Taunting Jim 1

Jim first met Brad the day they moved into the dorm together, and was immediately intimidated by him. Brad had the kind of rare good looks that all the girls publicly extolled and all the guys secretly admired while carefully pretending to be oblivious of. His jet-black hair framed his Tom Cruise face, and his well- developed body testified to many hours spent in a gym. Jim's own self-esteem had been established by many years of teasing about his slight body and average face. Jim had been moderately popular among his small clique in high school, but he could see that Brad was the type of guy that everybody in school had known. Yet, unlike most incredibly popular guys, Jim found him to be instantly likable, genuine, and easy to be around.

They helped each other unpack the cars, and then to unpack the boxes in their room. The one bedroom had a bunk bed along the wall, and when neither wanted to sleep on the top bunk, Brad heaved the upper bed onto his shoulders and lowered it to the floor with no help asked for or received from Jim. They placed the beds at right angles to each other in the corner of the room, with the night table at their heads. There were no conflicts over anything, and Jim was very pleased that things were going so well. In the few hours they had known each other they had become fast friends.

After arranging the bedroom they moved together to the small den with a tiny kitchenette in the corner. After lifting and moving so many boxes, Brad exclaimed that he was burning up. He asked Jim if he minded if he got a little more comfortable. Jim said no, not really knowing what he meant. Brad was already wearing only gym shorts and a muscle shirt, but they were both wet with sweat. Brad closed the entrance door before shucking his shirt and pushing his shorts to his ankles to step out of them.

Jim was really surprised to see his new roommate standing there wearing nothing but a tiny pair of red string bikini briefs, just big enough to enclose his bulky genitals like a pouch. He went right back to work, claiming that he was much cooler now, but Jim was very distracted by his near nudity. When Brad turned around he saw that the skimpy garment, which had a narrow strip of fabric tucked deeply into his crack, nearly exposed his whole ass. He had never seen anything like it. He couldn't stop staring. Brad's body was like the statue of David in its perfection, but with much more genitalia.


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When Brad noticed the staring, Jim was embarrassed, but Brad explained that his girlfriend had given him the thong bikinis and he really liked them.

"You got a girlfriend?" Brad asked.

"Yeah, back home," Jim responded.

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"Do you get to screw her very often?"

"Not often enough," Jim replied. In truth they had only screwed twice, but he felt his statement was accurate enough.

"Michelle and I screw every Saturday," Brad said. "Even if we get other opportunities, she won't let me have any pussy except on Saturday. I think she thinks that she'd be a slut if she fucked more than once a week. I've got to have some relief more often than that. I mean, if I go all day and don't get some pussy, I'm in there on the toilet jacking off that night. You know, when the meat gets hard, something got to give. Hell, if I was a woman I'd be a slut and a half. I'd fuck ten times a day and walk bow- legged. I don't know why these girls have to be so stingy with their pussies. I know I'd be rich off the pussy I'd sell, and I wouldn't ask but a dollar a pop. Will your girl suck your dick?"

"No," Jim answered, caught off guard by the frankness of the question.

"Mine won't either. I finally got her to let me eat her out, but she won't lick the dick. Now there was this other girl I went out with one time. She was a real skag, but she loved to give head. She couldn't deep throat my big banana, but she would lick the shaft like it was a Haagen Das till I was ready to squirt the whipped cream, and then she would wrap her big red lips around the head and suck like a Hoover. She was so damn good I got my gun three times in two hours, and she swallowed every time. One thing's for sure ... I didn't give her a goodnight kiss."

When they had finally gotten everything put away, Brad said he was going to try out the shower. It was already after dark, so Jim sat down in the den to watch TV. When Brad emerged from the shower he joined Jim on the sofa, wearing only a towel around his waist. After a little while they both agreed that they were ready for bed, so Jim went to the bathroom to brush his teeth. Brad followed him in and casually removed the towel, hanging it from the bar overhead, while a stunned Jim stared at the meat hanging from Brad's loins. Brad then stepped right up close beside Jim, raised the toilet seat, and proceeded to void his bladder with his hands on his hips. Jim didn't have the slightest idea how to react to this, and so he just stared as Brad's dangling dong jerked several times to expel the last spurts of urine. Brad then grabbed it with his fingers and shook off the last drops before turning to see Jim's stare.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you. I hope it won't bother you if I walk around here naked."

"No, it doesn't bother me at all," Jim mumbled with his mouth full of toothpaste.

"It's just that I come from a very open family," Brad continued to explain. "My mom died when I was little, so it's always been just my dad, my little brother, and me, so we always walk around the house with nothing on. You know, you remind me of my little brother Zack. Anyway, I figure me and you are gonna be like brother's for the next four years, so why not let it all hang out?"

"Fine with me," Jim said. But the idea made him nervous. His family had been the opposite. He had three older sisters and a mother for whom the briefest glimpse of underwear was a cardinal sin. But more than that was the knowledge that Brad's flaccid penis was larger than his own fully erect member. He had always been self-conscious about its size. He knew that 6 inches was the average, but his 5 seemed stubby and inadequate. He had never let Cathy see it with the lights on for fear that she would make some comment about its peewee dimensions. He had never had any tangible reference to compare it to until now. Brad's big baloney was not the benchmark he was seeking.

As they prepared for bed Jim couldn't stop himself from staring at Brad's equipment. He had never seen another man naked, and it fascinated him. He wished he could see it fully erect, but that secret would die with him. Brad was aware of all the staring and was flattered by it, so he decided to lie on top of the covers to remain visible to his new roomie. As Jim quickly crawled under the covers wearing Fruit-of-the-Looms and a big T-shirt, Brad started to suggest that he sleep in the raw, but decided to leave him alone.

That night Jim hardly slept a wink, watching the sleeping body of his naked new friend. In the morning he finally got to see the monster fully erect as Brad's heavy morning erection lay flat against his abdomen, extending above his naval. He watched as Brad woke up and stumbled to the bathroom to take a piss, the big thing bouncing stiffly in front of him. When he returned it was still hard and pointing above the horizon as he slid back into bed.

Jim decided to get up and cook some breakfast, so he quietly pulled on some shorts and tiptoed out, almost running into the wall from staring at Brad's hard cock and hairy balls. After a while he was surprised to find Brad sitting down to the table still wearing nothing.

Over the next week Jim was constantly distracted by Brad's nudity. When they were alone in the apartment Brad was almost always naked or close to it. He would come in from jogging and immediately remove his shorts and walk around the apartment wearing only a jock strap that was so wet with sweat its abundant contents were vividly evident. Every night he would shower around 8 o'clock and then sit with Jim on the sofa with nothing on for the rest of the evening, adjusting the position of the genitalia in his lap occasionally. Jim tried desperately to ignore it, but he just couldn't. Any time Brad was around he was staring at his oversized crotch organs or perfect ass.

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