Ted's House

I was over Ted's house, sitting with his wife Carrie as I waited for him to get home, when I started joking with her about oral sex.

"I love to get a buzz on and put my face in someone's crotch!" I said to her, with enough enthusiasm for her to pick up on it.

"How about my crotch, or maybe Ted's?" she joked back.

"I'd stick my face in Ted's crotch 10 times just to get it in yours once!" I laughed and said to her.


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"Ok, you can owe me!" Carrie said to me, teasing me with her voice but not as much as when I saw her pull her skirt up to her waist and sit there with her legs spread in front of me.

"Wouldn't you be surprised if I went over there and pulled your panties down, and then stuck my face in your pussy?" I teased back.

"I'd be surprised if you didn't!" she replied, looking at me now with this `you don't have the balls to' look on her face. I got up off my chair and walked over to her. Without hesitating I knelt down on the floor between her legs and then I reached up with my hands and took hold of her panties.

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"Ready?" I asked, smiling and looking into her face as I said that.

"I'm ready for you to eat my pussy! Are you ready to suck my husband's cock when he gets here?" Carrie asked me back, not smiling at me now, just looking at me.

"Ten times to your one!" I replied in a somewhat cocky voice, as if I was teasing her, or rather daring her to take me up on it. Just as I'd said that we heard the sound of the outside door opening in the other room.

"Ted's here! You can start with him, and then after you do it to me you'll only owe me 9 more times!" Carrie cheerfully said to me. I immediately stood up, not really knowing whether or not Carrie was serious, but also not wanting to take a chance and let Ted see me kneeling on the floor between his wife's legs. When Ted came into the room I was still standing, but I was walking back to my chair and I had my back to Carrie.

"Hi Ted!" I said to him, as he walked in.

"What's going on?" Ted replied, saying it as just a manner of speech.

"Come on and sit down, right here next to me." Carrie told him. Ted sat on the couch next to his wife and Carrie immediately placed her hand on his knee.

"Jim and I made a deal." She said to him.

"Oh yeah?" Ted answered with disinterest.

"Jim told me that he wanted to eat my pussy!" she continued. That got Ted's attention now.

"What?" he exclaimed.

"Jim told me that if I let him eat my pussy once, he would suck your cock 10 times! He's going to suck your cock now and then he can eat my pussy! Just think, he's going to owe you 9 more blowjobs!" Carrie told him, speaking quickly so that she could get it all out before he said anything.

"Is that right?" Ted said.

"Yes! I'll help you take your pants off so Jim can suck your cock!" Carrie enthusiastically told him. Carrie reached for Ted's belt as she told him that and I don't know if it was because Ted was taken by surprise, or if it was that he liked the idea, but he didn't move at all and he didn't say anything either, he just sat there and let Carrie take off his pants and underwear.

"There, now spread your legs so Jim can suck your cock!" Carrie brightly said, as she tossed Ted's underwear aside and sat down next to him. I hadn't said a thing since Ted came into the room, and I must have gone into some sort of trance as I sat watching and listening to them, because when Carrie said something to me I spoke first and then realized what I'd said.

"Ted's cock is kind of long! We can cancel the deal if it's too big for you and you don't want to put it in your mouth!" Carrie said to me.

"I want to put it in my mouth!" I blurted out.

"You do?" Carrie immediately asked, baiting me actually with the sympathetic and caring way in which she said it. Carrie's voice drew me into her, as did the expression I saw on her face as I sat looking at her there in front of me, and so I told her I wanted to suck it.

"Yes I do Carrie. It's so long and I want to put it in my mouth and suck it!" I told her.

"Go ahead, let me see you suck Ted's cock!" she said to me. I went over and knelt down in front of Ted and when I put his cock in my mouth and started to suck it I felt a rush of excitement shoot through me. When Ted's cock swelled and hardened in my mouth a minute later the excited feeling in me intensified even more, and I couldn't help letting them know it.

"I love sucking on his cock!" I said to Carrie, taking Ted's cock out of my mouth and holding it in my hand as I looked up at her.

"I love seeing you suck on his cock!" Carrie joked. Hearing her say that to me turned me on even more now.

"I'm going to suck on your husband's cock until it cums in my mouth Carrie. I want you to see his cock cum in my mouth!" I told her. I looked down at Ted's cock and let Carrie see me lick my tongue around the head and along the bottom of the shaft for awhile before I put it in my mouth again. Each time my lips slid down along the shaft of Ted's cock to where it filled my mouth and pressed against the back of my throat, I'd pause with them there for a few seconds and gently suck on it as I looked down at what stretched out from my mouth in front of me.

My mouth was full, with nowhere for his cock to go but into my throat, but each time I felt it there I looked at it and wanted more. How long Ted's cock really was I didn't know, seven inches maybe, perhaps longer, there seemed to be at least 4 inches my lips hadn't yet touched. The more the better, I began thinking as I looked at it. More for me and more for Carrie to see me swallow too! Thinking that Carrie would see me take Ted's entire cock into my mouth was enough to make me do it, so the next time I felt his cock touch the back of my throat, instead of pausing to suck on it, I let my lips slide down until they pressed against his body.

I felt Ted's cock stretch my throat as it moved down and filled it and then I remained still to think about the feeling his cock created in my neck with it there. It was as if a stake had been driven into me and I was helplessly hanging off of it by my head and neck. My eyes bulged open, staring straight ahead at what small part of his body I could see, with my mouth and jaws spread widely apart at the same time, pierced and stuffed by the rigid shaft which drove through and into my body. This was knew to me, the sensation I felt was unlike any other I'd known. I didn't feel strange though, not at all, but rather content I suppose I could say. Feeling his cock in my mouth and throat, knowing that his wife Carrie was there looking at me, whatever it was I liked it, that's all I knew.

As soon as Ted came in my mouth and I got up, Carrie told me she had to make dinner and that I could eat her pussy the next time I came over. That was fine with me, sucking Ted's cock turned out to be more than I expected, so not feeling disappointed, or anxious I agreed and left, saying that I'd be by the next day. The next day I went over to see Carrie and Ted, and like the day before, I sucked Ted's cock and then Carrie had to make dinner. I went back the next day and it was the same thing; I sucked his cock and Carrie made dinner. I went there the next 5 days in a row after that and every day was the same.

After the third day I realized that this was how it was going to be, always, but I let them think that I thought I was going to suck Ted's cock and then eat Carrie's pussy. About a month later I started joking with Carrie, telling her I'd sucked her husband's cock about 30 times now and she owed me 3 times of me eating her pussy. That became our standing joke after that and now that I've lost count of how many times Carrie owes me, I just make up a number. Carrie did mean to keep her part of the deal at first, but then she found out that she liked seeing me suck her husband's cock, he liked me sucking his cock, and I liked to suck his cock! So what the hell!

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written by frank
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