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Johnny and I had been friends for years, having lived next door to one another since third grade. We'd done it all together...homework, fights, girls. We'd become more like brothers then friends. It wasn't until we were 18 and graduating from high school that we began to go our separate ways. John had opted for a military career and had gone into the marines. I, on the other hand, had wanted to become a writer, so I had gone to the near-by college. It was close enough that I could still come home on the weekends if I wanted to. It was one such weekend that I found out what "sharing" was really about.

Diane (Johnny's mom...she'd let me call her by her first name ever since we'd gotten out of high school) had lost her husband in an accident not too long after Johnny had been born. In fact that was the reason she'd moved to our area...said she wanted to live in a place where she wouldn't be reminded of her husband. Since she was all alone, she usually depended, first on Johnny and then on me, to help with chores around the house. Since I was home this weekend with no plans, I'd promised her I'd cut her grass for her. I had just gotten up and, and after having showered, was in the process of getting dressed when I decided to look out my window at her back lawn to see how much work needed to be done. What I saw was something that I don't ever think forget as long as I live.

There, laying by the pool, were Diane and Tina (Johnny's girlfriend), naked as the day they were born!! They were both laid back on beach chairs and as best I could tell, Diane was using something long and black to fuck herself with, while Tina looked on. At first I thought it was a dildo, but as I watched, she pulled it out and rubbed it in the general area of where her clit should be, so I figured it must be a vibrator. I watched as Diane pleasured herself with the device, sliding it deeply into her cunt before pulling it out even more slowly.

I watched her fuck herself in this manner for a few more moments, before I shifted my gaze so that I could take in her whole body. I'd always joked with Johnny about how sexy his mom was, but now, seeing her nude, I realized that "sexy" barely did her justice. Diane was, at a size 22 (Johnny had told me her size when he'd bought her a dress for her birthday earlier this year), what most people considered fat, but I'd always preferred women that were full-figured. Judging by what I was seeing now, most of her size came from her tits. It was hard to judge their size due to the fact they had flopped to either side of her body, with her arms resting on them as used the vibe to work herself over. She'd always had a bit of a tummy, but it fit her...made her look even softer and more feminine. Her hips were wide as a result of childbirth, with a round, shapely behind bringing up the rear. Her legs were long and luscious, the kind that you see in the old pin-ups, with full thighs and round calves. Even her feet were sexy. And all this was wrapped in a creamy milk chocolate complexion, making her look as tasty as candy. I felt my dick get harder then it had ever been as I watched her pleasure herself, and I couldn't resist taking it out of my shorts and stroking it.


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Tearing my gaze from Diane's perfect form, I looked over at Tina to see what she was doing. Tina and Johnny had been together since she'd gone into high school and were going to get married as soon as she graduated this year. It was obvious that his mother had influenced Johnny when it came to his choice in women. While Tina didn't sport Diane's fullness, she certainly had nothing to be ashamed of. Short and solid, she had the type of curves that made a man do a double take. But where Diane carried a set of world class titties, Tina's greatest asset was just that...her ass! Full and round, it was the closest thing to perfection you could find. Johnny always said that she had the ass that thongs were designed for, and I was hard pressed to disagree. The rest of her mahogany covered body fit as well, with her thick legs, full bosom and long hair, Tina was the kind of girl you wanted on your arm or in your bed.

And now, as luck would have it, I was getting a very good view of her lovely ass. Tina was turning herself over in the chair, apparently having watched as much as she could stand of Diane pleasuring herself, was ready to go to work on her own pussy. Getting on her hands and knees, she reached between her legs with one hand, and over her ass with the other so that she could use both hands on her cunt. Or at least that's what I thought she was going to do. As I watched, she took the middle finger of her higher hand and pushed deeply into her asshole while, at the same time, she took the first two fingers of her other hand and started moving them in and out of pussy. It didn't take long before she started bucking herself back against her hands, driving herself into a frenzy.

The sight of these two women, masturbating with pure abandon, was driving me crazy. Standing up to get a chair, I slipped off my shorts and sat down so that I could really enjoy the show. I reached into my drawer and got out the lube I keep for when I convince a young lady to give me access to her "backdoor", and poured a little into the palm of my hand. Taking ahold of my throbbing cock, I began to stroke it slowly, rubbing my hand up and down the entire length of it. As I watch the girls, I imagined myself there with them, sucking and fucking the both of them. The very thought and the images it produced almost made me cum right then and there, but I was determined to finish out the session with my two new jack-off buddies.

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While I watched and stroked myself, I noticed that Tina had turned her head, so that she and Diane could look each other in the eye as they brought themselves to climax. Diane, for her part, was working the vibe steadily in and out of her hole, making it glisten with her juice as she got closer and closer to orgasm. Tina's fingers were also shining as she shoved them faster and faster in and out of her cunt. I joined them, stroking myself in the way that I know will make me cum. Soon I could see from my vantage point that both Diane's and Tina's bodies were stiffening, a sure sign that they had started to orgasm. In fact, Diane's face began to change, evidence that she had brought herself to satisfaction. I couldn't see Tina's face, but judging by the way her back arched, she was also on the way to pure bliss.

That was all I could stand. Without warning, my cock exploded with cum. I pumped it hard, watching as it shot out of the head and onto the floor in front of me. Unfortunately, it had been a few months since I'd came, so I had quite a load to expel. After what seemed like forever, the orgasm stopped and I had a puddle of cum at my feet. I looked out the window to see what the ladies were doing, expecting to see them locked in a passionate embrace, but what I saw was far from that. They were both standing beside their chairs, in the process of putting on their bathing suits. They were talking about something, but they were too far away for me to hear it. Once they were dressed, they headed into the house.

I grabbed a towel and cleaned up my mess, all the while wondering if I'd ever get the chance to see a scene like this again. Little did I know that I was destined for bigger and better things...

Once I'd gotten myself together and finished dressing, I headed over to Diane's house. As I walked, I wondered how I'd react to seeing them now...would I give myself away, or could I keep my cool. I knew that if I said something about what I'd seen, it would embarrass them and Diane would probably bar me from her house. Since that was something I didn't want to happen, I decided to keep my silence.

I figured I'd go though the front door, instead of heading right to the backyard, just in case they decided to go for another session. Diane answered the door, still wearing the same sundress from earlier. She gave me a hug and I could feel myself harden when her still hard nipples pressed into my chest. As she backed up and walked away, leading me to the back door, my eyes were glued to her lovely ass as it swayed back and forth, jiggling slightly from her lack of panties. I was so entranced, I almost didn't hear Tina say hello.

"Hi." I said, thankful for my long tee shirt, which covered my growing erection. Seeing Tina in her sundress didn't help matters any. Her dress seemed too be a size to small, causing it to cling to the outline of her body in a very sexy manner.

"Hi, yourself. Come to cut mama's grass?" Tina had referred to Diane as "Mama" almost from day one.

"Yeah, I took a look out my window at your backyard a little while ago and I could see where it needed it, so here I am."

"Oh, really? How long ago?" Tina asked nervously, looking at Diane.

Seeing that I may have opened the one door I didn't want to, I said, "I'm not's been awhile, why?"

Diane stepped closer to me and said, "Tina's just worried that you may have seen us in can I say this? Well, to put it bluntly, we decided to take a chance today and sunbathe in the nude."

Deciding to put on a show, I looked at them both and said in my best shocked voice "Really? I'm surprised at you two! Suppose someone looked over your fence?" Tina stood there, looking at the ground, with a shamed look on her face. Diane on the other hand looked as composed as ever, probably thanks to 20 years of experience that I have yet to live though.

"Now don't tell me you're turning into a prude on me? All "someone", as you put it, would see would be two women nude, enjoying the sun. You didn't think it was so wrong to look at it in those magazine's I caught you and Johnny with years ago." she said, smiling.

I had to admit she had me there. And because of what she said, I made what I thought at the time was the biggest mistake of my life. "Yeah, well, that was different." I said, defiantly. "Besides, those girls weren't doing what you two were!"

As soon as I said it, I wanted to pull the words back into my mouth. Tina was staring at me, with her mouth wide open and her eyes bulging. Diane had simply closed her mouth and was looking at me, as though she was waiting for me to say something else. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to look at you guys. Really, I had just gotten out of the shower and was looking at your backyard to see how much work I had to do."

"Did you stop looking when you saw what we were doing?" Diane asked.

"No, I didn't." I mumbled, looking down at the floor much like Tina was a few minutes ago.

"And how did it make you feel? Seeing us like that, I mean."

"I don't understand."

"Well...did it disgust you? Did it turn you on? What did you do while you watched us?" Diane said, stepping closer to me.

I stole a glance at Tina, and was surprised to see that her expression had changed, as well as her body language. Her face was now full of curiosity and almost a hint of lust. "Well," I began. "It made me excited...horny even."

"I see. Did your cock get hard?" Diane asked, looking at my crotch.

"Yeah, yeah it did. So hard I had to take it out and stroke it." I didn't know where this was leading, but I figured I might as well play along. Especially since it looked like the both of them were getting hornier and hornier by the minute.

"I see...did you cum?" Diane asked.

"Yes...almost at the same time you two did."

"Hmmmm...I would have loved to see that. Do you think you can get it up again?" Tina said, coming towards me.

I looked back and forth between the two of them and said, "What's going on here? Are you two trying to trick me or something?"

"No, not at all." Diane said as she undid a few of the buttons on her dress. When she'd gotten to the fifth button, she pulled the dress off her shoulders, allowing it to flow down the length of her body to the floor. This, of course, left her standing before me nude except for a pair of sandals. "The fact is, Tina hasn't had any dick since Johnny left six months ago, and I haven't been with a man in almost a year. So we are both understandably horny. That was the reason for our..."session" this morning. A session inspired by you, as a matter of fact."

"Me?" I looked back at Tina, and found to my surprise that she had also removed her dress and was now as naked as Diane. Almost against my will, my cock began to grow even harder then it was before.

"Yes. We were outside talking about the fact that you would be coming over to cut the grass. Then Tina told me how she'd always wanted to fuck you, ever since she'd met you. I also admitted to her that I'd been curious about your skills as well. One thing led to another, and I had to pull out my trusty vibe. But enough talk...judging by the bulge in your pants and the wetness of my pussy, it's time to bring our fantasies to life. And don't act like you don't want this...we've both seen you sneaking looks at us. Trying to see down my shirt, watching Tina as she walks somewhere. Trust me, this will be the best thing for all of'll get your fantasy women, and we'll get the dick we need."

I had to admit her argument was convincing...but then, she could have recited the alphabet and I'd have been ready to fuck. So without further hesitation, I pulled Diane into my arms and gave her a deep, passionate kiss, which she returned in kind. After a few moments, I felt Tina come behind me and begin to kiss me lightly and my neck and ears. Gripping my shoulders, Tina began to pull me backward towards the large table that sat between the living room and family room. When we'd reached it, I felt her slide onto the table, where she then pulled me between her spread legs. I could feel the heat of her cunt on my back, even though my shirt.

Once we were situated, Diane stepped back out of my arms, and knelt before me. Taking my shorts and underwear in her hands and pulled them down, exposing my rock hard cock to her eyes. She leaned close, almost as if she were inspecting it, before giving the head a kiss. The then returned her attentions to the removal of my clothes. She untied my tennis shoes and pulled them off with my socks. At the same time, Tina reached down and grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it straight up and off my body. Now, thanks to my two newfound lovers, I was just as naked as they were.

Diane stood and stepped back so that she could take in the entire scene. Rubbing her hand between her legs, she said, "My, you have grown up to be quite a sexy man. I'm really going to enjoy this!"

Kneeling back down in front of me and gripping my thighs, Diane took my aching dick into her mouth. Her mouth was so warm and wet, it was all I could do not to pop my load right there. She used all of her experience on me, giving me a slow, sensuous blowjob. Not once did she use her hands...instead she simply moved her head back and forth, taking as much or as little of my cock into her mouth as she desired. At one point, she took all eight of my inches into her mouth and used her tongue to stimulate the underside of my dick. As soon as she felt I was about to cum, she stopped what she was doing and pulled her mouth off me. When I'd calmed down, she would start all over again.

Tina, meanwhile, seemed to be content with the feeling of having a man between her legs, as well as the show that was going on in my pelvic area. She would alternate between kissing my neck, my ears or my mouth, to simply watching as Diane blew me. She even reached down at one point and took my cock and her hand and stroked it, as Diane sucked on the head.

After a short time, Diane leaned back and told Tina that she really should taste my cock. So Tina scooted back even further on the table, pulling me back until I was lying flat on my back. She then slid down the length of my body, taking my cock into her mouth. Diane climbed up onto the table to join us (I was thankful that this was one of those antique solid oak could handle all the weight that was on it). Once she gotten up with us, she gave me a full kiss on the mouth, shooting her tongue deep inside. Then she sat back onto her rear end and played with her cunt as she watched Tina blow me.

Tina was a very good cocksucker, although not in Diane's class. Tina's sucking was more straightforward in and out style, with her using her hand to pump me at the base. It felt great, but I knew the time was coming for me to put my cock into somebody's pussy. I felt something pushing at my mouth, so I opened my eyes and found myself staring right at Diane's left tit, which was dangling over my face. Grabbing it with both hands, I moved the hard nipple to my mouth, taking it with my teeth and pulling it slightly. This made her moan as she ground the tit down onto my face.

Tina took her mouth off my cock and began to use her hand to jerk me off as she watched my suck Diane's tits. I let this go on for a while, until finally I'd waited as long as I could. Taking the nipple out of my mouth, I told Tina sit on my dick and ride me for awhile. Smiling, she got on her hands and knees and positioned her pussy over my dick. Gripping it by the base, she guided it into herself as she sat down on my hips. Once it was completely engulfed by her cunt, she closed her eyes and sat there for a few minutes, moaning to herself as she savored the feeling of having a cock inside her. Slowly, she began to rock back and forth, moving my cock across the lips of her pussy. I could actually feel her juices running down my dick as she fucked me.

Once Tina began her ride, Diane removed her tit from my mouth and laid down on the table beside me, joining me in watching my cock appear and disappear in Tina's love hole. She laid her head on my shoulder and, after spreading her legs, began once again to play with her clit. Seeing an opportunity, I reached up with my free arm and got hold of one of Tina's swinging tits. With my other hand, I reached around and underneath Diane, so that I could grab one of her tits as well. As I lay there, I realized how lucky I was. My first three-some and I was doing it with my best friend's mother and girl friend!

The sight and knowledge of what was going on must have gotten to them as well, because soon both of them began to move their hips faster and faster, coming closer and closer to orgasm. Tina was the first, her body tightening as the orgasm ran though her body. When it had subsided, she resumed her bouncing on my peter. Diane was more vocal with her cum, screaming at the top of her lungs "OH, SHIT! I'M CUMMMMING!"

Soon, I felt the cum begin to rise from my balls as well, and I knew that I had to have some of Diane's pussy before I shot my load, so I gently slid Tina off and then climbed down off the table. Standing at the edge of the table, I pulled Diane around so that her bottom half was facing me. Once I had her in position, I slide my dick into her soaking wet pussy to the hilt. Her cunt was much tighter then I expected and, had she not been so wet, I might not have gotten in. But I was, and I intended to take full advantage of it. As soon as my dick had entered her, Diane began to beg me to fuck her hard..."pound the hell out of my pussy!" was the exact way she put it. Well, I've never been one to disappoint a lady, so I got right to work. Resting her legs on my shoulders, I grabbed her hips and started fucking her as hard as I could. The room began to echo with the sound of our bodies slapping together.

"Yes, Yes! That's it! Give Mama a good fucking!" Tina said from her vantage point. She'd gotten on her knees along side and was using one hand to rub her cunt and the other hand to pinch her rock hard nipples as she watched her future mother-in-law on the receiving end of a royal fuck.

Finally, I couldn't hold back anymore and felt myself on the verge of cumming. Diane must have sensed it as well, because she said, "Pull it out! I want to see you cum! Please, cum on me!"

So intense were the sensations I was feeling, I couldn't even speak. I simply pulled my cock out and shot my load on her stomach and tits. Tina even grabbed my cock and milked it, making sure every drop came out. Diane seemed to cum every time a drop of my love juice hit her flesh. Her body jerked and moved around in such a way, I knew she was having one hell of an orgasm.

When she was able to speak, Diane looked up at me and said, "I know I don't have to tell you not to breathe a word of this to know he wouldn't understand our...arrangement."

"Arrangement?" I whispered.

"Yes...did you think this would be a one time thing? Oh no, we are going to need your services on regular basis. You can think of it as part of the "house work" you do for me. In fact, I'm hoping to have another session with you later tonight."

I knew there was no point in arguing...when Diane made her mind up, she usually got her way. So when I had the strength to move, I nodded and staggered over to the couch and sat down, wondering where I was going to get the energy to cut the grass and then service these two horny women...

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written by jackstart
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