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Some Friend

We had headed out of town on a beautiful Spring morning, heading for the hills and forests to the west. We rode for a couple of hours, and it was some of the best riding we'd had in a, flowers, the whole thing. We stopped for lunch in a fairly famous barbeque restaurant...pigged out on brisket and beans, and headed back out to the bike.
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Winter Snow

He reached between their meshed pubes to finger his wife's clit. When Jimmy took a long stroke back he could reach in and feel his wife's lips around the black cock. Jimmy and Patty enjoyed this extra (if odd) attention. Don asked Jimmy to reposition and fuck his wife on her side from behind her. She opened her legs wide so Don could get a full view of her pussy eating the hard black muscle. It was more than Don could take. He was overwhelmed with the beauty of this scene and his desire to pay homage to their pleasure. He crawled between their legs and began to lick their fucking. He licked clit while Jimmy's shaft rubbed his chin.
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Walker Creek

After pouring their wine she came around to my side of the table and seated herself next to me. She kind of wiggled her upper body a little so that her tits moved out from under her shirt. When I looked at her she smiled and then pulled my face down to hers. Our kiss was long and sensual. Our tongues played that well known game and I began to get really hot. It was strange kissing another man's wife with him setting there but Sue was definitely in charge. Her hand was in my crotch before I started moving in on her tits. I kissed her ears and neck and down to her erect nipples. I took first one then the other in my mouth and pulled and nibbled. She moaned as I did so. Her hand was on my Johnny, rubbing it up and down the shaft thru my Levis.
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Porn and Cock: What a Combo

He is there with his shorts on and a big screen TV is playing porn. On the porn a chick is swallowing this 10inch dick while she is jerking off one guy and another is fucking her from behind. He asks if I want a beer I say yes then I start taking off my cloths. He comes back and his shorts are sticking out a bit. He hands me the beer. I open it up take a sip. I go sit on the bed. He tells me no lets do it here on the floor pointing to a blanket laid out on the floor I get off the bed and get on my knees and pull his shorts down. He steps out of the short and I grab his 7-inch thick dick and wrap my lips around it.
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Hotel Guard

He worked his finger deep into her ass and moved it in rythm to their fucking. I had put my hand to myself and was stroking my flesh, getting hot and unconsciously fingering my nipples. Much in the way she was sucking his nipples. His eyes were closed but then shot open as she bit on his right nipple. He appeared to be in complete bliss as he fucked her pussy with his cock and fingered her ass. She started to moan louder and then mumbled over his chest,"Im coming!" She wigged on his dick as much as she could ( her feet of the ground remember) He then used a free finger on the hand that was fingering her to gesture me forward. My dick free, I walked up behind her. She didnt seem to know I was there.
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Insatiable Preggo - Sex with a Pregnant Woman

This pregnancy was a surprise. We already have 2 children and our youngest is 13. We are both excited and happy to have another baby on the way. I had totally forgotten how high my sex drive was during my other two pregnancies. I just can't cum enough. My husband and I have had sex every day (almost) for the past 4 months and I still masturbate a couple times a day. I wake up in the middle of the night either fingering myself or humping my husband. He loves it. Since I found out I was pregnant I have been sleeping naked. I just love the feeling of being naked better than sleeping even with just panties on. In turn, my husband has been sleeping naked too.
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Fuck Of The Century

"As I can yours, as well as smell your juices, you adorably irresistible little doll, let's get a table, turn on the heat, light the fire, and see what kind of moth we attract."
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Big World Sexuality

But suddenly my attention is drawn away by two men who have landed 100 feet from me, in the meadow in which I lie. They detach themselves from their Kevlar restraints and take each others' hands. They kiss slowly and them begin to walk slowly towards me. The swaying grasses part before them as they lock eyes with me. But even that cannot exact my total attention as I hear the joyous screams of two people to my left. Two women and a man have joined together and they are gently touching themselves as they face me. They are completely aroused as they look at me, their naked bodies shining in the equatorial sun. They move slowly towards me, the man's penis erect in one of the woman's loving hands, the other woman's hand softly caressing her hairy pubic area.
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Anniversary Date Leads to Bisexual Sex

In the course of our conversation my wife noticed a piano in the bar, and when I mentioned she was a pretty good pianist, one of the men urged her to play for us. She demurred at first, but our new friends were persuasive, and John, the younger of the two, took her by the arm and gently led her over to the piano, where she began to perform a medley of favorite popular and show tunes.
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Bisexual Nudist Beach Day

She poured the cream onto its head and began massaging it and pulled the foreskin right back to show the purple head. I looked over at the man and he was still on his stomach but he was clearly enjoying the show and made no attempt to turn away when I looked over. Suddenly he turned over and his cock was still in the same condition but this time he wasn' t afraid to show it. Vanessa began to wank me slowly and we were both watching the man's responses. He began to mirror Vanessa's movements on his own cock and soon he was well away. Vanessa was clearly excited, her nipples were really erect and I reached out and felt between her legs, she was soaking wet.
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