Pegged by my Wife

When I married my wife I thought my days of anal were over. I had hooked up with a few guys, and played with dildos, but that was when I was single.

We had a great sex life, but I always felt I was missing something, so one day when we were looking for some porn to watch I "accidentally" clicked on a bisexual foursome video I had watched before. It started with two girls fooling around, then they were joined by two guys who played with the girls, then one of them reached over and grabbed the other guy's cock. By the time she realized what the video was, one guy was sucking the other's cock.

She looked at me hesitantly, asking if I was OK with this one, and we agreed it was hot, so we kept going.

I was playing with her dripping wet pussy while she stroked my cock, then she reached a little lower, rubbing the spot below my balls, then tentatively touched my asshole. I moaned as she rubbed my ass, watching the two guys fucking now while the girls watched. She whispered to me that it was a big fantasy of hers to watch me sucking cock, and getting fucked.


You Fuck My Face in the Middle of the Night

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I kissed her and rolled her on top of me, fucking her in earnest, rolling on top of her. She grabbed my ass like she usually did, telling me for the first time that whenever she does that she is picturing me getting fucked while she holds my cheeks apart. I came pretty quickly from that visual, filling her cunt to bursting.

A few nights later she was sucking my cock when I felt her finger between my cheeks, rubbing my tight hole again. She reached up told me to get her finger wet, then pressed against my ass, sliding her finger in me while she sucked.

Eventually our play progressed to buying a double ended dildo about the same thickness as my cock that we shared between her pussy and my ass. It felt amazing, but still wasn't what I wanted, so I brought up the idea of a strap on. She wasn't sure at first, but we were going to a friend's wedding and staying in a hotel, so I took the chance and bought a Feeldoe strapless strap on dildo and packed it.

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As I expected she had quite a bit to drink, and was feeling pretty frisky when we went back to our room. After a little foreplay she made a pouty face and said she wished we had a toy so she could fuck my ass. She looked very surprised when I pulled out the new toy and asked what it was. I pushed her back on the bed, spread her legs and started eating her wet pussy.

After a few minutes I licked the bulb end, then worked it up into her pussy, making her gasp and moan. Once it was in position I slid up, licked the head, then started sucking her hard, purple rubber dick while staring into her eyes. She was getting the idea now.

I felt her hand on the back of my head, forcing me further onto her cock, working the lower half around her pussy with my hand while I sucked her. She moved me around into a 69 position, sucking my cock while I sucked hers, then I felt her wet finger on my ass. I had left the bottle of lube on the nightstand and she had found it. She worked first one, then two fingers deep into my ass, lubing me up well for the fucking of a lifetime.

She pushed me off of her dick, then laid me on my back, my ass at the edge of the bed, slick with lube. She sucked me for another minute while she stroked her new cock with more lube, then stood up. She had my legs up and spread, then I felt the head of her cock pressing into my ass. She worked it slowly, inch by inch up into my tight ass, her tits heaving as she grabbed my hips, pressing in, then out, then in a little more.

Finally she pressed her hips against my thighs, her thick seven inches buried all the way in me. She stared into my eyes, then asked if I was ready? I nodded.

She pulled back about halfway, then shoved back in, showing little restraint in her drunken state. She fucked me faster, and harder, picking up a good rhythm. She grabbed my thighs, pulling me onto her cock, fucking me hard. My cock bounced against my stomach. She leaned down to kiss me, her cock deep in my ass.

She pulled out abruptly and told me to get on the carpet on all fours. I felt her grab my hips from behind, a little more lube dripped onto my ass, then she was fucking me again. My ass slapping back into her on every thrust, making sure I had all that cock on every thrust. She fucked me hard enough to slide me a few feet across the carpet, reaching around to stroke my hard, dripping cock while she fucked me. I reached back between my legs and switched on the vibrator buried in the base.

She gasped, then moaned, fucking me even harder than before, stroking my cock in time to her thrusts. Pumping and churning inside me, she started gasping out "I'm...gonna...cum...soon..." I started begging her for it, telling her to fuck me, begging her cum in my ass, fill me up, make me her bitch.

She shoved in one last time, all the way, my cock firing jet after jet, more cum than I think I have ever shot as she collapsed on my back, panting.

She pulled out of me slowly, then kissed my cheek, my nose and my lips, telling me how much fun that was before stumbling off to the shower.

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