Bob's story

A story told to me by my friend Bob. Bob and I met for drinks on Friday like we used to a year ago before all this happened. I noticed Bob was happy again, although I just saw his wife Lisa hugging and kissing another guy here at Barney's pub two nights ago. Bob and I have known each other for 16 years, we met in college. Bob and his Lisa were going through some bad times a year ago, separated she had filed for divorce, so I wasn't sure I should tell Bob what I had seen. Lisa is a beautiful women, brunet, hazel eyes that would change colors some times. I have seen her in a bikini, she looks great her ass screams it be fucked. If Bob was not a good friend I would have tried to fuck her already, you see I never married so love to play the field. After a few drinks I told Bob that I thought I saw Lisa in here two days ago. Bob just smiled and asked if she was with someone?. I said I wasn't sure, Bob had a serious look on his face and said things have changed between Lisa and me. "remember last year, well there are things I never told you". Bob finished his beer in one big drink and ordered us some more. "I have a strange story for you".

Last year September, I was sitting at my desk trying to get my work out when my life changed. It started out as any other day getting dressed, kissing Lisa before leaving to work, then bang. A pretty young girl standing in the door way asking "are you Mr. Page, Bob page?". Yes I am she hands me an envelope saying "you been served" and walks away. I was shocked to see Lisa had filed for divorce, she hadn't said anything to me not even this morning.

This had to be a mistake so I went to the attorney's office to check. No one could give me an answer as to what was happening. As I was leaving I ran into Sue, a girl I dated in high school. The years had been good to her, she looked better now than she did back then. Sue could tell I was upset so she gave me her card, and asked that I call her later. I went home to talk to Lisa only to find her in tears. Lisa said she could not live in a sexless marriage any more. See I had developed an impotence problem six months before no matter what she tried I just couldn't sustain an erection. We had gone down to having sex once a month if that. I packed some of my stuff, checked into a hotel for the rest of the week. Before getting an apartment, Since Lisa wouldn't talk to me I called Sue on Friday. Sue was glad to hear from me so we meet for dinner that night, catching up with each other. Seems as Sue had just divorce her second husband using the attorney my wife hired. Sue and I dated as juniors in high school but never got to consummate the relationship.

As I said before she looked even better than when we went to school, she married right out of school. Had two children quickly so her children were already in college. Sue had managed to stay fit, she had cut her hair very short and her blue eyes had a soothing feeling to them. We agreed to meet again after three dates in two months Sue opened up to me telling me how her first husband died in an auto accident, second husband had cheated on her with three different women. Knowing he would never be faithful she ended it. We had dinner at her house, Sue began to tell me that she had not had sex in six months. I knew where this was headed and when we kissed a felt a stir in my pants I hadn't felt in a long time. But the nervousness I also felt did not allow me to maintain an erection. I told Sue the reason for my separation, she told me it was OK. But the date went down hill from there. I didn't hear from Sue for two weeks, Lisa and I talked off and on.


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One Friday I called Lisa and she seemed very happy she even met me for lunch we talked awhile about my apartment, our jobs and stuff. When I asked Lisa on a date for Saturday, she surprised me by saying she had plans. She talked openly about seeing some guy from work, of course this made me angry but what could I do?. That evening after work I needed someone to talk with so I went over to Sue's apartment. I had tried working late to take my mind off of Lisa but it didn't work. When I got there I saw a man leaving her house,

I waited five minutes and knocked on her door. Sue answered the door just wearing a robe, of course she let me in. The smell of sex was still in the room, I don't know why but this caused me to get so hard instantly and it didn't go right back down.

Sue was just being herself offering me a drink, she sat at the bar with me on a dinning room chair. Sue's robe opened up a bit to show her great legs and the smell of sex hit me again. From where I was I could see up her legs, Sue was not wearing any panties.

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I was alittle embarrassed by my hard on til I realized that it was the first I could remember in a long time. I stood up and kissed Sue, my right hand went to her leg, it felt so soft. I believe Sue could sense the urgency in my kiss as she reached out to touch my dick. Our kiss was deep as she took down my pants and I opened her robe, the thought that she had just been fucked seemed to turn me on.

I started to wish I could have watched it happen. Sue stood while she pulled out my erection from it confines of my boxers, she dropped to her knees and licked the head. I looked down to see for myself a sight that was rare even to me my hard dick.

I don't know why but I wanted to fuck Sue so badly, I couldn't believe myself, but Sue's body just seemed to scream sex. I had always been faithful to Lisa, so Sue would be like losing my virginity all over again. As all these thought were dancing in my head as Sue was putting my dick in her mouth. It had been so long I seemed to have forgotten how good it could feel.

The pleasure was so great that I came in Sue's mouth even before I realized it had happened, she attempted to swallow it all but I think my build up was too much. Sue wiped the excess cum from her mouth, she stood up, and kissed me. I could taste my own cum in her mouth as we kissed, this was a first since Lisa only licked me after we were done or if before that was the end. My hand was reaching for her pussy when I felt the wetness between her legs. I stepped out of my pants, pulled down her robe and walked her to the bedroom.

Sue was a gorgeous sight her legs slightly open, I could see the wetness on her thighs as she laid on the bed as I removed my shirt. A vision from my youth that I hadn't gotten to see until now 20 years later. I couldn't believe that my dick began to get hard again so quickly. I was so turned on by Sue and I thought that her pussy looked good enough to eat. I couldn't believe I was thinking this as I bent her legs open to see her pussy. Everything seemed to shine between her legs I went down and licked at her gently. Sue pushed her hip toward me, I licked from the bottom to the top of her pussy. I could see the cum in her as she opened wide for me, this only made me her more. It seemed as the more I licked the more cum was flowing out of her pussy I lapped it up as fast as I could, when I pushed my tongue into her pussy Sue legs wrapped around my head to pull me more into her. I don't know why but I wanted to get all the cum out of her pussy. It was a beautiful sight to see, something I had never seen before a pussy just oozing out it was wonderful. Sue was trashing around the bed and panting as I put a finger in her pussy only to get out more cum and I just lapped it up. I couldn't believe the hard on I had, it was the largest I seen in years.

Sue finally pick my head up and pulled me up by my face Sue was licking my face as I reached down to guide myself into her freshly fuck and eaten pussy. Sue was so wet that I slipped in with ease, her velvet smooth pussy was so hot I wanted to stay like this forever. I had forgotten how nice a pussy can feel. I could feel her pussy tighten and loosen around my dick, I slowly started to move in and out savoring the feeling. Sue was moaning oh yeah as I started to increase my rhythm and pulling out even further with every stroke. I pulled all the way out to rub my steel hard dick against Sue's clit, her hip raising off the bed to rock with my rhythm. I could feel the cum building in my balls so I pushed back in to her smooth pussy, this time fucking her as hard and as fast as I could. Sue just pulled me to her and kissed me deep as I flooded her pussy full. I collapsed on top of her as we kissed I could feel my dick start to deflate inside her, but we held each other and savored the moment. We laid there side by side with my deflated dick still in her as we regained our breath. Sue finally said "feels like your problems are over". This made me think that Lisa may take me back. I pulled out and rested a minute, I then reached for Sue's pussy it felt great with all my cum oozing out. I noticed that Sue's breathing had changed, looking up at her I saw that she had fallen asleep. As picked up my shirt I looked back to take in her beauty. Sue had made me feel whole again and the sight of her pussy full of my cum made me want to eat her again, but alas I let her sleep as I showed myself out.

I awoke Saturday around 11am thinking of Sue, thinking I should call her, thinking of how great it was to feel so hard again, hell I looked down to see that my dick was again erect. Suddenly I thought of Lisa and how she would be pleased to see this. I called her only to get our machine, Lisa hadn't even changed the message yet, that was a good sign right?. Well I decided to check and see if I had any messages, there was only one from Greg asking for directions to our house to pick her up tonight. I had forgotten that she had a date, I was fuming for a minute I had to stop this, how do I stop this?

My dick had lost it erection as I started thinking of Lisa and this guy, would she fuck him tonight? Has she fucked him? Or anyone else? Was someone kissing Lisa's lovely lips? Was someone touching her breast, ass, or pussy? My god has someone filled her pussy with cum? My mind was spinning with these question, but then I noticed that my dick was hard again. I started to invasion Lisa's pussy full of cum as I licked it out. I imagined what she would look like getting fucked, as I was thinking this I was jacking off. It didn't take long for me to spill my cum all over the floor. How could this be I was thinking about my wife with another man.

The day would not go fast enough as I spent the day with a constant hard on thinking about Greg fucking my wife, how could I watch?. Finally at 9pm I drove over to our house, I let myself in, I looked around and no one was there. I went into the bed room but there was no place to hide. I decided to leave and come back later, I went to Barney's had a few beers then pass the house again, all the lights were off. Again I drove to Barney's just talking with the bartender had another beer. It was suddenly last call. I drove slowly to the house, this time there was a car in the drive and the lights were on. I sat across the street in the dark not knowing what I would do next. After what seemed like forever a man walked out the front door. Watched as he drove off then I walked to the house, I was nervous walking to my own house, had Lisa fucked this guy? Was she full of his cum? Would she tell me to leave?

I stood there not sure of myself, but finally rang the door bell. There was silence, then the sound of Lisa coming down the stairs, she must not have even looked in the peep hole cause the door opened as soon as she reached the bottom of the stairs. Lisa was shocked to see me as I was to see her nude. Lisa tried to hide behind the door as I walked in, she closed the door as I took in all her beauty I knew she had just been fucked why else would she be nude.

Lisa started to talk but I leaned into her and kissed her, Lisa pushed me back asking "what's gotten into you?". I took her hand from my chest and placed it on my steel hard dick. I kissed her again and this time she kissed me back, it felt good to kiss the lips of the women I love, my hand reached down to cup her ass, I found alittle wetness between her checks. I knew her pussy must be dripping as I reached between us to feel pussy, Lisa unzipped my pants to pull out my dick, she stroked it up and down a few times. I was right her pussy was slick and greasy Greg must have left right after cumin in her pussy. As soon as I opened her pussy lips I felt I drip on my finger, my hand was soaked with their juices in no time at all. I brought my finger to our lips as we both lick it clean. Lisa had not stopped stroking my dick and the look on her face was of pure lust.

Without saying a word Lisa started up the stairs, I was right behind her, her ass at my face was more than I could bear. I could see her upper thighs were wet and a trail of cum going down her legs. I stop her on the stairs about half way up by pulling her hip toward me, I licked the cum off one leg then the other.

She leaned forward on the stairs giving me access to her pussy, I could see cum every where as I lick her pussy. Lisa has always kept her pussy hair trimmed so there was no hiding the white liquid. I couldn't believe I was cleaning my wife's pussy of cum left by another man.

Lisa pushed my head back, turn herself under me and opened her legs, I could now see everything. It was a beautiful sight, her nicely trimmed hair, her swollen clit all seemed decorated in white I pushed my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy. I was so turned on as I tried to lick her clean, Lisa pushed my head into her pussy as her clit trembled at my nose, this sent even more juices from Lisa's pussy into my waiting mouth. After Lisa's orgasm subsided she stood up bringing me with her and kissed me, she turned to finish her climb up the stairs as I followed

The sheets on the bed were a mess leaving no doubt that this is where my wife had just been fucked. I had removed my shirt on the stairs and quickly finished undressing as Lisa laid on the bed. When I walked over to join her she reached out to grab my dick. Lisa wasted no time putting it in her mouth, Lisa soon had her nose buried in my pubs. I didn't want to cum in her mouth as good as it felt, so I asked her to stop. Lisa laid back down and I got between her open legs and just started to fuck her hard I wanted to make up for all the lost time I guess. As I fucked Linda I played with her clit, Linda seemed to be having one orgasm after another I fucked her fast then slow then fast again. I pulled out of her pussy much to her disapproval, before asking her to get on all fours. As I fucked Linda from behind she was screaming "FUCK ME FUCKME HARD!!! I cum with a force I didn't know I had, we feel on the bed together and laid silent for awhile.

Linda started saying "oh yes you're the only one I really want".

I responded with "seems as if you wanted Greg earlier"

"no, no it was just cause I hadn't been laid in so long" she said.

I had to think quick cause I like the way her pussy looked, tasted and now feels after she been fucked. What could I say that I wanted her to fuck other guys? What would she think of me? What did Sue start?

"you know it turned me on to know you were wanted, did he fuck you hard?"

Lisa looked into my eyes before answering then said "yes he tried, but you have more dick, what does it matter now you seem to have solved your problem".

I asked "will you take me back?"

"Of course I will" she responded.

We kissed and kissed as I began to rub her thighs her legs opened and again she was dripping cum from her pussy. I couldn't help myself I just wanted to lick her again, so I lowered my face to her pussy. My eyes looking for her approval as I started to lick the cream I left behind. Her pussy was red under all the cum but I brought her to yet another orgasm. Again I was treated to the pleasure of Linda's juices mixed in with cum a taste I quickly began to enjoy.

Everything was fine for about three months I was able to relive those days in my head, but as the memory started to fade so did my erection. One day Linda said she was going to call Greg. I asked what would he do, Linda began to tell me how he was going to fill her up, then I would have to clean up the mess. Her talking about getting fucked helped me regain my erection, Linda started telling me about other guys hitting on her at work. Seems that Greg had talked about fucking her. I would pretend to be one guy one night and another the next, this role playing went well for awhile, but then two weeks ago even it quit working. So I wasn't surprised when Lisa called Wednesday saying she would be going to happy hour with some girls from work. That night I sat at home wondering where she might be and with whom? Finally around 10pm Lisa called to tell me that she was OK and would be much later, they were going to another club. I thought I heard a man's voice, so I started to ask Lisa some question only the phone went dead, she must have hung up. Who was she with? Was she going to get fucked? Did she know this guy?

Around 1:30 I went to bed wondering where Lisa was. I was awaken later as Lisa was stumbling in the bed room. I turned a lamp as Lisa smiled Hi! She came to the bed to kissed me other than being drunk she looked as she just left to work. Lisa fell onto the bed she we kissed. "my it looks as if someone had some fun" I said. Lisa rubbed my dick, but it was not hard. "oh yes I had plenty of fun" was her response.

By this time she was straddling me as we kissed. "I would like some more fun" she said as she laid next to me she kissed me again, grabbed my hand and put it on her thigh. Lisa closed her legs and trapped my hand from going any further up. She said what would you think if I told you that I fucked a stranger, then she kissed me before I could answer. Her hand reaching for my dick, this time I felt a twinge. "I see you like the ideal, yes I meet someone at Barney's tonight, he was felling my ass when I called you earlier" my dick started to get hard and I tried to push my hand up her legs but she held them tight. "I went to his house where I sucked on his little dick then I fucked him without removing a stitch of clothes". This got me to think that her clothes looked to crisp and clean for this to be possible, she was making up a story to turn me on that must be why she would let go of my hand. I played along with her telling her to tell me more.

Lisa must have sensed the sarcasm in my voice cause she pushed my hand away, she straddled me again saying "Yes he was around twenty five and I didn't even ask him his name, he fucked me twice both times leaving a large load for you" as Lisa was saying this she was inching herself toward my face. When she was right below my chin she lifted her dress hem and covered my face with it, I could smell sex between her legs, but as I licked her thighs they were dry, Lisa pushed her panty covered pussy into my face. She rocked her pussy back and forth, then lifted up just enough to pull the thin fabric covering her pussy to the side. Lisa opened her pussy with her fingers as I felt a drop on my lips, I really couldn't see so I pushed Lisa down onto her back lifted her dress and spread her legs to see her pussy. I could now see a drop of cum at the bottom of her pussy, slowly going down between the cheeks of her ass. As I went in to lick it up I could see more cumin out. When I put my tongue at the bottom of Lisa's pretty pussy, she somehow contracted her pussy pushing the cum onto my tongue. I licked swallowed and licked some more, her pussy looked like a flower opening and closing as she pushed out more and more cum for me to eat.

Lisa started saying "are you hard yet?"

"you like eating my cum full pussy, don't you"

I just shoved my tongue in her pussy as deep as I could

"well get use to it cause I'm going to be fucking other guys all the time now. And you are going to clean me up"

Well needless to say I was pretty hard by then, I didn't waste any time as I got up and pushed my dick into her. "I love you" I said as I started to fuck her

"You know any time you can't get it up I'm going to fuck someone else" Lisa told me.

I asked Lisa if she would let me watch her get fucked sometime, she told me no that I would just have to imagine it.

I was surprised with the story Bob told me, but then he said "I told you this to get your help see I want to watch Lisa fuck so will you seduce her, call me and let me watch

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written by mr bi jingle
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