The Booth at the Sex Shop

We walked into the sex shop about 9:30 at night. The place was surprisingly empty. Only a few people were in the booths, even less wandering around the lobby area. I walked up to the register and gave the man a $10 bill. He handed me a roll of quarters, and I walked back to you. I opened up the roll as I looked into your eyes. I placed about half of the quarters into your hot little hand and off you went into the back where the video booths stood. I stayed in the lobby for a few moments before heading back myself. I had watched as you picked your booth and went inside. I made sure no one was looking and I stepped into the booth with you.

You were sitting on the chair waiting for me to arrive. You had already started to unbutton your blouse as I walked in. You looked up at me with those incredible bedroom eyes of your's, then continued to unbutton. I went over to the video gear and placed quarters into the slot. I glanced over to the side and noticed a window in the wall from which I could see into the next window just as we had planned it. I wondered to myself how long it would take before we were able to rope someone in with our little show. I continued to feed 25 cent pieces into the machine as you stood up from the chair and came over to me. Your blouse was completely undone and you had unsnapped your bra already. Your breasts stood out proudly, your nipples sticking out like the peaks of a mountain top. I stared at you as I kept placing quarters into the machine. You knelt down before me and began to undo my jeans. I watched as you unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned the buttons of my button fly, and pulled down my bikini underwear.

You looked me right in the eyes as you stuck out the tip of your luscious tongue. I felt a shiver go up my spine as you dragged it along the stem of my cock, from bottom to tip. You used it to tickle that little flap of skin on the underside near the head. Your tongue danced across the sensitive tissue and a loud groan escaped my throat. The noise coming from me caused you to look up at me yet again. The smile in your eyes was as visible, and beautiful, as the one on your face. You opened your mouth and ever so slowly moved my dick towards it. I watched as my manhood disappeared into your oral cavity. I moaned as your oh so talented tongue bathed it with your saliva. Gently you sucked on it. Lovingly working it to an even harder state then it was originally in. My breathing quickened as I felt the warmth of your mouth on me.

My eyes were open to only slits as I let the wonderful feeling of you nursing on my cock wash over me. Through those slits, however, I saw someone walk into the booth next door. An average looking Joe. Not handsome, but definitely attractive. He sat down in his chair, reaching into his pocket for some change. He leaned over to place the coins into the machine when he caught a glimpse of us. He turned his head quickly in hopes we didn't see him. His head was still positioned, though, in a way so he could still see the goings on next door. I saw his breathing increase as he kept sneaking a quick glance to see you nursing on my dick. He took his cock out and started working it, but continued his charade of watching the "movie" on the screen in front of him. He worked his cock (probably about 6 1/2-7 inches) as he watched us. As time went on he became more and more brazen. Turning a little more to face us each time.

Per your instructions I reluctantly removed your loving mouth from my penis. Your eyes became very large and your breathing quickened as you realized what had happened. You stood up from the chair and we exchanged places: you now standing near the window, I sitting in the chair. I could feel the warmth of the chair from your extended sit. I felt moisture on the seat from where your bare legs had been. I also felt wetness in a spot where there shouldn't have been. I reached behind me and felt the sticky, but definitely liquid substance and realized you had been busy while you were there. I returned my attention to your stunning body. I reached under your skirt and pulled your panties down. I used one part of your blouse to tie your skirt in an upright position for easier access. Out of the corner of my eye I saw our voyeur with his face practically up against the window. This huge gray spot adorned the center of the window from where his breath had attached itself in a giant cloud.

I looked back at your lovely pussy. As always you were shaved clean. I licked right above your clit without touching it. You moaned at the touch of my tongue and placed your hands behind my head. I placed my tongue underneath your cunt and licked from bottom to top. Using my fingers to separate your now puffy lips, I stuck my tongue in deep. You gasped on pulled on my head harder, crushing my face into your groin and my tongue even farther into your depths. I could feel you become wetter underneath my oral manipulation. You scrunched my head even harder into your pelvis. It felt as though you wouldn't be satisfied until my entire head was inside of you. "Wrong head," I thought to myself with an inward chuckle.

I took your clit unto my mouth and sucked on it. Gently at first, then with a little more force as I went along. Your moans increased both in volume and frequency. Using the tip of my tongue, I teased your love button relentlessly. You pulled on my hair slightly. It hurt, but not to the point that it became distracting. I released your clit from my oral clutches. It was peeking out of your hood quite profoundly now. I took it back into my mouth and continued my assault. I sucked and pulled, causing you to moan louder then you had so far. I wondered to myself who was enjoying this more, you or me. I once again let your clit out of my lips' grasp and returned my attention to your now red hot and dripping wet cunt.

As I licked you your eyes opened and you looked directly at our mystery friend. A dreamy look in your eyes, a lips all pouty and sexy, he started pumping harder as he watched our little performance. You smiled at him and he smiled back. He turned away and reached into his pocket for more quarters, but found none. Reluctantly he stood to get dressed when his time ran out. As he did so you leaned over and tapped the window. I removed my head from between your legs as the noise reached my ears. You grabbed my head in the back and pushed it for a return trip to your pussy. Again I began licking. He turned around and faced you after you re-captured his attention. You used your index finger to motion for him to come over. A look of shock crossed his face and his pointed towards himself, then to our little love nest. You nodded and, to insure that he understood your proposition, unlocked the booth door. He stumbled a little getting himself presentable to come over for this very unexpected, but for him quite welcome, visit.


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I saw your hand reach over to the door and unlock it. This hadn't been part of the plan, but I knew what was happening. In stepped our audience. He had left so hastily he had forgotten to zip his pants. I smiled to myself when I saw this, amused, although not amazed, at his reaction to you. I continued to lick and suck your sex as you reached over and grabbed his arm, pulling him towards you. You undid what had managed to cross his mind to fix on his pants before coming over. You undid his belt and pushed everything down enough that you could reach his toys. You took his cock in hand and gently massaged it. His cock, already hard, jumped at the attention you were paying to it. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the ride.

After a few moments of this he opened his eyes again and you looked at each other. He leaned over to kiss you, but you turned your head and pushed his gently away. You moved your hand from his cock long enough to place it behind his head and pull it down to your too long neglected nipples. Immediately he took one in his mouth and nursed on it tenderly. A low moan of contentment filled the back of your throat. As he teased your breast peaks you moved your hand back down to his still rock hard dick and again began stroking. I gently inserted my index finger into you and moved my mouth's attention back to your clit, an action all was aware of as my attention to your button resulted in a hard squeeze of Mr. X's cock, which was brought to my attention by his loud groan of discomfort. He didn't seem to mind to much, though, as he immediately moved his sucking mouth to your other nipple. After a moment your body tensed and I felt your cunt walls clench my finger tightly as I moved it in and out slowly. I sucked harder on your clit and that was all it took. You bit your lip to keep quiet as your body started to shake. I continued with my sucking mouth and fucking finger until your body relaxed again.

When it did I removed myself from your loins and stood. We were eye to eye when I did and you leaned over to kiss me. You offered me your tongue and I accepted gladly. Our lips parted and you made a very faint comment about tasting yourself. So faint I couldn't hear the whole statement. As we kissed our partner in carnal moved his hand towards your pussy. You gently pushed it away and placed my hand there in its place. I was amazed at your wetness. Your thighs were slick you had cum so hard. I caressed your womanhood with my slick finger. The dreamy look that had invaded your eyes earlier returned. You kissed me again, whispering "I love you" as you moved towards my lips.

When we broke apart, you pushed us both away from you. You positioned yourself so he was in front of you and I was behind. I saw you hand him something as I prepared my cock for entry. I swathed my dick with some lubricant as I saw him place whatever you handed him on his cock. Knowing your safety-conscious mind, I assumed it was a condom. He entered you and you gasped when he did. I was prepared to do the same as he started his motions. You stopped him to allow me an easier entry. I placed the head of my rod at your asshole and gently pushed. You groaned loudly as I pushed fully into your depths. I was ball deep in your ass when you motioned for him to move again. I waited and observed his pace for a moment before beginning my own thrusting. We set a rhythm as we alternated thrusts. Your gasps were so constant they nearly became one long moan as first he thrust in you, then I as he pulled out. You obviously liked this pace and attempted to keep up with mine, since you could only choose one to match.

Our pumping continued. I felt your ass muscles tighten around my dick and I knew you would be cumming again soon. You reached back and placed your hand behind my head. I started fucking your ass faster. He tried gamely to keep up the rhythm we had set earlier, but to no avail. The irregularity of our thrust set off your orgasm. You came in a tidlewave of pussy juice. I could feel it run between your legs and back to my balls. I covered your mouth to keep you from alerting the store's employees to our fun time. Your convulsing pussy was too much for him and he came into his rubber. He tried to keep fucking you at the pace he had set, but was unable to do so as his movements became erratic. Your anus squeezed my cock so tight I could barely move. When I did thrust your sphincter had latched onto me so tightly that it gave off the sensation of your asshole jacking me off. This was too much for me and I erupted sending my hot seed deep into you bowels. You used your anal muscles to squeeze my dick even tighter making the spurting that much more forceful out of the tip of my cock. Finally our cums subsided. Our friend left after kissing your hand and we got dressed and left soon after. Heading home with a wondrous glow thanks to a wondrous adventure.

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written by sweetness
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