Gym Slave

I was known in the gym for being tough. A few guys thought I was gay, a few thought I was bi, but only a select few knew the truth about me. Steve had joined the gym a few weeks back and quickly adjusted his schedule to match mine. Now, I am nothing great, but I am proud of my fairly defined and hard body, but I know that most of the guys that cruised me were looking at my nice butt and my full basket. I made sure in the shower to wash my cock really well to show its full thick 8" and my heavy balls. So, Steve was just another gym rat to tease.

One night I had arrived late. Steve had been there for a while, but when he saw me, he started over and slowed down to enjoy the view. I teased him really cruelly. I noticed he was about to do some bench presses, so I walked over and offered to spot for him. The smile gave away his weak "yes."

I stood almost over his face so he could look up my shorts and see my jock bulging. After he finished his set, I reached down and pinched his right nipple and told him he had done a great job. Then I told him I was headed to the shower.

We were the last two in the gym and Chuck had already asked me to lock up after we left, so I knew I had Steve's ass for my fun and games. I turned out all the lights in the gym area and made sure the doors were locked, then Steve and I headed for the showers. I wasn't sure if he was hoping or if he knew something was going to happen, but his erection was keeping his shorts tented.


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I decide to keep teasing Steve and start slow. I pulled of my shirt then sit down for the shoes and socks. Then bent of with my ass facing him to slowly pull my shorts off. I looked up to see him lick his lips - or maybe bite them. I stood up and rubbed my thigh next to my crotch, "Man, I have got to get a good massage soon, or my legs or going to knot up forever."

"I could try and rub out any problems you are having......" he said.

"I don't know, maybe later dude." I pulled of the jock and headed toward the showers. "First, let me get the muscles relaxed some."

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Just like a puppy he followed me into the showers. He was not even trying to hide his erection, and he did have a good 6 or 7 inches of a thin cock, but he had a nice head that I wouldn't mind sucking on. I decided to end his suffering. "Look man, I know you are turned on by me, and that is cool. BUT, if you want more, then you have to do it on my terms." I paused to let him think about it for just a second. "You see, I only have sex with men who worship me like a slave worshiping a master." Again I paused for a second. "Now if you want to come over here and wash your master's body, then we can have some real fun." I turned my back and waited.

My wait was short, "Master, may I wash your body?"

"Do a good job and you can suck my dick when you are finished boy." That was all he needed. He started with soap and a washcloth, and ended using his tongue to make sure ever inch was clean.

As he finished my chest, I grabbed a hand full of hair and pulled his lips to min and gave him a hard kiss with lots of tongue. I held him close as I told him, "Know suck me good, make my cock shoot a huge load down your throat."

He knelt and began kissing the head and running his tongue in and out of the piss slit, then in one move he deep throated me like a old pro. Damn he was good. This boy was a keeper. With in minutes I was against the wall humping his face and holding his head as I shot load after load down his throat. To his credit he didn't lose a drop.

After he had finished he looked up and asked, "Master how may I serve you next?"

The truth was I had more than a little surprise in store for this slave boy. "Be at my house at 10 a.m. Saturday and be ready to be used to the max."

We went into the locker room and he dried my body, then his.

"Sir, I may have trouble getting away from my wife on Saturday morning," he wimpered.

"Your choice, next time I might just fuck your ass in front of all the guys up here, IF you are that much of a pussy boy. My house 10 a.m. or never show your face around here again."

I wasn't worried; I knew he would be there.

Saturday morning at 10 a.m. the doorbell rang. I greeted my slave boy with a smile. "Hurry in, we have been waiting. Oh, I forgot to tell you about your special honor. A friend of mine has decided to start training a slave, and you are going to be used as an example today. Be good and don't disappoint me."

In only a few seconds he was stripped naked, his hands tied behind his back and wearing a leather half hood to blindfold his prying eyes. I lead him into the living room and had him kneel. I removed my t-shirt and shorts and had him begin with a simple blow job. He was almost as good without his hands as he was in the shower.

"Now, I am going to fuck your ass, but I don't want any noises or yelps from you. Therefore, while I lube your ass and then fuck it, your mouth is going to be busy eating pussy."

I had him on the floor with his head buried between our visitor's legs eating her pussy. As I inserted a finger coated with lube, "Make her cum several times boy."

Soon I was fucking his ass with a deep penetration and he was making our lady friend squirm and moan. Finally, fearing that I would cum in his ass, I stopped. Grabbing a towel, I cleaned my cock. "Now boy, suck me one more time and then I will let you listen to a woman getting fucked by a real man."

His eagerness was great. He did a suburb job on my cock. As I enter the pussy that he had just been eating, I offered him a special treat. "Maybe you would like to watch as I make her cum?"

"Please master, may I watch you fuck her?"

I waited until I was in her before I reached over and pulled his hood off. The look on his face as he realized I was fucking Terri, his wife. "I told you he would make you a good slave," she said. "I got so hot watching you fuck his ass. Now let him see how a real man satisfies a woman."

In a matter of minutes Terri and I were both cumming. I rolled off and order, "Lick every drop of my cum from her pussy."

He did that fairly quickly, and then I had him lick me clean. "Now let me make this clear to you, your wife's pussy is MINE. Your mouth and ass are mine. If you serve me well I will let you eat her pussy when we fuck. And at home you will be her full time slave. Is that clear boy?"

"Yes sir," Steve replied meekly, although he had a raging hard on.

That began a 3 year relationship that was most fun. Unfortunately we both had job offers in other states and now only chat via email and phone. But Steve is doing a good job of raising my two boys.

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