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"So you think you may be getting closer, hey?" I said, responding to my best friend's statement that he thought his first lay was coming any day now. "Yep, I think she wants to take the next step, she told me that she." I tune out. The thing was, I loved this guy. He was my best friend, always has been. We've been through a lot together. Not sure if I could have got through this past year without him, for certain reasons. We fixed it so we both got accepted into the same University, which meant we left home together, and moved into a dorm together. We're rarely apart. He loves me too. He tells me so - we have that sort of friendship. But he doesn't love me like I love him.

"...yep, so I reckon tonight is the night. I'm nervous Andrew." "You should be," I joked, "that thing of yours will never satisfy her." He picked up the pillow on his bed and threw it at me - sitting across from him on my own bed. I'm glad he did. It came in handy to hide my growing bulge.

"You'll be great bud, just relax," I told him. "Besides, you've had plenty of practice with that hand of yours." I have this annoying habit where I avoid any awkward moment by telling a joke. Dale can't stand it. He laughed anyway. He knows me well enough to know I mean well.

With less than an hour before he leaves for his supposed "big night", he heads to the communal shower rooms down the hall to clean himself up. I lay back on the bed and think. I do a lot of thinking. About how I'm strangely jealous that Dale has found someone else to "play with," so to speak. About how he shares things with his girlfriend that he used to share with me. And about how tonight my best friend was going to get his rocks off for the first time ever (excluding his almost-nightly self-sex exploits). I've never been so horny and jealous at the same time.


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He swings open the door, and gives me my usual late-evening thrill. I'm pretty sure he's the only one in the whole dorm block that's brave enough (or stupid enough) not to bother putting some clothes on to walk back to our room - he walks the distance with just a towel and a smile.

I've never tired of that picture of him standing in the doorway after returning from the shower, and I doubt I ever will. His mop of wet blond-ish hair hangs down the sides of his spotless face. His hair is always a mess, yet it's like there isn't a strand out of place. Beads of water run down his smooth, slightly tanned, almost-hairless chest, soaked up by the towel as they reach his waist. Everything on Dale was in proportion for his 18 year's of age. He has a slight build (this guy could eat anything without it effecting his physic), and the muscle tone on his legs, arms and chest was just perfect. A light dusting of hair on his arms and legs, beautiful blue eyes, and the greatest smile anyway could ever hope for. Just perfect, for me anyway. "Honey, I'm home!" he hollows. I can't help but laugh.

Dale puts his back to me as the towel drops to the floor. It gives me the chance to look at his tight little ass before the silk boxer shorts slide up his legs and onto his waist. Before I know it, his jeans are on, his favourite shirt on, and he's standing over me fastening his belt.

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"Now Andy, when I." Yeah, I know," I cut in, "I'll disappear when you get back." "You're the best Andy." "Yeah, yeah.break a leg!" I say, as he grabs his car keys and bolts out the door. I give my cock a good squeeze through my shorts. This will be a long night.

I must have fallen asleep. When I woke-up, I looked across to the alarm clock. 1:05am. It was time for my departure. I grabbed my pillow and some other stuff to take next door to Martin's dorm. I'd organised to crash there earlier in the day. As I was locking up, and heading next door, the lift sprung open at the end of the corridor to the noise of Dale giggling like a school kid, girlfriend in toe. As I walked up the hallway, Jennifer, his girlfriend, called me. "Hey Andrew dude, where you off too," she yelled. Clearly, Jennifer was a little tipsy. And Dale wasn't exactly finding it easy to fumble his way up the hallway in the relative darkness. "To bed," I replied. "Goodnight."

"Bed? It's early man!" she comes back with, said far too loud for this hour of the morning. They managed to make their way up the hallway to our dorm room door. "Don't run away Andrew, come in for a chat!"

I knew that was exactly what Dale DIDN'T want. Yet strangely, possibly from the excessive alcohol consumption, he remained silent. "Come on man, come hang out with me and D." I hated her calling him that. I've called him for that for years. She's only known him for a few months.

Before I know it I'm inside, siting opposite her and Dale. After I point out where the bathroom is, she leaves Dale and I alone. Dale glares at me angrily. "I'm sorry man, what was I to do," I plead. "Not come in maybe." I had no response. In actual fact, I wasn't even sure why I was there. "It doesn't matter dude, nothing was happening anyway." He was incredibly disarming when he wanted to be. I just smiled at him.

Jennifer was back before long. She sat back next to Dale and started rambling about something or other. She was drunk. I managed to find something I recognised in the jumble of words and phrases, and responded accordingly. I must have been talking for about thirty seconds before I heard him. A great, almighty sigh escaping Dale's lips. I glanced down to find Jen's hands on Dale's crotch, kneading his tackle through his jeans. I quickly forced my eyes back north. Dale had thrown his head back in delight. I was dumbfounded, and had no idea what I should do. D tossed his head back up again, and looked directly at me. His facial expressions said it all. A look of complete satisfaction. It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.

When Jennifer started fumbling with the buttons on his jeans while kissing his neck, I knew that was my queue to exit, stage anywhere. "Errr..I'll catch you guys later," I said, getting up. "Where are you going, don't leave," Jennifer piped in. By this stage she'd been successful with the buttons, and had worked down the zipper, exposing his silk boxer shorts. This was awkward. Not necessarily for me. To be honest, I wanted to retain my front row seat and watch all the action unfold. But I can't imagine how Dale felt. Here he was, about to have his first sexual experience, and his life-long best mate was coming along for the ride.

"I really should be going," I said, remaining firm. "There's really no need," she said, "it's your room, you shouldn't have to leave. Besides, Dale doesn't mind if you hang around, do you Dale?" What a question. What a bitch for making him answer it. I really felt for him. It was like she had some sort of power over him. I guess if someone had a hand on my groin, and a tongue down my throat, then they'd have plenty of power over me too.

"I guess not." "What!?" I said. "I guess you shouldn't have to leave Andy, it's your room too." I looked directly at him, I stared at him, deep into his dreamy blue eyes. She'd found his remote control, hanging between his legs, and she was pushing all the right buttons. Why, I wasn't sure of. But despite my brain telling me to get out of there as quick as I could, I didn't. She went back to his neck and his crotch. I went back to my bed.

Before long his shirt was pushed up his chest and over his head, exposing his slightly tanned torso. His little pink nipples were like rocks, and didn't escape her attention. Before long, she was sucking on them like a baby. D held his head back, avoiding eye contact with me as best he could.

I'll give her one thing, this girl knew what she wanted, and wasn't going to waste any time getting it. His jeans were swiftly removed as she pushed him backward onto the bed. This was getting mighty hot. She shuffled down the bed and into position between his legs. His cock was straining against the fabric of his boxers, and she didn't waste any time setting it free. Once in position, she unbuttoned the fly of his boxers, and reached inside to retrieve the prize.

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