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My secretary asked me if I would take the phone call from my good friend Stella. I said 'Yes' excitedly. After the usual greetings she then told me the real purpose of her call. Her in-laws are coming and she needs my help to prepare the food for dinner. She used this as an excuse but actually, she wants me to stay to keep up with her husband's parents. She knows I have a good rapport with them and I could keep a good conversation during dinner. That's her style and I don't mind helping her out. So, I immediately scrapped my scheduled weekend on the beach

That's how I spend my free time. It's a routine and a therapy as well. I see to it that I have least an hour or two stretching my muscles doing some strokes during weekends. It is my way of relaxing my self from all the stress and maintaining my swimmer's built. I couldn't imagine myself being far from the sea.

I met Stella when I was in college. Her husband, Troy, is my best friend and roommate. Troy and I are like brothers. We borrow each other's clothes, help each other out when any of us is in trouble. Back then, I also have this big crush on him. Were of the same height, both 6' 2". I've got brown eyes while he has the most expressing green eyes I've seen. Troy is into wrestling so he sports those rippling muscles perfectly. No wonder why all the girls in campus are after him. But unfortunately, for me, he's straight and I'm gay. Nobody knows I'm into men because I act straight. Actually it is natural for me to act straight because I am more comfortable doing so. That time he doesn't have any slight idea about my sexuality. I was also hesitant to tell him because I'm afraid to lose him. During situations when I feel sexual about him, I tried very hard to control it.

However, I am not far from the looks department and being part of the swimming team, I have maintained a toned body. I have had several girlfriends so as to keep Troy and the rest of our friends from suspecting. He actually thought I'm a playboy because I exceeded his count.


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One day I was rushing through the library when I bumped into this girl, her name is Stella.

"Ooops, I'm sorry! I didn't saw you. I was in a hurry and...." I said apologetically.

"It's ok. It's my fault too." She replied. Then she looks at me, "Are you Joshua Sommers?"

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"Ah... yes, how did you know my name?"

"My name is Stella Parker, I write for our school paper and I am supposed to ask you for an interview regarding the swimming team."

"Well, I guess you already have one."

"So it's fine with you?"

"Yeah, why not? Meet me at the coffee shop."

"What time?"

"5:30. Is that ok with you?"

"Yeah, that's fine."

"So I'll see you then. Bye!"


During the interview we instantly became friends. Stella and I shared common interests that we always click when were together. It feels so easy and comfortable being with her that sooner I find myself telling her my true personality. Being a true friend, she never showed any indifference towards me and promised to keep it to herself. During the revelation I also told her about my fantasies over Troy. I don't know but I feel very comfortable with this girl. Our friends thought we're a couple because we're so close. Stella and I decided to just let them wonder about the real score. We didn't deny nor confirmed anything.

I never thought that one night a sudden turn of events would happen. Stella and I are studying and joking at the same time in my place when Troy came. Troy knew Stella because I introduced her to him during the early stage of our friendship. After saying 'hi' he immediately left and I wonder why he reacted that way. That night I decided to wait for Troy and have a word with him. That's the only time I have noticed how distant we are from each other for the past weeks. Around midnight, Troy returned and I knew he had some beers but he's hot drunk. I decided to break the ice.

" Pal, can we talk?"

"What do you want to talk about?"

" Are you distancing yourself from me?"

" What made you think that way?"

"Well, I have noticed that for the past few weeks we never talk and go out that much."

" That's not my problem. I know you're busy with your new girl."

" You mean Stella? Hey, she's just a friend."

" A friend? I don't think so. I know you Josh you always pretend that they're just your friends. How long will it last this time? Two weeks? Three?"

"Hey! What are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about her Josh. I know how you play with girls and dumped them once your finish. I don't care about the other girls you've had but not Stella..."

"Ha? What do you mean?"

"I LOVE HER! Can't you see I'm so much in love with her! And now she will just be an addition to your list! You're my best friend and I'm so helpless I can't do anything about it."

I was stunned. Here is my best friend professing his love with tears flowing from his eyes. I felt uneasy. All the while he thought I was coming between him and Stella. I sat near him and patted his shoulder.

" Troy, you're my best friend. How come you never told me this?"

" I don't know Josh. I loved you as my brother and I thought I can overcome this but I was wrong. For the first time in my life I have decided to give up my own happiness for yours."

" Troy, you know I will never lie to you. I'm telling you Stella and I... we're just friends. There's nothing going on between us."

"But you have plans to have her..."

"No. I don't... I can't..."

"You can't? Why? What do you mean you can't?"


I was trembling but I realized Troy has to know and this is the right time.

"Troy, there's something you should know. Something I should have told you long ago. But I'm afraid you might get mad at me for lying. But now, I guess I'm ready to take the chance. You ought to know."

"Know what...?"

I muster all my courage and said, "....I'm gay."

"You're what? You mean you're... GAY?"

I simply nod and wait for him to curse me. I know it would come to this and I'm sure I will loose him. But the load I'm carrying has somehow subsided.

"Josh... I don't know what to say. I mean we've been friends for as long as I can remember and you hide this from me. "

"I....I'm sorry pal..."

"Sorry? Josh, we're brothers remember? You're sexuality will never change this friendship we have. And besides I'm happy you are.... "


"Yes, because now I know you're not after Stella."

"There's one more thing you should know."

"Huh? What? How many more secrets do you have?"

"Now I have finally realized how funny you looked like when you're crying, CRYBABY!"

"Crybaby huh? Now you got me really mad!" and he wrestled me.

I was so happy that night. I was relieved of the secrets I've been hiding to the most important person in my life. Not long after, Troy succeeded in wooing Stella, with my help of course. Surprisingly I wasn't hurt and in fact happy for both of them. They got married after graduation and now they have two little girls. Our communication never failed. We had an arrangement that I should visit them at least twice a month. Luckily, I have found a job in an advertising company. That job kept me busy and time passes by unknowingly. I've never had any serious relationship and I wasn't looking for one when suddenly fate has intervened.

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written by binata75
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