But he began to make little requests such as asking her to stay a little later than the others, to take care of some important last minute work. One thing led to another and one night he took her to dinner.

He told her of his unhappy marriage and his growing attraction for her. He felt it was the beginning of a new and fresh love. Because he was so handsome, charming and worldly, Janet fell for his line, and before the night was over, she found herself making passionate love to him in a downtown hotel.

After that, they continued to meet secretly while maintaining discretion at work. She would steal glances at him when she could, and once she even snuck into his office to suck his cock when the other girls had gone to lunch.

But the bubble burst when Janet asked him when he was going to divorce his wife and marry her. He informed her that he had no intentions of divorcing his wife, because she was the one who legally owned the company. To divorce her would be putting himself on the unemployment line. Janet quit her job that very day.

She had met Mark when he came to install some new carpet for her parents a few weeks later. He had bashfully asked her out and she accepted. A year later, with the blessings of her parents, she and Mark married. Her ambitious young husband was still installing carpet, but he had big plans. He wanted to buy the small company he worked for and, with Janet, was working towards his goal.

But nothing mattered at the moment to Janet, except feasting on Mark's pulsing meat. Pleasing her man turned her on more than anything, and she never tired of proving it.

She fished a hand into his open fly and caressed his sweaty balls as she flicked her tongue over his swollen cockhead. She tasted the drop of pre-cum that seeped from his winking piss slit, the salty flavor causing her arousal to surge. She wasted no time in swirling her tongue around and around the slick cock flesh.

He twisted the dark curls of her hair in his fists and groaned as she began licking up and down the veiny length of his pole. She massaged his bloated balls while she serviced his prick with her tongue, drenching the meat with her saliva. Then, without warning, she opened her mouth wide and gulped half of his shaft between her lips. At the same time, Mark lowered his hands from her head, grabbed her shirt and pulled it off. He tore it from her shoulders, allowing her mammoth tits to flop free, and her dark nipples stiffened and stretched. He then bent his knees slightly and managed to cup her heavy breasts in his palms while she continued to suck his long, large prick.

As he fondled her sensitive tits and nipples, Janet forced herself to swallow every bit of his cock, going all the way down to his pubic hair. Her lush lips brushed against his hairy base while her fingers busily played with his balls. Their happy moans and groans made sweet background music with Janet's lusty slurping sounds.

She trembled as excitement engulfed her. Her pussy was on fire. Just bouncing his cum-filled nuts in her hands gave her a huge charge, but nothing like the sensation of having his cock sliding in and out of her mouth. And she couldn't ignore the exquisite pleasure Mark was giving her as he expertly caressed her tits.

The big round circle formed by her lips squeezed against the thick cock as she began moving her head back and forth, keeping in time with the gentle rocking of his hips, moving forwards and backwards a little further each time. His grip tightened as he began fucking her face.

Janet nearly swooned with delight as her husband's cockhead nudged the back of her throat. She gulped involuntarily and readied herself for the sweet explosion of his milky cum into her mouth. She started sucking faster, furiously, anxiously awaiting, wanting to swallow his heavy load and feel his jism coat her throat.

But then, Mark pushed himself away, freeing his jerking prick from her mouth. Heaving and panting, he eased himself down and gently lowered her with him, so that he was squatting above her. He bent over just as her back reached the floor, his mouth attaching itself to one of her succulent tits. He chewed eagerly on her swollen nipple, then gulped more and more of her sweet breast into his hot mouth. Then he rolled his tongue around the nipple again and again, biting down gently, causing Janet to arch her back and cry out in raw ecstasy.

Mark slipped his hands down to work at removing her shorts, and succeeded as Janet cooperated by squirming her hips and ass.

She shivered as he exposed her wet, steamy pussy. Her shorts and bikini panties formed a thin rope around her knees, and she wanted desperately to kick them off. She wanted to spread her legs wide and give herself to the marvelous stud that she loved so much.

"Fuck me, Mark," she whispered huskily. "Oh, lover, fuck me. I need your cock inside of me!"

Gradually, he eased her constricting panties down her legs until he finally pulled them off her ankles. At last her legs were free to open up and her burning pussy was prepared to take his mighty cock. She pumped her ass, driving her pussy up to meet has savage thrust.

"Yes, Mark. Fuck me!" she gasped. "Don't make me wait any longer. Please!"

But, instead of fucking her madly as she wanted, he merely chuckled and pulled his cock from her and again attacked her tits with his hungry mouth.

Just when her need and lust reached the point of explosion, Mark surprised her by abruptly pushing himself up. He rested briefly in a squatting position, grinning down at his sexy wife, and his hard cock jutted straight out from his crotch, aiming right at her exposed pussy. He made no move to give her what she craved. Then, before she could voice her confusion, he moved again. This time he swung a leg over Janet's chest as he turned his body, and, in the next second, Janet found her husband straddling her lovely head, his cock plunging towards her gaping mouth as he lowered his head to her silky thighs.

She uttered a gleeful groan just as he stabbed his cock into her open mouth. At the same time, he whipped his tongue through the creamy, hairy folds of her cunt, parting the moist tissue with quick slices of his tongue. Janet sighed and relished the double dose of pleasure that immediately blanketed her. Every nerve in her body sparked as the sensations overwhelmed her.

The young women savored the taste of her husband's cock almost as much as she thrilled to the sensation of his tongue parting her cuntlips and teasing her clit. Waves of eroticism spread through her body.

Automatically, the eager, dark-haired bride grabbed the back of her husband's thighs as she sucked every bit of his prick into her mouth. His hairy balls danced just above her eyes and she thrilled to the wanton way he had positioned himself above her face. She let her hands roam up over his smooth, taut ass cheeks and boldly traced a fingertip along his ass crack just as his tongue touched the entrance of her cunt hole.

In the next second, Mark skipped his tongue along Janet's oozing cunt until he touched her clit with its tip. She went wild. Her hips jerked and her shrill cry of joy was only partially muffled by the thick stalk of cock against her wind pipe. Mark closed his lips around her clit, nuzzling the sensitive bud. He jerked gently on the little clit, driving

Janet further into ecstasy, and her legs spread even wider apart as she humped her ass up and down in heated response to his pussy sucking. Then, as if his own desires had suddenly overwhelmed him, Mark fucked his stiffened tongue straight into her oil-slicked fuck hole.

Janet's climax was sudden and intense. Her juices started seeping from the depths of her cunt to spill out in a cascading gush against his lips and over his chin. The wild spasms rocked her pussy, jarring her whole body. Her passionate wails were stifled by his cock fucking in and out of her mouth but she squealed nonetheless.

Just at the peak of her orgasm, Mark's cock leaped into action inside her mouth. His cockhead swelled as his jism shot out. The first gobs of his sticky jizz struck her tongue, then the tidal wave flowed unabated. Her throat was filled to overflowing by the thick amount of cum juices, and the lusty woman gulped and gulped.

She savored the sensual pleasure that continued to spread throughout her entire body, letting his gyrating hips by her face captivate her attention. Then her senses became alerted to a strange presence. She stiffened automatically and knew in that same second that her husband was reacting in the same way. His body became tense and he abandoned her juicy cunt with an abrupt snap of his neck.

It was only a heartbeat later, when Mark had lurched off her awkwardly, that Janet glimpsed in wide-eyed shock the stranger standing in the open doorway of their new bedroom.

She was an attractive blonde woman of perhaps thirty, and she met the startled stares of the young couple with a slight smirk on her curved lips, blush coloring her lovely face.

She cleared her throat nervously and began to back out of the room. "Oops, sorry," she said with an embarrassed laugh. "I guess this isn't exactly the proper time for anyone to welcome the two of you to the neighborhood." The blonde started to say something else, then shrugged her shoulders, chuckling. She gave Janet and Mark a feeble wave before bounding down the stairs and out of the young couple's new home.

For a moment neither of them could move, but then Mark began to laugh and Janet soon followed his example. The idea of being caught in a sixty-nine, at the height of passion, by a total stranger who was to be their new neighbor, seemed absolutely hilarious to the two of them. They rolled around on the floor together, holding one another as their laughter filled the room and joyful tears rolled down their cheeks. Then Mark stood up, pulling Janet to her feet as well, and the two headed for the bathroom and the shower.

They got into the shower together and began to soap up one another, knowing they were merely building up their desire again. As soon as Mark's cock was once again jutting out from his groin, Janet grabbed it and pulled him from the shower stall and back into the bedroom, and pushed him down onto the bed and fell on top of him.

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