Alphabetical Listing of Bi First Time Sex Stories

A Plumbers Story - First Encounter with a Customer

It was a normal morning getting ready for work. Nothing out of the ordinary except I have a extra hard dick which won't go down for some reason. I grab a hold of my dick and start rubbing it and wanting to get some relief but if I keep it up, I will be late for work. I got in my plumbing truck and started off for my first call. My erection eventually subsides but it is not soft by no means.
3.7 1969 words 9 mins encounters

Bi-Sex in University

No names or places were changed. All things happened. Some details were omitted, added, or changed, only for readability purposes. This is a TRUE story, and contains sexually explicit material between M-F and M-M. I transferred from a BigTen school into a MVC university my senior year. Not knowing anyone was OK w/ me, as I figured I'd make new friends.
4.1 4703 words 21 mins college & friendship

First Bi Time

I was still a virgin although I had a few girlfriends in HS and we had gone as far as oral sex. I considered my self straight (you know,, girlfriends) but would masturbate and think about sucking cock throughout my young life. When I discovered how much better my orgasms were with a finger up my ass it became a regular activity.
3.9 918 words 4 mins domination

First Time for Married Man with Park Blowjob Encounter

I got pretty high one night and had a 40 minute drive home. About half way home I had to pee really bad so I pull off the freeway at a park along the way. As I pulled into the parking lot I saw another vehicle there and the driver hit his brake lights twice. I stepped out of my car and went into the bushes to pee. I was about to burst and it was a real relief to finally vacate my bladder.
3.3 471 words 2 mins encounters

First Time Sucking a Older Man’s Cock in the 12th Grade

I took a job cutting a guy's lawn in Fridley who lived on a lake I swam at. The second time I was cutting his lawn he came out in very tight shorts which very much showed his outline of a cock. I had seen and touched other boys cock in the 8th grade and actually let them put their cocks in my mouth but no sucking so wasn't completely in the dark. Back to what happened.
3.6 288 words 1 mins encounters

Forced by My Friend in High School and Submissive Ever Since

We were in my bedroom playing a game I bought for when a girl came over but that never happened I was too shy. The game suggested some stuff and we laid down and played with each other's cocks. Then he we played more and a card I picked said let your partner do what he wants to you. I remember him smiling and telling me to get on the floor on all fours. I hadn't even been with a girl before.
3.6 710 words 3 mins domination

I talked my GF into my first bi experience

I was really liking what I saw and I kissed her and asked her how she would feel about me getting off on her tits and letting me clean it up with my mouth, at first I could tell she was shocked and turned on at the same time. She said absolutely I could do it but I was a little nervous but ready to explode and boy did I ever.
4.1 1287 words 6 mins

It's just sex

It was a very fun and sexually charged year. But then year one was over and soon the sophomore year began. Anyway, I had gotten a little bit of a reputation of fucking and moving on from one girl to another. I'm not saying I was a stud or anything, just that I had good enough looks to keep me busy for the first year.
4.3 2598 words 12 mins college & friendship & masturbation

Learning to Suck

This was so long ago that the term queer or gay was only known as being "a fruit. " I didn't know what this type of person did, but I'm really glad I did. His name was Brent and at least a year older than me. He lived around the corner from my house, so we would walk back and forth to school together and sometimes hang out at his house after school, usually reading comics up in his bedroom.
3.9 928 words 4 mins

Me and Momma's First Time

One Friday night my girl was on her period and we had gotten into an argument and I was mad and horny as hell so I figured I would just go home take a shower and masturbate. When I went to get my best two dirty magazines in between my box spring and mattress they were gone and this had happened twice before so I knew my mom had taken them she told me to stop jacking off so much.
3.7 713 words 3 mins

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