Dominant Women

Diana is a very nice looking blonde who was introduced to me by a friend and his wife. Diana worked with my friend's wife, and after setting us up on a blind date, we began going out together. On our fourth date she looked at me across the dinner table and said "I want you" in a very sexy voice. I asked the timeless question about who's place we would use, and she suggested her place.

Diana is a small, slender gal who is tempting enough with her clothes on, and I was anxious to get my lips around her firm little tits, and see if she was a natural blonde. On the way to her place, she seemed nervous, and I held her tighter. "Um, I have to tell you something.", she said nervously. I thought that she'd say something about birth-control or the dreaded "A" word. We'd already discussed the "A" situation, and both of us had tested negative. I told her she could trust me not to freak out.

"Well, I like to be in control. Sexually.", she said softly. She ran her fingers over my leg, tantalizing and inviting. I said that she could be in control all she wanted. "I mean it. Really in control!", Diana said forcefully. "You want to tie me up and ravage my body?", I asked humorously. "I'd be delighted to do anything you tell me, within reason." "Well, that's part of it.", Diana said, obviously debating if she should tell me all.

"What else?", I asked. "Whips and chains? Leather? I'm not into pain. At least not very much." "Neither am I. But, well, you don't mind a little B&D?", she asked. I looked at her and her eyes were wide blue orbs, searching my face to see if I really was into B&D. I agreed, telling her that I'd read about it, and never really found anyone to explore it with me. Diana kissed my cheek and snuggled into my arm, staying that way until we reached her small rented house. I kissed her passionately in the car, and she responded in kind. Her palm rubbed the thick, swelling mass of genitalia in my lap, causing my hips to press against her hand. We broke our kiss and entered the house. I'd been there before, a small three bedroom stucco flat in a nice part of town. Diana shared it with Michelle and Loni, all three girls being in their early twenties.


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Michelle was the only one home when we arrived. We walked in, holding hands, to find Michelle watching TV and wearing a very short, sheer nightie. Michelle is a brunette with large breasts that sag a little, giving her a beautifully shaped chest. Her cold grey eyes shine from her dark features, and when she smiles, she could melt polar ice-caps. And smile she did as we came in. Michelle made no effort to conceal her charms, sitting with her legs up on the couch. "I need to change first.", Diana said, "Make yourself comfortable."

She added as she disappeared down the short hallway. I sat in a comfortable chair, across the coffee table from Michelle. She seemed to be very interested in a show, Falcon Crest or some such. I kept glancing at her tits through the thin material, and at the way her flat stomach slid under her panties forming a flat vee between her long legs. It was very erotic to see Michelle sitting there, finishing a bowl of ice-cream, wearing next to nothing, and being fully dressed myself.

"Michelle, I need a hand.", Diana called from the other room. Michelle got up, smiled at me quickly, and left, leaving the empty bowl on the coffee table. A few moments went by and then Diana emerged from the hallway. What I saw surprised me somewhat, and made me very horny. Diana was wearing a leather halter that had no bra. Rather it crossed her chest, leaving her tits exposed. Between her legs ran a leather strap that covered her pussy, and it was tied to the waist of her halter by a large metal ring. Her legs were clad with stockings and a leather garterbelt held them up. She wore long elbow length gloves, and high heels.

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The effect was striking. Even more so, for as she stopped in the room, Michelle stood behind her, hands tied with leather thongs, a leather collar to which Diana held a leather leash, and a pair of heels. Other than that, Michelle was bare assed naked. I began to stand up. "Sit down!", Diana said forcefully. "Michelle, undress our pet." Michelle kept her head bowed, and came over to me shyly. With her bound hands, she began by removing my shoes, then my socks. She worked up from the bottom, leaving my shorts for last. The bulge kept her eye as she unbuttoned my shirt. I didn't complain, and I didn't help her. It was all I could do not to cum in my shorts, inches from her lovely tits. Once I was naked, Diana resumed command, sitting on the arm of the couch. "Suck his cock, Michelle.", Diana ordered.

Michelle complied, opening her mouth and lowering it over the head. Her mouth enveloped me slowly, and I could feel her tongue swirling all around me. She sucked about half my seven inches, and kept bobbing her head up and down. Diana stepped over by the chair. "You can do better than that!", She barked. "Take it all the way. Suck his whole cock. Let him fuck your throat." Michelle suddenly descended the entire length of my shaft into her throat, and I groaned. She made sucking noises as she worked up and down slowly, working her lips to pull the last inch of me into her mouth.

"She's a good cocksucker isn't she?", Diana asked me. I groaned and nodded.

"She'd love to drink your cum. Go ahead. Fill her mouth with your jism."

I groaned, almost ready to do that anyway. Just as I thought I would come, Diana pulled Michelle off my cock by the hair. "That's enough for you. Help me with him." Diana produced straps of soft, but tough, leather with which she tied my hands behind me. Next, the girls put straps on my ankles, then moved me to the coffee table. Each ankle was tied to a leg of the table, spreading my legs wide, but not uncomfortably so. Next, Diana ordered me to lean back and hold the opposite edge of the table. She tied a cord to my bonds, then ran it under the table, tying it off so that I couldn't sit up. Tied this way, I was holding my hips forward, legs spread.

My crotch was wide open for them. I could lay down, but not sit up. "Rub that cock all over your face and tits Michelle.", Diana ordered. Michelle did, using both her tied hands to rub me over her face, spreading the sticky pre-cum on her upper lip. She jerked on me a little, forcing more of my slippery juice out onto her chest. Each time she brought me by her lips, she pursed them into soft fleshy lips and looked up at me. Oh but I wanted to come in her face then!! Diana walked over to a cabinet for a few moments, hidden from my view. When she returned, she stood behind me. "That's a good slut Michelle, now make him cum all over you." Michelle's eyes seemed to be glazed, looking past me. I couldn't turn around to see Diana, but I could hear her breathing pretty hard.

Michelle now began sucking me and jerking me off at the same time. Her sloppy blow job was getting to me, especially since every few strokes, she would let go and rub me all over her face, or her tits. My hips began to rock, and I want to cum for her. "That's it. Get it nice and wet. Hold him to your face when he cums. Let me see him soak your face with his jizz. Let me see you lick the cum off his cock. You love the taste of cum in your mouth don't you? You love it. Make him cum!" Diana's lusty talking had it's effect on me, not Michelle. It was meant to get me off, and Michelle was clearly enjoying my reactions to it. "Let me see you make her face drip with your cum." Diana whispered in my ear. I blasted off just after that. I looked down, moaning as I began to cum. Michelle held my cock against her face, the head pressed firmly to her lips.

Thick, warm, creamy jizz shot out, quickly streaming over her lips and cheeks. I pulsed and squirted, and watched as my sperm flowed down her lips, drooling down and dripping off her chin. Michelle moved and let the drops land on her tits, then began to milk the remaining sperm from my throbbing shaft. She licked the head off, kissed it, then began to rub the head all over her spermy face. Diana walked over to the chair I had used, holding her hand in front of her pussy. "Come over here!", she barked at Michelle. Michelle scooted over on her knees, making the strands of cum dripping from her chin sway. Diana ordered her to bend over, standing just slightly behind her.

I watched with wide eyes as Diana pulled a thick black dildo from her own cunt, then pushed it evenly up the brunette's asshole. Michelle let out a long groaning moan until Diana stopped with only a little of the dildo showing between Michelle's cheeks. Diana sat down in the chair and spread her legs wide, hanging them over the arms of the chair. "Now show him what a hot slut you are and suck my cunt.", Diana ordered. Michelle's head lowered into Diana's lap, and I heard snaps pop and saw the leather strap move aside. Just as Michelle began to lightly tongue her, Diana grabbed her roommate by the hair. "Suck it! Ooooh, yeah! Suck that clit! Rub your face in my pussy! Make me wet! Make me cum in your face too!" Diana was humping her hips up, and grinding Michelle's face in her soft twat. I heard the slick, slippery noises, and I could see the edge of Michelle's sperm sodden jaw working up and down.

My eyes drifted down to the black dildo still in Michelle's ass, and I could see it moving every time Michelle's muscles twitched. Her pussy gaped open at me too. Her shiny, pink lips were splayed, and I could see her cream leaking down her slit, wetting her light brown curls. "Lick me you hot slut!" Diana cried. "Eat my cunt! Lick it! Suck it! Drink my cum! Lap me up you hot little bitch!" I was almost rock hard again, fascinated by their lusty coupling. It wasn't too long before Diana was cumming like crazy, shouting and bucking her hips into Michelle's face. As she stopped, Michelle sat up, arching her back from the dildo up her tail. Her hips rocked sensuously, and she tried to use her heels to grab it and work it in and out of her asshole, all to no avail. Diana got up. "You nasty slut. You want a good butt-fucking?", She asked Michelle. Michelle nodded. Diana pulled her to her feet, and untied her hands, warning her to follow instructions exactly. She led her friend over by me, both of them standing over me. Diana turned Michelle's back to me and told her to back up and straddle me. As she did, and as she backed up, I could smell her fragrant scent, and see the thick fluid oozing from her pussy. "Pull that dildo out of her.", Diana ordered me.

With my hands tied, I leaned forward as far as I could, which wasn't much. Diana guided Michelle's ass back, until I could grip the black dildo with my teeth. I began to pull back. "Stop!", Diana ordered. "Suck the end of it." She ordered me. I looked up at her, surprised. "Suck it you prick!" I did as I was told. It was extremely wide, and I could only get a small bit of it in my mouth. "Now FUCK her asshole with it!", Diana ordered me. Using my neck muscles, I pulled back and then pushed, getting a groan from Michelle. I could feel her tightness as the dildo wanted to push back into me.

Back and forth we went, and I watched her asshole expand and pulse as I moved it back and forth. Diana stood there, the flap of her leather bottoms hanging in front of her, her hands pulling on her nipples roughly. Each forward thrust put my nose almost against Michelle's ass cheeks, and facial cheeks pressed against her soft buns. Her fragrance was mingling with anal ones, and with sweat and cum. I was rock hard again, and sorely aware that I needed some sort of touch "down there". "Enough, pull it out of her.", Diana ordered. I did as she instructed, pulling the ten inches free of Michelle's butt. Her asshole made a small, wet noise, and then I watched her gaping hole pulse and quiver, closing slowly.

Diana took the black dildo and put it aside. "Now sit on his cock!", Diana ordered Michelle. "Put him in your asshole." Michelle moved and sat down, pressing her anus to the head of my cock. She lowered her stretched asshole onto me, taking me much easier than I've ever been taken into that tight realm. As she lowered her ass, her hole tightened repeatedly around me, then released. Diana moved around, standing in front of Michelle. "Spread your legs wide you naked little butt-fucker!", Diana told her. Doing so put the Michelle's full weight on my cock, and thus onto my lap. My cock was rammed to the hilt in her butt, her buns squeezing and gripping me.

Diana stepped between our outstretched legs, and pulled Michelle's legs upwards, shoving my cock just a fraction of an inch further into the girl. It was incredible! Then I felt something pressing against my cock, from inside Michelle's pussy. Diana was leaning forward, holding onto Michelle's hips and getting closer to the two of us. The feeling slid up my cock, then down, then up again. Diana was fucking Michelle with a dildo! While I was in Michelle's asshole, Diana put on a strap-on dildo and was fucking the girl's pussy, stroking my cock too. "Is this what you like?", Diana hissed at Michelle. "Hot fucking? Hot nasty butt-fucking while you let a girl fuck your pussy? Michelle's a nasty, naked, butt-fucking, cunt-licking little slut and she's got cum all over her. Maybe you'll get cum in your butt-hole too."

Michelle was tossing her head from side to side, moaning and grunting as Diana and I filled both her holes. I couldn't move, yet Michelle was constantly moving her hips and ass, milking me with her tight asshole. Diana was fucking harder and faster, and I could feel her rough ramming of Michelle's snatch through the thin walls. Michelle began to cry out, then began to cum like she was on fire. Michelle's legs flung wide open and she leaned back against me as Diana sucked her tits. Michelle's legs wrapped around Diana, and she was humping that plastic cock hard, dragging my cock in and out of her ass. Her excitement took me along too. "Cum in my ass! Fuck my asshole you prick! CUM IN MEEEE!" Michelle shouted. Her moans and writhing body were too much and I began to cum. I told them that I was cumming too.

"Here! I'm cumming!" I cried. "I'm gonna fill your ass full of sperm! NOW!!"

My cock twitched and began spraying deep in her ass. Diana reached down and tickled my balls with her fingernails, making me drain them into Michelle's tight butt. Michelle kept rocking and shuddering between us, and then she gasped loudly and went stiff all over. When Michelle stopped a few moments later, she lay against me, limp as a rag doll. Diana got up, and after a moment, she grabbed Michelle by the shoulders and pulled her roughly off of me.

My cock plopped out of Michelle's asshole, and she cried out at it's sudden removal. "sit down there you cum-covered slut!", Diana said, pushing Michelle into a chair. "And don't you get the chair all gooey or you'll lick it off!" I looked at Michelle, and she was even prettier now. Her hair was wildly toussled, her tits glistened with sweat, and her cunt gaped at me with the outline of her entrance clearly visible. Her face showed a nice flush, and her flat stomach was corded yet soft. Diana came back with a washcloth, and roughly cleansed my cock and balls several times. She stood over me on the coffee table, looking down. I looked up at her.

"Now it's MY turn!", she said. "Lay down!" I leaned back, the table supporting my back, not my head. Diana stepped off the table and straddled my face. She pulled the strap away from her crotch. Above me was the prettiest, shaved cunt I'd ever seen! Her cunt was an open flower, glistening wetly, the lips spread wide open and pink. The skin was smooth, fair, and unblemished, and her clit was clearly protruding. She lowered her steaming twat towards my lips, and I eagerly began licking her slit greedily. "Oohhh yeah! Lick me slave!", she hissed. "Lick that hot, wet snatch, suck my cunt. Tongue fuck my quim, my twat, my CUNT!"

I was licking, sucking and fucking her with my tongue, pointing it and making it hard, then shoving it up her hole and wriggling it around. Diana's pussy was sopping wet, and her creamy juices were making my face slick. She began rubbing her twat back and forth, holding her fingers to either side of her throbbing clit. I lapped at her little bud, and she ground her cunt into my face, holding the back of my head with her hands. She began to cum, and I could feel her pussy contracting and pulsing in my face. I stopped licking her clit, instead, pressing my tongue to her entrance and let her enjoy her sensations. After she stopped, she stood on unsteady legs, and looked down at me. "Not bad." She said calmly, "For a man."

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written by sexysally
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