My Wife with three Frat Brothers

My wife and I have an incredible sex life but lately we've both been pushing the envelope to get more daring. First off, we've been married 3 years but have known each other sexually for close to eight years. My wife is a compact but extremely hot blond standing 5 feet and about 110lbs with nice 36 C breasts that fit her perfectly. She is the best I've ever had sucking my cock. Although she can give off an innocent first impression she has a sensual and erotic side that will make any man rock hard if she revealed it to him. I love to get her worked up during our marathon fuck sessions and when I do she expresses her desire for a big, nice looking cock to fuck her while I watch or participate. The scenarios we play out get her and I so worked up that we end up really wanting them to take place but the opportunity never presents itself. Until just recently...

My job requires me to be outside quite often and on this particular morning my wife Paula and I had been in the midst of a fuck session that started at midnight and was still hot and heavy when I had to leave for the office at 6:30 the next morning. Well, I had already been briefed the day prior that my assignment for the day was to inspect the exterior of one of the local Universities frat houses on "frat row" in the middle of downtown. I work solo so the opportunity had presented itself to spice things up. Paula , still needing cock and being as wet as ever opted to play hookie from her job and come "visit me" while I was working for a little outdoor encounter. I was more than interested and gave her the address and told her to dress the part. She knew exactly what to wear. She put on black pumps a very short black skirt and a tight fitting white tank with spaghetti straps. In addition to what she wore, it was what she didn't wear that added to the outfit. She went without panties and bra which meant easy access and that her gorgeous breasts would show through.

Paula looked like she was ready to get off (which she was) but in the event of an unexpected occurrence she still could carry herself as a woman who should be respected. Her breasts however, stood out very nicely through the tanks fabric, revealing very well defined nipples that when she gave a profile would automatically make my cock rock hard. I knew any man looking for a action might very well make a play on her and as hot as my wife was I wasn't sure what she'd do with that. The possibilities both worried and excited me.

I headed off to work with an agreement that she would meet me at the frat house in 2 hours because by then my job would be near completion and we could pick up where we left off, only now it would be outside and in the middle of downtown.


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Well, time passed and the job on this sweltering day was almost complete and Paula was yet to arrive. I packed my equipment and loaded it into my truck still looking up and down the "row" for our car. No sign. On my final trip to my vehicle I noticed a car resembling ours parked one block down. Maybe

Paula was confused by my directions and was searching for me a block away. I locked my truck and walked down to find her.

I discovered the car was ours but no Paula was to be found. I looked at the large white house before me and immediately recognized it as on of the more notorious frats on the row. I heard voices in the backyard and decided that instead of knocking on the front door I would walk up to the tall wooden privacy fence and check out the situation.

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In the backyard I noticed 3 well tanned and athletic looking men in their early to mid twenties standing out side a hot tub talking to someone. They seemed to be explaining directions as one interjected, "You missed it by about a block", then another, "Yeah, but lucky for us you did. We needed a dose of female company for our hot tub session, right Kevin?" Then the last one spoke up, "Yeah Tim, especially something as this. Damn, you look fine as hell sweetheart. "

Then I heard Paula's voice, "Look, you're all fine looking men but my husband is expecting me. Did you say it's right down the street?" Kevin answered "Yeah we did, but he's bound to see your car parked out front and stop in to see if you're here. Why not hang here for a few? We've got drinks as well as few other intoxicants you might enjoy. Some may loosen you up a bit for hubby."

After adjusting my position I gained a view that pretty much enabled me to see the entire back yard with no obstructions. With the shadows provided by the neighboring building, I was completely hidden from view. This was a prime location to observe how Paula would react to 3 well equipped men attempting to seduce her.

I could sense from their stares that Paula's outfit was motivating them to convince her to stay. The summer heat was bringing out tiny beads of sweat from the four of them causing the tanned skin of Tim, Kevin, and the yet unnamed ripped body to shine. Meanwhile, the sweat my wife was producing acted like a wet t contest bringing her fine breasts out through the thin white tank. Paula's apprehension showed that she knew it too. "Really guys, I appreciate your help and hospitality but he's got to be wondering by now."

"Wondering what?" asked Tim, "Wondering why you're late?" Kevin interrupted, "Hey, Jim! Bring our guest a drink. Make it a screwdriver, one more stiff tool out here ain't gonna hurt her none." "Really guys, I need to go, thanks for the help." As Paula turned to leave she walked right into Tim, his tight, black birdwell swim trunks could hardly conceal the large contours his cock was beginning to make.

When Paula collided with Tim his arms embraced her shoulders and she braced herself by grabbing his waist. "Sorry, I wasn't looking." "It's quite alright. (Ever so slightly he began to grind his hips into hers)

"Maybe you should look. It might change your mind." Paula backed off and as she did, Tim slid her hand along the outline of his well defined cock, all the while making it seem unintentional. The touch immediately made Paula look down to inspect what she just felt.

Just at that moment, Jim, the third hard body, returned, "Try this at least babe, I can make a drink that'll make you think you're floating on a cloud." Paula turned and politely took the drink, sipping it, "Really, I must be going, thanks for everything." "But we haven't even started to give you everything. "said Tim. He reached out and caressed the outside of her thigh, riding his hand up just to the hem of her skirt and slid it just under the material. Paula shuddered and unconsciously closed eyes briefly as her lips parted slightly. At this point I saw Kevin step up, putting his large hand on her shoulder. I could feel my cock growing inside my khakis, throbbing at the scene before me. Paula was getting in deep despite her half hearted efforts to get away. Paula then spoke up " I'm..not...kidding....I must be going....please..." Kevin (the larger of the three) stepped closer, and he was 2 feet from my position behind the fence, as he bent down to lightly kiss Paula on the back of the neck as he whispered, "This is exactly where you want to be. Isn't it?" As he stepped in behind her and ground into her ass I heard her breath out the reply "yessssssss.....".

Upon checking out Kevin you notice his impressive build and size. He stood about 6'3" and appeared to weigh in at 250+lbs. He was extremely well defined and his muscles rippled beneath his tanned skin. With his body and dirty blond shoulderlength hair pulled back in a pony tail he was an intimidating figure. I knew by looking at him that he had what Paula had so often fantasized about with me.

Paula sank back against him slowly as his hands made their way around to the front of her skirt making his way beneath it.

Baby, you must have come this way to be treated right, looking like you do, and no panties. Fellas, let me tell you what I feel (his hands were caressing under the skirt). I feel a nice...trim...wet...very wet...pussy." " Seems to me our company is seeking satisfaction."

Jim stepped to the front of her. Slightly shorter than Kevin with shoulder length black hair and the face of a model, Jim looked as if this wasn't his first time seducing a reluctant female. Jim began caressing Paula's breasts through her tank, squeezing her nipples ever so gently. Then leaning down, he kissed her as Paula's mouth instinctively opened, her tongue meeting his. Quickly and suddenly Paula pulled away, looking Jim in the eyes , "I can't do husband...." She then leaned back into Kevin's arms as he began to kiss her neck and hold her by the waist.

Paula's resistance was broken. I stood and watched as my wife gave in to the seduction of 3 young studs. I watched her begin to surrender willingly. She reached behind her as Kevin worked his hands under her tank. Paula found his cock and began to stroke the swell it was giving his shorts. A low moan escaped from her mouth as she tried to encircle it with her hand through the fabric. I could tell from her reaction that she was caught off guard by the size of it. Meanwhile, Tim had stepped in and had sat down between Jim and Paula. Slowly, he started to kiss his way up her leg to the inside of her thigh as she parted her stance to allow him better access.

Caressing one thigh with both hands, Tim slowly worked his way up to the hem of her skirt. Kissing lightly on her inner thigh, I could see his tongue darting, licking, and tasting the shine that was forming on her skin as the heat and the situation was getting her worked up. I could sense that Tim had started to work on her pussy. Paula, still enjoying the attention from Kevin and Jim, threw her head back and moaned deeply. Then she looked at Tim below them and whispered, "Yessssss...oh my feels so..mmmmmmmm." The replies to Tim's fingers were stopped by Jim's mouth over hers as their tongues began to dart in and out.

At this point I was very turned on by what was happening before me. My cock felt harder than it ever had before and I could literally feel precum dripping from the head. It wanted to be released but I waited and focused more on my wife and the cocks surrounding her.

Tim was just the right height for what he was doing to Paula. He had sat down between the three of them, his legs extended out between Jims. Paula had stradled Tim's face and his upturned mouth placed firmly on her soaked pussy. He knew what he was doing because she was forced to stop her activities with Kevin and Jim more than once and express her pleasure. "That's right....mmmmmmm...yeah baby....ohhhhhhh....". Her encouragement only made him work her more , using fingers and his mouth to get her aching and ready for what was to come.

At that moment Tim slid out from under her and stepped away, pausing to admire what was taking place before him much like I was.

Paula was being held by the hips by Jim as his mouth slowly fucked hers. With their lips barely touching , Jim's tongue danced with Paula's as he began to grind into her. My wife was in a very pleasurable position. Kevin, standing behind her , had lifted her tank exposing her breasts and started working them to perfection. Her sweat acting to bring out the tan she had just recently earned and making her glisten in the afternoon sun.

Paula, leaning against Kevin's muscular chest, had reached behind her and began to unbutton his bathing suit. Once she had managed to open the fly of his trunks she snaked her hand inside to finally hold what had ground into her ass so well. A gasp came from her mouth as she turned her head away from Jim and looked up at Kevin with a dazed expression. Kevin looked down at her and grinned seductively, bent his head down and snaked his tongue to hers as she slowly turned her body to face him. As Paula directed her attention to Kevin she pulled on the strings of his bathing suit opening the front completely and allowing his cock to be pulled free.

Not yet fully erect it looked massive. At this point it appeared to be 6 inches in length and at least 5 inches around. Paula could hardly get her hand around it as she started to slowly stroke it to it's full size. Paula stroked it, now with both hands as she watched it expand for her. By now Kevin was a nice, and thick 9 inches of impressive rock hard meat.

Paula appeared mesmerized by his thick cock. She gazed at it, seemingly inspecting every inch of it while she Cradled it in the palms of her hands. Kevin then placed a finger under Paula's chin and guided her to kiss him deep. After a long and passion filled kiss I heard Paula whisper to him, " Damn, you've got a nice cock. " Then my wife bent down to place her mouth right on the tip, kissing it gently, then running the tip of her tongue along it's length. I knew Kevin would soon find out what I already knew. There is no one out there who goes down better than Paula. She slowly licked her way down to the base while cupping his huge balls in one hand, caressing them softly. Kevin let out a low moan, obviously the work she was doing on him.

Almost forgotten but still in the mix were other 2 studs. Jim and Tim stood by watching as Paula made Kevin feel like he never had before. It didn't take long for Tim to step in behind her.

Tim was about my height, 5'7", but extremely well defined and muscular leading me to believe he was a wrestler in high school if not for the University itself. His tan and short black hair gave him the look of a gymnast and the type my wife gets wet for.

Tim slowly untied his trunks and stepped out of them revealing a thick cock measuring 7 plus inches and thick though not nearly the girth of Kevin. He then stepped up to my wife's ass which was barely covered by the sheer fabric of her skirt and raised it slightly while his other hand took the head of his cock and traced the outside of her moist pussy with it, lubing his rod with her juices. Paula paused from Kevin's cock and looked back at Tim, then grinding her hips back at him she turned to go back to satisfying the large shaft in front of her. With that Tim entered my wife as she gasped and threw her head back the forward into Kevin's crotch as he sank it in to the hilt and began to fuck Paula right before my eyes.

I watched as Paula got off on the cocks and hard bodies behind the frat house when suddenly I was startled by a voice behind me, "Enjoying yourself buddy?", I turned to see Jim less than a foot from my face. Nervous, I answered, "Just looking for my wife....I think I found her."

"That's your babe in there?" Jim looked surprised, as if the advantage now shifted to me. "Yeah, I left her pretty hot this morning and now it seems she's making up for it." Jim looked at me then through the fence at my wife taking his two frat brothers. "Follow me, I have an idea."

Things were looking to get a bit more interesting..........

Jim led me down the narrow alley towards the front of the house then around to the side yard gate and into the back yard. Jim, still in his shorts, put a finger to his lips then pointed to a spot for me to stand out of Paula's view.

Paula was becoming extremely hot and fucking like I'd never seen before. Jim then walked up to the 3some, leaned down, put his hand on my wife's chin and guided her mouth to his. After a brief but very deep kiss. Jim broke it off and asked , "Paula, where exactly were you supposed to meet your husband?" Paula, still being filled by Tim and lightly stroking Kevin, stammered briefly, "Who...? Oh, I'm not sure......mmmmmmm....Oh baby...yes...shit, your cock feels sooooo fucking goood!!!" Paula had turned to look at Tim and licked her lips. "This is where I want to be now...I don't need or want to be anywhere but here.....right here....mmmmmmmmmm...." Then she turned to Kevin's fat cock and started to devour it lustfully.

As Paula began on Kevin once more, Jim spoke up, "Bring over to the hot tub fellas." Kevin scooped her up in his thick arms, the two of them locked in a passionate kiss. Kevin carried her over to the above ground jacuzzi, sitting Paula on the edge of the wood deck surrounding it and standing between her legs. Kevin, stroked his cock intently and stepped in closer as he rubbed the thick head against the crease of her wet pussy. Paula immediately let out a deep moan and looked straight into Kevin's eyes. "Your cock feels so fucking good right there baby. Rub my clit with it. you feel so fucking good....SHIT YOUR COCK FEELS SO GOOOOOOOD....mmmmmmm" Paula lifted her hips and began to buck them up at Kevin's cock. Although I was less than 5 feet from my sexy and nearly out of control wife she was totally oblivious my being there. Paula could only see Kevin right now. I knew it was his cock she wanted. It was perfect in size and proportion. 9 rock hard inches and the thickness was exactly what caused her to give herself to him. She has always been turned on by thick gorgeous cocks and this was the best I had ever seen with her including the various fuck flicks we've watched together. Kevin slowly slipped the head as she cut her eyes at him and pursed her lips ever so seductively. "God yes..give it to me....I want it....I need it.." . She pressed her hips forward to take more in as Kevin slowly fed her inch by thick inch.

I could see the thick white cream of Paula's soaked pussy coating Kevin's cock as it moved in and out of her , giving more to her with each thrust. Juices coated the inside of her thighs and her pussy glistened in the sunlight as Kevin leaned back to look her body over.

While the head of his cock was positioned just outside of her he reached down and worked three fingers inside her while she ground against them. Then he would pull them out covered with her creamy juices. Kevin grabbed his cock and stroked her clit with it as he rubbed his hand over her chest smearing her juice on her chest giving her body a shine that made her look even more fuckable to those of us watching the scene before us.

Tim came up to Kevin and Paula , jumped up on the tub's deck and put one leg on either side of her while sitting down directly behind her head. Reaching down to her breasts he grabbed her tank in the middle of the collar and violently ripped it open down the middle revealing her lovely breasts. Paula at first gasped aloud at Tim's sudden movement then turned her head to kiss him. As she did however, her eyes turned right in my direction with Jim standing right beside me.

Jim immediately spoke up, " Well, hot thing, looks like you've got company." Paula looked towards Jim while Kevin slowly sank his cock into her and Tim massaged her well lubed breasts.

" Recognize our guest here baby?" Jim nodded in my direction , "Because if you don't I'll show him the door."

My wife, getting satisfied in more ways than she could have ever dreamed, looked at me seductively and replied ,"He looks familiar.....why don't you let him watch..."

Jim turned to me and pointed to the corner of the fence about 10 feet away, " Why don't you go stand over there and watch her get what she wants. Just be sure to stay out of the way. Paula the turned her steel gaze from me and looked up at Kevin innocently. "Damn your cock feels so fucking good. It's so big baby....God I love it so much." Kevin then began to fuck her steady with long, slow strokes giving her every inch on the downstroke and drawing to the head on the up. "God yes....mmmmmm.that's it...give it to're fucking me sooooo good..."

Tim then eased Paula back until she was lying with her head at the edge of the jacuzzi and her legs wrapped around Kevin's back. Jim stepped up on the deck and kneeling over her, pulled his cock from his shorts and stroked it semi hard only inches from her face. Paula reached out and guided the swelling shaft to her mouth , kissing it gently. She began working Jim over until he was rock hard. She took him all in and Jim groaned, " OH shit yeah, that's it baby, suck me good..."

Tim, feeling left out, stepped up to the edge of the deck and placed his cock against Paula's hand as she then encircled it and slowly stroked it.

My cock was straining to come out and I grabbed it through my pants squeezing it , then I brought it out stroking it to release some of my cum. The scene playing out before me would not allow my cock to be anything but rock hard.

As each stud gave her all they had she writhed beneath them giving back. Paula's bodyshined and bucked up into Kevin as their moans could be heard then a gasp from my wife as she pulled Jim from her mouth. " OH GOD BABY...YES...FUCK ME....FUCK ME GOOD LIKE THAT ...OH MY ...DO IT KEVIN!!!!!!!!!....DO IT!!!!" She started to meet his thrusts with more energy and as The others backed off she wrapped her arms around Kevin's shoulders and rode him back as he pounded into her. "GOD KEVIN!!!!! I'M GOING TO CUM.......Oh fucking good, so fucking deep...fuck me!!! Ohhhhhhhh....I'm cumming baby....all.....over....that.....sweet.....cock!!!!!"

She shook violently then held Kevin tight as he kissed her deeper and harder than anytime before it. Her hips continued to grind him then suddenly he pulled away and his cock fell out as Paula continued to fuck air almost reflexively. Her face showed pure disapointment, "Come on....somebody...please...Jim....Kevin....Tim....someone give me cock....I want it so bad..."

Jim stepped between Paula's legs stroking a thick 7 1/2 inch cock and slid it into her effortlessly to Paula's enjoyment. She wrapped her legs around him and then the two of them fucked with a steady rhythm. Then it dawned on me why Kevin pulled out. He wanted Paula's sweet mouth on his cock . Kevin came around to Paula's side and stood there stroking his thick meat still slick from her juices. Paula was unaware of Kevin standing with his cock inches from her face. She was, at the moment, absorbed by th awesome fucking she was receiving from Jim.

Suddenly and without warning Kevin put his hand behind Paula's head, grabbed a handful of her shoulder length blonde hair and pulled her head to his cock, his fat head rubbing her cheek and sliding over her face. Then he turned to me , " Does this fuck machine belong to you or do you just enjoy watching us work this girl over?" Being caught off guard, I was struck speechless and continued to stare at the massive piece of meat he held against her face. Just then, my wife spoke up, turning her eyes to Kevin as she grasped his cock, " I don't belong to anyone, but right now I'll do anything you want, including sucking this wonderful cock of yours. Is that what you want baby? Because it's what I want. " Paula took his piece and ran her tongue along the shaft, her fingers unable to encircle it. Then slowly licking up to the head, looking Kevin seductively in the eyes, she took it in. Paula closed her eyes slowly, beginning to make love to the large cock in her hands. I watched spellbound as my wife turned slut sucked Kevin like he had never experienced before.

Jim had slowed his pace but continued to feed my wife's soaked pussy with long deliberate strokes. Paula moaned through Kevin's cock as it filled her mouth and she neared another orgasm by Jim's cock. Paula opened her eyes and gazed at me her eyes were glazed over in ecstasy. I could tell this is what she wanted . This is what she craved for so long never expecting it to happen as it was. I could see by the look she gave me that she was getting off like she never had.

Kevin was on cloud 9. His large cock was throbbing in my wife's hands. "God Damn baby, you're fucking good...too bad this wasn't one of our parties, you'd have you're pick of any man in the house. " "Really? Are there any more like you Kevin?" "A few, a couple might be a little more impressive than myself. Maybe I'll introduce you to them. Would you like that? " "God yes, you and your friends are getting me off so good baby. This can't be a one time fuck for me...."

Paula turned her attention to Jim, who was fucking her steadily and the pace was slowly taking her there once again to my amazement. "Jim, your cock is filling me up baby. Keep it up...just like're gonna make me cum again."

Kevin encouraged Jim to get my hot wife off once more, "Fuck her Jim, do her just like she wants..I want her to cum while she's getting me off.....That's it Paula, suck me, I want you to taste me right now."

Paula devoured Kevin's meat as Jim worked her pussy to perfection. She ground her hips up at him and soon they started to quiver, slowly building in intensity. Her moans became more and more passionate and suddenly she grabbed Kevin by his tight ass and pulled him closer. Thrusting her pussy at Jim she started to up the tempo in their fucking and furiously work on Kevin's 8 plus inches. Then she pulled away briefly, looking at Jim. "Fuck me Jim....oh God..please fuck me good...yessss...oh yeah, I'm cumming're doing it....OH GOD, I'M CUMMMMMINNNG!!!!!!!!!" Paula then turned lustfully to Kevin's rock hard cock and with one hand cradling his balls and the other milking the shaft, she took it in her mouth, her tongue swirling around the head as she sucked with a desire I've never seen her express for me. The job Paula was working on Kevin was driving him crazy. He started to grind his hips at her and he groaned aloud in his satisfaction. Kevin tightened his grip on the back of my wife's head and drove his cock further into her loving mouth.

Then I saw it, ...a thick white cream began to seep from the corner of Paula's mouth. Kevin was cumming hard and she was trying to drink every bit of it for him. I was beginning to see my wife express a lustful desire for Kevin and his cock that concerned yet excited me. She loved his cock and was treating it like it was her master. Not losing her pace, Paula took the shaft from her mouth as cum still poured from it and stroked it while holding it against her chest. She spread the cum on her breasts as she milked every drop from the massive piece. Pursing her lips while trying to regain her breath caused the thick cream to drip from her mouth. She had just took the most cum I've ever seen and she loved it all. Paula then took the head of his cock in her mouth once more to suck it dry as Kevin shuddered and his meat lost it's stiffness while maintaining most of it's size.

Jim started to grunt as he worked his cock into her. "Yeah baby, are so fucking hot! I'm gonna cum sweet heart!!!! Damn your pussy feels so good." Paula looked at Jim, "Fill it baby, fill me with it, I want to feel you. Fuck me Jim, fuck me just like that!"

Jim couldn't stand it any longer. Thrusting harder and deeper he looked down at my wife's slick, shining body. Her sweat and Kevin's cum were all over her and she looked so fucking hot. He began to bury his cock into her, then stopped as he let out a deep groan. Paula's mouth slowly opened, her eyes grew wide and she cried out "Oh yes, all of it, oh yeah, I feel it baby, I feel it....give me all of it....Oh Gawd.....I'm going to cum with you ....damn you feel so gooood......mmmmmmm." Jim felt it too. "Damn baby, your pussy's so fucking tight,'s sucking my cock dry..motherfucker.....shit...."

Kevin backed off as Paula reluctantly released his cock and reached out to Jim, pulling him closer and continuing to thrust her hips as they came together. It was a scene I'll never forget. My wife looked so fucking sexy with her legs wrapped around Jim's athletic body, both of them soaked in sweat and kissing deep and hard as their bodies flexed in time with one another. Nothing else existed but the two of them.

Then the silence of the moment was broken with a single voice. "You sure put on a hot show babe. Ready for one more scene before we shut down the stage?" We all turned and saw Tim standing there. He had discarded his shorts and stood there naked, his ripped and sweaty body flexed as he stroked a thick , shaved, 7 inch cock as he looked Paula over. Jim and Kevin smiled as Kevin handed her a towel and with her eyes locked on Tim's she wiped her face off discarded the rag , stood up, and walked by me towards Tim. Tim met her halfway next to a large picnic table in the yard. They embraced and began to kiss one another very deeply as if they were reunited from a long separation. Tim's arms wrapped around her and gently caressed her back as they slid down to her ass where he then pulled her close and they both began an erotic grind on each other.

Paula reached down for Tim's cock and put it against her pussy rubbing it up and down the opening and putting a slick cream all over it. Paula then broke the kiss, looked Tim in the eyes and whispered "I want your cock inside me." Then she turned and leaned on the table directly behind her. Tim lifted her skirt once more and worked his cock against her pussy lips, soaking it even more with both her cream and Jim's cum. Tim slid the rod in effortlessly. Paula's face was an expression of pure rapture as she once again was filled to the hilt with a rock hard cock. She loved every inch of Tim inside her. She looked over at me as I held my throbbing meat then casually turned back to Tim with a smile of satisfaction. "Fuck me Tim....fuck me like you know I need it.....fuck me like you know I've needed it for so long baby...God, I've always dreamed of cocks like the three of you...mmmmmm....and I know..mmmmm, yes baby...I love it so much. "

Kevin walked up to me, his semi hard cock still looking impressive as it hung between his legs still shining from the work my wife did on it. "She's one hot fuck man. Don't you want some of that? I see you've been rock hard and ready the whole time we've been doing her back here. She really got what she was looking for when she stumbled back here lost as shit. Why don't you get off and get her off while you're at've got my o.k." Then Paula interrupted, "Kevin, I've had his cock before baby and I'll have it again. Right now ....mmmmmm....right now .....oh shit....that's it baby.....ohhhh....Right now I want more cock like what you have to fat, so big, so fucking nice.....bring your gorgeous cock to me baby while Tim makes my pussy feel so goooood."

Kevin began to stroke his massive cock then turned to me , "Sorry fella, I tried to help ya out but she's made her decision and I'm gonna give it to her." Kevin then strolled over to Paula, her arms resting on the table and her gaze locked on the massive piece as it came nearer.

Again, Paula too the cock in her hand, running her tongue along the shaft while bucking in time with Tim. Taking her other hand and cupping his balls ever so gently she kissed the head and took it in. Kevin let out a load gasp. "Baby, this won't take long at all...your mouth is like satin" His cock was growing right before my eyes. Getting thicker and longer as my fuck obsessed wife worked him over. I could hear Paula's moans through her stuffed mouth which told me she was close once again. Tim's face showed that he too was about to explode. Paula removed Kevin's cock, gasping for breath, looking at me she finally spoke, "God baby, this feels so fucking good, I've never got off so much, so hard, but such nice, I'm going to want this again and again, and it doesn't matter what you say or think about it...." She turned her eyes up to Kevin, "Baby, if I want this nice, thick cock again will you give it to me?mmmmmmm....oh yes..Tim, fuck me deep baby......please". Kevin answered " Sweetheart, you can stop by here anytime you want and if you need to get off Me or any of my frat brothers will be glad to give you all you need."

"Yes, that's what I hear that honey? If I'm late coming home one night or if you just can't find me then I'm going to be here." " Oh yes... I can feel it..I'm going to cum all over your me me cum this stud fuck me good!!! Oh fuck yess..." she then went back to Kevin's cock, sucking and licking furiously. Kevin started pumping her mouth, groaning, and it looked like he wasn't far from unloading on Paula again.

Tim groaned and deepened his thrusts, then suddenly stopped, grinding his hips hard against hers as he filled my wife's pussy with his load. Paula ground back against him as her moans increased around Kevin's cock once more. " Take it baby, take my load right in your mouth, yeah, you are so fucking good,...ahhh.." Kevin was cumming from Paula's mouth again..she was in prime form today. Once again I saw cum leak from Paula's mouth as she lustfully sucked on his shaft, trying to get every drop from him. Then she removed his cock as before, breathing heavily, with his juice still pouring from him she gasped, "I'm cumming!!! Yessssss....mmmmm yessssss" Rubbing and stroking Kevin's cock, she bucked back against Tim. Tim suddenly withdrew and left my wife fucking air, her ass moving back and forth seemingly craving another cock while Kevin's cock drained against her cheek. Obviously exhausted, Paula lay her head on Kevin's thigh, lightly kissing it. Jim walked up after being inside the house for a few, "Paula? That's your name right?" Paula nodded as she continued to lightly kiss Kevin's thigh and now cradle his limp cock in her hand. "How would you like to spend the evening with us? You can rest up in Kevin's room since he has the biggest and nicest bed in the house. I'll get you another shirt from my girlfriends drawer to replace the torn one and introduce you to some of our frat brothers who are coming down from Tech to party with us this weekend. They'd love to meet you I'm sure." I was startled at the proposition and waited for her response.

"I can rest up in Kevin's room? Mmmmmmmm. Kevin, is that o.k. with you baby?" Kevin rubbed Paula's ass, "Is it o.k. with me? Baby, we ain't gonna get much rest if you and I share my room but I think we'll get the break we need to make it through the night. "

I decided this was too much and spoke up, "Hey wait a minute, I don't think..." "Who cares what you think!?" Kevin interrupted "Right now fella it's all about what Paula thinks and she's thinking about hanging with us. " Paula looked at me, sitting up on the table and wrapping an arm around Kevin's massive thigh. "Calm down, I'll call you in a few hours after I rest up. Maybe they'll let you come to the party tonight, then you can watch me meet some new friends. I thought you behaved yourself pretty well today so I'll put in a good word for you." I knew then that I had no say in the matter and said I'd wait for her call this evening. I new I had to get away because my cock needed relief in a bad way after witnessing the most incredible fuck scene that also included my wife. As I walked out front and to my truck I could hear light laughing and the smack of soft kisses behind me. My wife was totally out of control sexually and she was loving every minute of it as well as every inch.

Later that evening Paula did call me as she said she would to let me know what was going on as far as my coming over tonight. During the conversation I could sense someone was getting her off and doing a good job of it too. Her voice trailed off and she would stop talking to lightly moan then resume the conversation as if nothing was happening. It turned me on to know she was still getting off . Paula told me to leave in 2 hours and tell Justin at the front door who I was and he'd tell me where in the large 3 story house to go or if I could even come in at all. I agreed and could tell by my wife's breathing that she was about to cum again. Suddenly the line went dead and I was left with a raging hard on and an imagination gone wild. The night continued to bring more twists and turns but that's another story.

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