The Whitee Slave Ranch

Mistress Shara watched as the white couple drove up to the ranch house she had brought years earlier and turned into her own private slave ranch. The couple arriving was going to be her first slave couple for it with several other couples planned in. It was very well isolated out in the middle of nowhere and she had moved with her daughter and son whom were both brought into her world of dominating whites. She had made a profitable business of it and had enough income to support them easily but they were enjoying using whites for their pleasure; why quit. Her son had an ex-white teacher as his own personal slave and her daughter had her son as hers.

Shara had dropped all her slaves since she left the city and really had been missing the thrill for months now. Her pussy was starting to get wet watching the man and woman in their forties get out of the car and approach. Both seem to have average bodies and were just slightly overweight. She preferred her whites this way as it was more things to play with. The kids were all out somewhere on the ranch having their own fun. The doorbell rang. Shara made her way over to the door and opened it to see the smiling couple standing. Come in and have a seat, she demanded walking back to her chair and sitting down.

The couple made their way over to the couch and both sit down. The man was dressed in slacks and shirt and Shara could already see the bulge in his pants sticking up. She had demanded that they have no sex for the last month and knew he must be dying for some freedom for it now. The wife wore a short dress and Shara could see the whiteness of her thighs and legs underneath. Her boobs were about medium for a woman of her age and Shara knew that several of her clips would fit just perfect on them. She started to make idle talk reminding them once they accept her terms that they would belong to her forever in which they both readily agreed.

Their funds and owning had been already transferred to her this week by her attorney so now they were penniless. She listened to the woman tell her how beautiful she was and that she wanted to be her slave. As she listen, she smiled thinking about how nice it was going to feel sitting on her face as that tongue of hers wiggled in her asshole. Her cunt was getting too wet looking at the pitiful couple sitting across. It was time to get things moving. Get UP, she yelled. The couple immediately jumped up at the tone in her voice changed from friendly to demanding. Strip worms, she yelled again. She watched as the man and woman immediately started to get undressed. They were no longer smiling but had slight look of fear.

Good, she thought. Always make them wonder what going to happen next. She continually to watch in excitement as they undressed and were finally down to their briefs and then totally naked in front of her. The man cock was jutting straight out at her. Not as big as most, but till she would have a lot of fun with it. Put your hands behind your head now, she commanded even louder. She got up and walked over to the couple holding their hands over and behind their head. They were totally vulnerable in front as she looked their bodies up and down as they tried not to move. She slapped the man cock with her palm and heard him yelp.

Did I tell you to get a hard-on worm; she asked staring him in the face. No mistress, the man replied. She slapped it again. Get it down now worm, she yelled at him. Slap, slap, slap. She enjoyed the sight of the man moaning in pain as she continued to slap her cock. He was trying desperately not to move his hands down to protect it. Tears were forming in his eyes as she kept slapping till it finally started to get limp in her presence. Now keep it down, worm. I'll tell you when you can get hard. She yelled at him. She reached over and grabbed the woman tits in her hand pinching it hard. And what about you, bitch? She asked. Where you getting wet looking at my legs? No mistress, the woman shirked in pain as her nipple was being roughly squeezed between Shara thumb and forefinger.

I think you were, Shara continued. You were getting wet thinking about crawling over and shoving that white face between my thighs and eating my cunt. Weren't you bitch? No mistress, the woman shirked again. Ohhhhhh.. Shara roughly pulled the nipple down. You don't like my cunt bitch, she yelled. Yes mistress, the woman gasped out. Oh please mistress it hurts. Beg to lick my cunt in front of this pathetic worm of yours bitch. She demanded. Please mistress, the woman yelled out. Please let me lick your pussy mistress. Shara released the woman tit and slapped it hard as the woman yelled out. Too late now bitch, she said. Crawl behind me and lick my ass while I toy with the worm here. And don't use your hands to lower my panties when you get your little white face back there. I want to feel your nose in my crack while you lower them. Shara turned her attention back to the worm in front of her as she felt the woman face sliding up her shirt in back and then her tongue reaching the top of her panties to try to get some quip to lower them with. As the woman nose began to start sliding down her ass crack in back she grabbed the man by the balls in front of her. Tell me worm, she asked? These balls belong to me now, don't they? She grasped them tightly in her palm. Yes mistress, the man yelled out in pain.

She enjoyed his agony. I getting my asshole rimmed by that bitch of yours and you are doing nothing but standing here with me squeezing your worthless balls. Can't get it hard worm? She squeezed tighter. No mistress, the man yelled loudly in pain. Your bitch used to suck your worthless cock and now her mouth isn't good for nothing but licking my ass. You want to lick my ass too, worm. Yes mistress, the man yelled again. Shara knew he would have said anything at present to get her to release his balls. Owwllllllll. Shara had released his balls and slapped his cock hard again. Turn around worm. Let me see if your ass is as worthless as your cock, she demanded. She watched as the man quickly turned spun around. The tongue in her asshole was starting to have an effect on her now as her cunt was starting to drip in excitement.


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Damn, the bitch did have a good tongue after all. She reached down patting his ass cheeks watching them shake in response. Bend over and spread your ass for inspection, she yelled slapping his ass between the cheeks hard. The man bent over and reached back spreading his ass crack wide for her view. You ever been fucked in the ass before worm, she demanded. No mistress, the man replied quickly keeping the cheeks spread. I guess we'll have to fix that, she told him. Since your cock is worthless maybe I'll make you into a woman so you can enjoy a real man cock. You like that worm? No, Yes mistress, the man responded confused and scared. Shara roughly shoved her finger in his asshole as hard as she could as the man nearly jumped a foot off the floor.

What did you say worm? She demanded. Yes mistress, the man shouted in agony of the finger shoved up his butt. Anything you want mistress. I didn't hear you worm? Shara continued. Did you say you want to be fucked in the ass? Yes mistresses, the man repeated, please fuck my ass mistress. Shara roughly pulled her finger out with one quick motion as the man yelled out in pain. Maybe later worm, she laughed Bitch did I tell you to quit licking? No mistress Shara heard the woman voice in her ass crack and her heavy breathing on her hole. Well get that tongue back in there and you better do a better job this time, Shara yelled out. Just a fantasy, how was yours?

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written by leefs
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